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Emergency surgery

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Okay age warning for language mostly

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Reno was still fuming but he had to listen to the idea that things were really not as they seemed. He sighed and took point as they walked through the halls again. The hospital was a foul place and even by his standards needed some cleaning up and he’d seen some shit-holes in his life.

“Reno we need more ideas.” Rufus said as they moved along. “This blind wandering is not serving any purpose is it?” He found a room that looked relatively undamaged and they stepped inside. “Let’s tidy you up at least.” He said more softly.

“Boss seriously I am not liking this one bit.” Reno said sliding on to a couch. “I haven’t got my end away in days, there’s a lack of beer and I’m getting closer to naked for no good reason.”

Rufus snorted and rolled his eyes as he looked around. He found enough with the medical kit Reno had made up and the supplies in the room to get Reno sorted out. He sat Reno up and looked at the gash mark. He took off his gloves and ran his hands over the scars. He took the needle up.

“Um with no painkillers or materia?” He looked at Rufus. “No spirits?”

“We haven’t got much at the moment to hand.” Rufus said. “Reno it’s going to cause more problems if it gets infected.”

“Suck my dick you are doing that!” Reno sat up more trembling.

“I’ve seen the fights you got in to lately; sucking your dick is not going to happen.” He said and pushed him back and dug the needle in. Reno swore several times and threatened horrible things to anyone listening. The Turk could stand a lot but he was tired and in need of sleep and it didn’t look to be happening.

“Son of a bitch!” He yelled out as Rufus tugged the last stitch and snipped the rest of the gut free. “Shit that hurts.” Reno moaned and passed out.

“Damn it.” Rufus cursed watching the Turk give up the last of his strength. “I had no objections to you sucking me.” He smirked and covered up the redhead with the intention of finding him a shirt. He packed up the gun and torch and looked around outside before he ducked to the supply cupboard down at the end of the hallway.

The hallway seemed a lot larger when he was on his own. There were dark patches on the walls like something had been run across the middle bleeding and the coppery smell of dried blood filled his nose. He opened the storage cupboard, there were various clothes there and he managed to grab a shirt and some trousers for them both. He was not going to walk around in the current mess he had made of his clothes.

Carrying the supplies of use Rufus headed back towards the room he had left the Turk in and opened the door. Another female nurse was caressing Reno. He was passed out still and the nurse with dark black hair was pulling on the roughly sewn stitches. Her hand caressed old scars and ran across him like he was enthralling her, which he was. Her mouth opened wide and she was about to bite in to his shoulder when she spotted Rufus to the side of her.

“Don’t do it.” He said calmly. The nurse backed off to the office door. “Don’t touch.”

She hissed at him, an animal who had found easy prey and been disturbed. He noted the vacant look in her eyes and the twitching movements. She started to move forwards and Rufus for some reason let her. The gun and clothes slipped to one side on the bed and he watched as she stumbled forwards, her legs carrying a torso, which seemed to move at a different speed. The legs stumbled forwards and the body swiftly jerked as if willing it’s mindless inhabitant forwards.

Rufus looked at it amazed and then, suddenly, there was a ringing sound in his ear and a bright light. Rufus turned around to see the redheaded Turk holding his gun and panting breathlessly from the energy of having to fire it. The nurse stumbled back and another shot rang out. Reno collapsed back on the bed and the nurse fell obliterated back out in to the corridor.

“Thank you Reno.” Rufus said as he moved back to check on him.

“Suppose a fucks out of the question if you won’t give me head.” He laughed and held his wound. “Ouch.”

“Shut up and rest. We’re moving in the morning.” Rufus laughed a little more relaxed.
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