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A band of gypsies holding a secret comes knocking on the Hogwarts door late at night in the rain. They will change life a Hogwarts as the students know it. The gypsies have a plan, and they will do...

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A feast came to an end and three students were walking up a great staircase.

"Harry are you alright? You seem rather skittish mate..." a a tall boy with a firey mane of hair asked his friend, whose face was rather screwed up.

"I have a feeling somethings coming Ron... I don't know what... not Voldemort, I know that much..."

"Try not to worry about it, it might be the tracle tart... I tasted a bit off... You might just have a touch of food poisoning..."

"Ron you have to look over everything don't you?" a girl with a wild bush of hair interupted. "Harry... in the case that it is Voldemort, you need to try and close off your mind..."

"I said I don't think it's him Hermione! Something wierd is coming. But I don't know what it is... I think it's..."


I came back to reality with a start.

"Tara... what did you see?"

"I saw..." to be honest, I didn't know what I'd seen. It had looked like... "A castle. It had suits of armour following the walls, and ancient pictures, that looked as though..." I sudenly came to a frantic realisation. "They were moving."

The other girls in my group broke out in joy, hugging each other and chattering in various tounges.

This had been what we were looking for, we had been searching for so long, the castle with the movng pictures, we had seen months ago, back in Ireland. we had been evading him for so long... it was time now. We were close.

"Tara..." my closest friend in the group, Lia, turned to me and placed both her hands on my shoulders. "Where was it? Where did you see it?"

"I... I'm not sure... it's close for sure, but, I don't know how close..." my voice had faded to a whisper now. I was consentrating with all my mental might...

I felt my body gently fall into Lia's arms again, I flew to my vision world...


I tried to consentrate. Where is this place?

Suddenly my minds eye flew backwards from the trio heading up the stairs and through an entrance hall. I flew though a huge wooden door and stopped facing the castle.

It stood alone, tall and magnificent. There was a lake beside it, and hills in the distance. A small hut lay to one side with what looked like a pumpkin patch next to it.

The moon shawn down, casting a glow on the ancient structure, it was beautiful... such as the pictures in old books my mother used to read to me about Camelot and King Arthur. It was as though I had flown to my childhood, instead of outside the castle.

I felt myself fading, then I grounded back in reality.

Lia looked at me expectantly. I stood smoothly, without falter, and walked to the side of the cliff we had set camp on. With my toes to the edge I stared at the lake facing us. My skirt ruffled in the wind, the tiny silver discs that hung at my side jingled slightly. My long hair blew in the same direction as my skirt, to the left. My large silver hoops tuched my face with the winds waves, they were cold against my warm skin.

Lia silently came behind me.

"If you jump again, we shan't come as soon as last time you know."

"I know." I whispered. I looked down at my left palm and traced its pattern with my index finger. We were so close...

Lia layed her hand on my shoulder. I knew what she ment, she is kind of... predictable.

"It's across the lake. We can make it by nightfall tomorrow, should the weather permit it."

Lia turned to the other girls, wrapped in their shawls around the fire. "Claric?" She addressed one.

Claric's face turned to stone as she stared at the fire, consentrating. She said something to Lia in a tounge I could not understand.

There were fourteen of us, some as old as the hills and twice as dusty, others not so. I am the youngest. We have all come from seperate corners of Europe. Two, Sia and Carine cannot remember where they were from... they have been gypsies all their lives. Lia, Claric, and Sarrina are from Ireland; Carmen, Siam, and Lian are from Spain; Karissa, Maria, and Lyan are from Finland; Solange and Nadia are from France and I, Tara, am from England.

Lia was taught many languages when she was young, so she communicated among us all, acted as translator.

She turned back to me and said. "It will rain tomorrow."

"All the better. I know that shall help us get a home there. We set off at day break." I concluded, and joined my sisters around the fire.

Claric took out her wind pipe and started to play. Some of the girls sang, but I chose to sleep. I had much on my mind that night.
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