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broken promise burritos.

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Author's Note: Apologies for lack of updates. School's hectic and inspiration has hit a low, making writing a very difficult task.

As usual, this chapter is dedicated to the favorites:


They're are the reason I keep writing.

14: e m e r g e n c y p r o s t a t e e x a m

Brendon's POV

Walking around backstage, I found myself humming along to "The Kids Are All Fucked Up" as Gabe belted it out. While his voice faded into the distance, my ears perked up at the sound of another song. Intrigued, I followed the familiar melody to one of the dressing rooms.

"So testosterone boys and harlequin girls
Dance to this beat
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls
Dance to this beat
And hold a lover close
Let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster
Let's get these teen hearts beating faster..."

As the last notes hung in the air, I leaned against the doorway and clapped. Soap looked up from her guitar and blushed.

"I didn't see you standing there..." she said, looking down.
"Well I'm glad that I was," I said, sitting next to her. "I heard that you could play, but since when do you sing?"
She shrugged. "I don't know... I kind of always have."
"Do you mind playing another song?"
"Not at all." She lazily strummed her guitar as she pulled her legs up onto the couch. "Do you have any requests?"
"Know any Third Eye Blind?"

She nodded and smiled.

“Slow Motion alright?” she asked, tuning the guitar.

I sank further into the cushions, watching her play.

"Miss Jones taught me English
But I think I just shot her son
Because he owed me money
With a bullet in the chest you cannot run..."

Soap's POV

I had just finished playing a Third Eye Blind cover when Nate, Gabe, Alex, Vicky and Ryland came bursting in, in that order. With post-set sweat still on their foreheads, they stopped in front of me and Brendon.

"You guys wanna come to Dairy Queen with us?" Nate asked.
"Sure," Brendon replied, getting up.
"Soap?" Ryland asked.
"I can't. I'm supposed to hang out with Andy after their set."
"We'll be back before their set is over," Gabe added. "The DQ is just down the block."
"Promise?" I asked.
"Promise," he said, helping me off the couch.

After gathering the rest of Panic, we headed down the street for our ice cream fix.

Stepping inside, I noticed that the place was almost empty. Aside from an elderly couple to our left and a random trucker who sat in the corner, we were the only customers in the building.

I was just about to ask where all the kids were, but I remembered that the concert was still in full swing. By the looks of the crowd we left behind, every teenager within a 50-mile radius was packed into the venue.

It seemed that the oreo blizzard I asked for was in my hands once the order left my lips. Definitely the best service I've had in a while. After the guys signed autographs for the grateful cashier, we headed toward some seats.

"We're not all gonna fit in one booth," I said, observing the small space by the window.
"Psh. I'll make it fit," Gabe said.
"You know, we do have pretty much the whole place to ourselves," Spencer commented. "We don't have to fit in this one booth."
"Yeah, but where's the fun in that?" Brendon asked.

Brendon and Ryan played rock, paper scissors to determine who the first cushion would be.

"Ha!" Ryan smiled. "Paper beats rock."
Brendon reluctantly took a seat next to the window, while Ryan took a seat on his lap. Jon and Vicky slid in next to them. I sat across from the pair, and Gabe planted his butt onto my thighs.

"You've been eating a lot of those Brazilian chocolates," I joked, poking his stomach.
"You think I'm fat," he pouted, feigning sadness.
"No," I said, hugging his waist. "I just think you have a very bodacious ass."
He laughed. "Damn straight."

Nate, Spencer, Ryland and Alex claimed that their asses "weren't meant for sitting on dudes," so they just crammed their party-pooper selves around us.

Andy's POV

After we finished our set, Soap was nowhere to be found.

"If you're looking for your girlfriend, she's not here," Dirty said, throwing a towel my way. "She left with Panic and Cobra about an hour ago."
"Did they say where they were going?"
"Something about ice cream..."

I pulled out my cell phone, but just as I highlighted her name, I put it back in my pocket. I was not going to be the overprotective guy always checking up on his girlfriend. Like Dirty said, Soap was with Panic and Cobra. It wasn't anything to worry about.

Still, I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy build up in my chest.

We all went back to the bus and I turned on the GameCube. Even though Soap wasn't there, it didn't mean I couldn't have fun with the guys. We started up a game of Super Smash Bros., and as always, it quickly got heated. I was kicking ass with Princess Peach, but Pete's Zelda and Joe’s Bowser wouldn't give up. And it didn't help that Patrick’s Jigglypuff kept singing everyone to sleep.

About half an hour into the game, the bus door opened, and it was none other than Soap. Patrick paused the game as words spilled out of her mouth.

"Andy, I know I promised that we'd hang out after your set but we lost track of time at Dairy Queen because we started playing truth or dare and Nate didn't want to tell us the strangest place he masturbated, so he had to ask some elderly dude for an emergency prostate exam and it ended up that the guy was a proctologist so things got really weird and before we knew it, it was 11:35. I know the set ended at 11 and I know how you've been craving some Mexican food, so I picked up some chickpea burritos on the way back to make up for it. I hope you're not mad," she seemed to say in one breath. "Forgive me?"

"C'mere," I said, motioning toward the spot next to me.

She set the burritos down on the counter and took a seat between me and Joe.

"Of course I forgive you. Nothing says love like a vegan burrito." I planted a kiss on her lips and she snuggled into my arm as Patrick unpaused the game.

"Can I play next?" she asked.
"Sure, Joe's gonna die any second now," I laughed.
"Hey!" he said, as I knocked his character off the side of the platform.


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