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Empty Eyes

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Your eyes lost their light the night your innocence was ripped away.

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A/N- This is my, um, triumphant…(?) return to ficwad. Yes, the queen of slash is back. (Oh, a title I have given myself…) This is dedicated to anyone who takes fandom seriously enough to capitalize all the words in their title of the story and knows that ‘frerard’ isn’t a proper summary, dammit. I take emo to a whole new level, FYI.

Warnings- mentions of rape, death, language, slash…etc.

Sometimes I don’t see it anymore. I don’t see that spark in your eyes. I think it died a long time ago. It died right along with your innocence.

I mean, I think we always knew it would happen. You can’t stay young forever, darling, no matter how hard you try. But it was taken from you. That’s just not fair. Someone like you should never be hurt, should never cry, should never have gone through what you went through.

They tell me that you didn’t deserve half the hell you went through. I can only smile and lower my head in disagreement. Babe, you didn’t deserve anything you went through.

You were the definition of naïve. The essence of innocence. The quiet, shy, sweet little boy whose smile could brighten even the darkest night.

God, you used to be so beautiful.

I’m not saying you aren’t now. You still have the same body, the same looks. But you aren’t the same and we both know that. You’ve changed so much that it scares me. The light in your eye has been extinguished by the man who took your innocence.

When we found you in the bathtub, it was surreal, to be honest. Mikey went in first, knocking and calling your name, frowning at the lack of answer. We heard the shower running and we all knew you had already showered and then you refused to answer us, so of course we were worried. You’d been acting strange, and what I haven’t admitted to anyone yet is that I knew why.

I knew he’d been calling. I knew because I answered your phone when he called once. He was fucking creepy. And I dismissed him, told him to go to hell, and hung up. I thought he was just another harmless crazed fan who had somehow gotten your number. I didn’t know he’d been calling for days, weeks even, threatening you and scaring you.

Why didn’t you tell me, babe? I could’ve helped you. We could’ve called the cops or fixed the problem before something bad happened.

Before long, something bad was bound to happen. And it did. He got our address, and he hurt you. He hurt you bad, didn’t he, love? And he left you barely hanging on, leaving you forever dead inside and without the spark of life that made you special.

You weren’t conscious enough to have heard your brother shriek when he walked into the bathroom. Let me tell you, love, it was awful. Terrifying. Earth-shattering. I had shoved past his quivering body, and stopped short in front of the tub. Without saying anything, I had turned to the side and emptied my stomach onto the floor. After spitting the last of the bile from my mouth, I had turned back to you and whispered your name.

You didn’t answer. You stared straight ahead of you, your gorgeous hazel eyes glazed and unseeing. You were wearing no clothes, and the blood caked to your inner thighs was a gruesome clue to the unspeakable acts that had been inflicted upon your body.

You didn’t say anything for two whole months after you were sexually assaulted in your own home. And when you spoke again, it was in a monotone. You had no emotion left in you, except for fear and hate. Now it’s just fear.

Alright, so maybe you were never truly innocent or naïve or any of the things your big doe eyes made you out to be. But that doesn’t matter anymore.

Nothing matters anymore.

Love means nothing to the dead, baby, and that’s all you are now.

I wish I could fix you. I wish I could revive your withered heart, sew the shattered remains back together. But I can’t. You won’t let me.

I loved you, Gerard. I loved the man you used to be.

Goodbye, love. Have fun existing.

I’ll be over the edge of this cliff before you even realize I left the house.

I know I’ll be seeing you soon…

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