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Don't Look Back

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You must be Alex and Rachel. I'm your dad...

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Mikey dropped the phone. "Hey Mikes, you okay?" Bob asked.
"No! I-I-I can't! Not now! Not when we're-"
"Mr Way! Please calm down!" Dr Stafford pleaded over the phone as Mikey took a few deep breaths and picked up the phone again.
"I'll pick them up in a few days. Just please, find them a good home until then." He said hanging up. He sat down beside Gerard and turned to him. "You're an uncle." He sighed. Gerard just looked at him in shock. "Two times. They're twins." He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.
"T-twins?" He stuttered, still in shock. Mikey nodded. "How-when-who... what?"
"Let me explain."

You see, it all started when we were teenagers I had a girlfriend named Mona Taggart. Well, after Ray's 19th birthday part party, we got drunk and, well you know. A few weeks later, she announced that she was moving to Spain. I guess she must have been pregnant. Their names are Alex and Rachel, a boy and a girl.

They were all silent for a few moments until Frank spoke up. "So they have no mother? She's dead?"
"Why else would they be calling me?"
"Well, there's the possibility of prison, an injury, going into labour-" Ray cut him off.
"Going into labour? Wouldn't she have a boyfriend and not have to call Mikey then?" Frank shrugged.
"Maybe she was a prostitute?" He suggested.
"She's dead Frank! D-E-A-D! DEAD!" Mikey yelled. "The doctor told me! Now if you excuse me I have to call Alica and tell her that she has step-twins!" His voice was irritable with a hint of sadness, and they all noticed that sadness.


10th August 2007
My life has been shattered into thousands of tiny peices, so tiny they most likely could never be put back together. My mother, the one I look up to, my role model, the person who raised me since she was 17, passed away on a hospital bed today. But, I will try not to cry. It isn't wrong to cry but, my mother wouldn't want me to be sad. I just keep thinking 'She's in a better place now.'
But, my brother Alex and I are not being abandon to an orphange, we have a father. Yes, a father. But, I have my worries that we may ruin his career. You see, his name is Mikey Way. He is in a band called 'My Chemical Romance' or MCR for short. My brother, friends and I are all big MCR listeners, and actually met in an MCR club that was started in the town. We're moving in with our dad Mikey and his wife Alica in a few days. I just hope that the people who said have been getting bad vibes off Alica are wrong about her.


We were waiting at some airport in New Jersey for the woman we were told to be our new step-mother, Alica Way. My sister Rachel and I were just sitting on the bench hanging around , talking and waiting when we saw someone holding up a sign that said 'Taggart'. We both ran over to it to find Alica. "Hi, you must be Alex and Rachel. I'm your ste-"
"Yeah yeah, we get it. You're our step-mother Alica Way." I interupted. Rachel laughed nervously.
"Don't mind Alex;" she began. "He's just grumpy and in denial after out mum's you-know-what." She said, whispering 'you-know-what'.
"Oh, okay." Then came the dreded step-daughter step-mother bonding beginning, leaving me left out and ignored. "Well, your dad's outside waiting for us. So come on! Let's go meet him!" She said with excitment in her voice. She walked up to a car and knocked on the window. A thin man with short black hair wearing a plain black hoody and jeans walked out of the car.
"Hi, you must be Alex and Rachel. I'm your dad, Mikey."

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