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Frank drove slowly down the road passing the bank. It had been two weeks since he was there, and he hadn’t forgotten Bella, the nice girl who had helped him. He felt he needed to go back and say hello, but he couldn’t think of a reason to have to go. He did, however, have a reason to not go- a reason in the form of a tiny brunette sitting next to him. He glanced her way, and she was staring at him intently. He raised an eyebrow.

“Can I help you Kayla?” He asked her curiously. She cocked her head to the side.
“What’s wrong, Frank? You seem a bit out of it.”
“Its nothing, I was just thinking about something.” Someone was more like it. He had a girlfriend, why would he even consider going back in that place? With a sigh, he turned down the road that led to his house.
“Are you sure, baby? You really seem stressed. You’re not cheating on me, are you?” Kayla asked with a hint of laughter in her voice. Frank snapped back in to reality and looked at her defensively.
“Why would I do that? Do you honestly think I would stoop that low? That’s horrible of you to even think that,” He said, almost nervously, and as soon as he saw her face he mentally kicked himself. Why did he get so defensive? He wasn’t cheating on her. This girl that he didn’t even know amything about was getting to him, but why? He only talked to her once for not even ten minutes, and he didn’t even know her last name. He chuckled quietly over his stupidity and concentrated on fixing the problem at hand. He pulled in to his driveway and killed the engine.
“Kayla, you have nothing to worry about. I am not cheating on you, nor do I plan to. I guess I got defensive because I’m just really tired. That’s all. I think we should take a nap.” Kayla smiled broadly.
“Good idea, lets do just that,” she replied. They made their way inside and climbed in to Frank’s bed. Kayla fell asleep after a few minutes, but Frank just stared at the ceiling. Bella’s face appeared in his head and he sighed. Who was she? What kinds of things did she like? Did she have a boyfriend? He looked over at Kayla and shook his head. What was he doing? He felt like an idiot. As he started to finally fall asleep, her face appeared again. Her porcelain skin, those shining blue eyes, and that raven hair that fell so nicely down her back. Kayla coughed and he snapped back in to reality.
“What am I doing?” He mumbled. As soon as he asked himself that question, he found himself slipping out of the bed and heading for the front door. Slipping on his shoes and grabbing the keys, he got in the car and left. He was going to see her.

Bella sighed and looked at the clock; four more hours of torture. Looking around the almost empty bank, she decided that it was time for a cigarette break. She made a discreet motion to the teller at the counter and slipped out of a side door. Lighting up, she relaxed as the smoke filled her lungs.

“You know, that’s a bad habit,” she heard a male voice say. She turned quickly toward the source and smiled when she saw him. Frank was standing there, pulling a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. As he lit the small stick and inhaled, Bella snorted.
“Hypocrite much?” He grinned sheepishly.
“No. I’m aware it’s a bad habit, but I choose it anyway.” They stood in silence for a few moments. So, are we taking a break?” He asked when he couldn’t think of anything else to say. She looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
“What does it look like? What brings you here?”
“Well,” Frank started, “I wanted to come tell you that you needed to invest in better tasting lollipops for your desk. It tasted like rotten lemons.” Bella laughed.
“Well thank you Mr. Iero, I will be sure to replace the rotten lemon tasting lollipops so the other kids will like them” Frank faked offence at the fact that she called him a kid.
“You know, some friends and I are getting together sometime this weekend at the bar.” He told her.
“Um, that’s nice. Where are you going with this?” She asked.
“Would you like to come and hang out with us?” He invited. She thought for a minute and shook her head.
“I don’t think that would be a good idea,” she said, stomping out her cigarette and heading back inside. He looked at her retreating figure. Rejected. Why was he asking anyway, he did have a girlfriend. ‘Oh well,’ he thought. He went back to his car and drove off, still trying to accept the fact that he was just rejected. He wondered why she was so short about it. Did he say something wrong? He pulled in to his driveway and turned off the engine. He sat thinking for a few minutes. He tried to rationalize that her rejecting him was for the better, because he did have a girlfriend and he didn’t want to do anything stupid. He went inside and climbed in beside Kayla, who was in the same spot that she was in when he left. He finally drifted off to sleep, with thoughts of Bella swimming around in his head.
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