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Mornings With MCR

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Day to day life of Frank and Gerard...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way - Warnings: [!!!] [X] - Published: 2006-01-01 - Updated: 2006-01-02 - 491 words - Complete

"Gerard!" Mikey slammed his fist on his brother's tour bus room door.
"Dammit." Gerard murmured reaching for his clock to check the time. It was 10 a.m.; way too early. Soon there was another set of raps again the door.
"Gerard, get up! We have a photo shoot in an hour!" This time it was Frank a.k.a. Gerard's closest friend in the whole band.
"Leave me the hell alone!" Gerard flung his alarm clock at the door and rolled over, his back facing the door. Usually Gerard was the first person up, but he had a major hangover (a type of male PMS) so it was different.
Outside Gerard's fellow bandmates were arguing over who was going to enter the realm of unknown.
"He's your best friend!" Mikey spat.
"He's your brother!" Frank countered.
"He touches your moobs!" Mikey kicked Gerard's door. "Get up moob toucher!"
"Fuck you!" was the only thing returned.
"I leave it to you." Mikey abandoned Frank in front of Gerard's door.
"Oh shit..." was all Frank could get through his head.
"Gerard you lazy fuck! I'm coming in!" Frank swung open the door then leaped on Gerard.
"Ow, Ow, Ow!" Gerard winced in pain as Frank got him in a headlock.
"Up!" Frank began slapping Gerard on the back of the head over and over again. "Or I'll butt rape you!"
"I'm up!" Gerard got up, well, rolled out of bed taking Frank with him.
"Jesus!" Frank was about to pull himself up but Gerard pushed him back down. Frank looked up at Gerard who was looking down on him. "Man, I'm not like that."
"Lier." was the only thing that escaped Gerard's lips before they met Frank's.

"Gerard!" Gerard heard Frank calling his name as he wiped off the makeup from the photo shoot.
"Yo?" Gerard felt Frank's presence behind him.
"In your room this morning..." Frank began.
"Hey man if..." Gerard stopped dead in his tracks. Frank had handcuffs in his hands. "Damn you're kinky!"
"Hmph." Frank smirked. Gerard got up and shoved Frank against the bathroom wall.
"Five years of being around you and..." Frank locked lips with Gerard before he could finish.
"Get me hard!" Frank moaned as Gerard's lips slid to his neck.
"Get out there." Gerard flung Frank out onto the hotel bed while tearing his hoodie off.
"Give me head." Frank tore off his clothes and Gerard dropped to his knees. Frank cried out Gerard's name. Within minutes the door was securely locked and Frank was handcuffed to the bed rail.
"Fuck!" Gerard's hands squeezing Frank's shoulders gasping from orgasms as Frank breathed hard and raspy. Both were sweating.

(7 a.m.)
"Shit!" Gerard got up and realized (after noticing how sore his ass was) what'd happened. Quickly getting dressed he gulped at the thought of what would happen if anything happened. Kissing the passed out Iero goodbye he was glad this was only a one night fling!
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