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Goodbye, My Darling Valentine

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A woman grieves and reflects her fate, even as a short, memorable meeting, the cumulation of her regrets, is about to take place. Note: If you've seen the original there's been some rewording for ...

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters: Lucrecia,Vincent Valentine - Published: 2007-09-23 - Updated: 2007-09-23 - 540 words - Complete

Lucrecia lay on the stone pedestal, her heart and mind cursing her body a thousand times over. For thirty years, death had eluded her...No, it had taken her before, but then returned her to the land of the living, the land of suffering and pain.

She never wanted things this way. He never should have come, he never should have appeared in her life. It was all his fault...wasn't it?

'Vincent'...that name aroused such disgust in her heart. Or was it...Pain? Was he truly to blame? What was his mistake? Was he a sinner for loving her wholeheartedly? For standing in the cold with his heart in his hand while she continued with her obsession of creating the 'perfect soldier'?


It was her fault, hers and hers alone. She was so blind, so stupid, so selfish. Because of her own foolishness, the man who had loved her unconditionally and her son were dead. Great anguish and sorrow seized her heart as she thought of her son.

"Sephiroth..." she sighed.


Lucrecia rose with a start as she heard a voice so hauntingly familiar. Three strangers stood at the entrance of her cave. Wait...the man in the center with the long raven hair and crimson eyes. He was the one who had spoken, his face was obscured by his long burgandy cape and hair. Yet she knew him... It couldn't be. Vincent was dead. This man with his crimson eyes was a stranger.

Strange, those eyes, the colour was wrong, and yet, they were the same as the pair of sapphire eyes that gazed at her so long ago, full of love and adoration.

"V...Vincent?" She called.


Vincent started towards her. She shied away into the blinding glow of the Mako pool behind her.

"Don't come any closer! I can't face you!"

"...I thought you were dead..."

"And I thought the same for you, yet you are alive. If that is so, then Sephiroth...Is he alive as well?"

There was an awkward pause. She stepped a little ways out of the light to see his face. He was no longer looking at her, rather, his eyes were cast down to the ground.

"He's dead. Sephiroth, he died five years ago."

She felt momentary glimmer of hope faded from her heart, as she stepped back into glow.

"So, it is as I feared..."


Another strange feeling welled up in her heart, was it hate? Or grief? She could no longer tell. Every time he mentioned her name (Which was several times already) she felt that sharp pang of pain in her heart. She could not bear his company a second longer.

"Please, please leave. I do not wish to see you..."


Lucrecia repressed the urge to scream at him, at the same time suppressing a violent oath. Why should she vent her grief on him, after all these years?

"Just leave."

She soon heard his reluctant footsteps as he left the cave, but in the silence she heard him whisper...

"Goodbye, Lucrecia..."

She stood for a while watching the entrance till she was sure that he was gone. A tear rolled down her face.

"Goodbye, my darling valentine..."
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