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My Apologies

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'I'm sorry I'm human' Just a little thought provoking (hopefuly) rant in Gerard's PoV

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DISCLAIMER: Completely and utterly FICTION.
Gerard’s PoV

This is an apology.

Firstly I’m sorry for ‘jumping on the mainstream bandwagon’. I’m sorry that we pushed the band to bigger and better places in the hopes of reaching more people with our message. I’m sorry that we saved more people’s lives than yours. I’m sorry you don’t feel you own us any more. I’m sorry that you never did.

I’m sorry that I’ve changed. I’m sorry that I over came drugs and alcohol addiction and depression to become a more confident person. I’m sorry that I’m more comfortable in my own skin now. I’m sorry that my hair cut isn’t up to your usual standards. I’m sorry that I’m not afraid to show the wit that once alienated me. I’m sorry that I’ve grown up. I’m sorry that I’m not Peter Pan.

I’m sorry that I married the woman that I loved. I’m sorry that she wasn’t you, who ever you are. I’m sorry that I ruined your dream. I’m sorry that you lack the ambition to have decent goals in life. I’m sorry that I don’t conform to what you think is acceptable in terms of relationship timelines. I’m sorry that I haven’t ever conformed to any norms. I’m sorry that you ever thought I would.

I’m sorry that I’m not really gay. I’m sorry that you are desperate enough for drama to hope that me and Frank will both leave happy relationships to run away to Hawaii together. I’m also sorry to those of you who we disgust with our onstage antics. I’m sorry for trying to make the world a better place for your children to grow up in. I’m sorry for trying to make people drop their stereotypes and hatred. I’m sorry for making your son/cousin/friend feel comfortable in his own skin… and making him feel safe about holding his boyfriend’s hand.

I’m sorry that I’m not alone anymore. I’m sorry that you’re alone but feel I was lying to you by saying it’s ok to be that way just because I found love. I’m sorry that you’ve convinced yourself you’ll never find love just because I’m now taken. I’m sorry for breaking your hearts. I’m sorry you gave them to me.

I’m sorry that the band won’t go on forever. I’m sorry that we’re not immortal. I’m sorry we’ll leave you some day. I’m sorry that I’m a human being. I’m sorry for never changing for anyone. I’m sorry for sticking to my morals and beliefs through thick and thin. I’m sorry that you suddenly don’t support me in doing that anymore. I’m sorry that one day you’ll become someone’s role model and you’ll see how hard it can be up here on the pedestal.

I’m sorry that I ever cared.
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