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Spencer did what?

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One-Shot: Pointless fluff about the baby of the band, Spencer. You see my friend and i have always figured that in most fanfictions he's overlooked by everyone else in the story. so this is how we ...

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Just a little one-shot for fun. :)

Spencer Smith smiled comfortably at the woman next to him, and received a coy one in return.

“Four more hours,” She said softly, with a gaze that made his chest clench with the knowledge that he was sitting next to possibly the most wonderful woman he had ever met.

The same age as him, twenty-five, she was shorter than him by about six inches, thin, with wavy brownish-blonde hair that fell to just below her shoulder blades. She didn’t stand out necessarily for her physical beauty, although she was certainly very pretty, but more for her natural charm that her kind smile, and mischievous glint in the eyes, exuded.

In Spencer’s eyes there was no better woman on the entire airplane…nay….on the entire nine planets, and yes, Pluto did count to Spencer.

“Four more hours,” He nodded solemnly, “so I guess we ought to tell them straight off?”

“Won’t that shock them a bit? Maybe we ought to tell them…gradually.” She murmured in return, biting her lip thoughtfully.

“How do you lay something like that on them ‘gradually’?” Spencer returned, “I say just tell them so they can adjust before we have to go back on tour.”

“But…Spencer….you told them you were going to pick up your Grandma and fly her out for your birthday…they won’t—“

“—Exactly why we need to tell them straight off before they start asking too many questions.” He smiled, pecking her cheek softly. It did the trick, and her face relaxed back into a smile.

“You are right,” was sighed softly from her, as she nuzzled into his neck in preparation for a nice four hour long nap.

“Flight 3096 from Hawaii- Arrived- Baggage Claim 6A” the television screen read in front of the three boys, who looked very out of place in their…eccentric…clothing, among the corporate business style suits seen by many of the travelers, or the laid back Hawaiian t-shirts sported by over-weight, middle-aged fathers frantically trying to board the family for the yearly vacation.

“Gawwwd.” Brendon whined, pushing his red glasses further up his nose as he stared blankly at the Arrivals/Departures screen near baggage claim 6A. “How long does it take this man to get his Granny off a fucking plane? I mean she’s got to be old…and they always seat the old people in the front……so you’d think Spencer could manage to get or off the damn thing by now!”

“Brend they’ve only just arrived,” Ryan murmured in his sullen monotone voice, one hand plugging his left ear so he could block out the background noises, the other hand writing on a lined notepad, that was recognized by all as the ‘Sacred Notepad’, a thing not to be touched.

“Jon, I want a snack bar.” Brendon whined. Yes, they did bring along snack packs…just for Brendon. Honestly it was like toting around a needy apple-bottomed toddler sometimes. But he was loved.

Jon, however, was staring towards an entrance, his jaw falling to the floor, his eyes bugging out of their sockets.

There was Spencer, walking towards them, looking tired………..holding hands with a …………girl. A very attractive girl, at that. This came as a huge shock, considering that an older grandmother was expected to be accompanying the drummer.

Brendon and Ryan followed the bassist’s gaze, and soon they too were staring in wonderment.

The staring caused both Spencer and his fellow traveler to blush self consciously and grip each other’s hands tighter.

“So, hey guys.” Spencer said carefully, approaching his friends.

“Dude,” Brendon said in a slightly dreamy voice, “You’re Granny is Hot.”

“Oh EW,” Ryan snapped, at Brendon quickly, before turning to question Spencer, “Um…Hi ….Spencer…um….Hello….” He stared at the girl.

“Melinda,” She said sweetly, shaking her layered bangs off of her face a little bit as she extended her hand to shake Ryan’s, Jon’s, and Brendon’s.

“Spencer,” Jon said slowly, calculating every word he spoke, “What are you doing…with a girl? And where is Grandma Smith! I wanted some of her cookies!” He added as a sullen afterthought.

“Guys,” Spencer smiled, wrapping an arm around Melinda’s waist causing the boys to stare more, “I’d like to introduce you to my wife, Melinda Smith.” He spoke her name with pride.


“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Brendon grinned, looking back and forth between the two of them, expecting them to yell ‘April FOOLS!’ at any minute, “You can’t be married Spencer,” he said seriously after a minute, “I mean we didn’t even know you were dating, you’re still a virgin!”

At this Melinda grinned boldly and said “Ha, yeah right…he’s definitely not a—“ and was promptly cut off by Spencer’s hand clamping itself over her mouth.

Brendon, Ryan, and Jon exchanged glances.
“T” from Brendon,
“M” added Jon hyperly, forming the letter with his arms as one would during the YMCA dance,
“I” Finished Ryan.

They all stared at each other awkwardly. It was hard to believe that the ‘baby’ of the band had gone and got himself married.

There were questions to be asked, stories explained, and apparently a whole lot of catching up to do, but, sensing that this was not quit the time or the place, Jon, being more mature, made the first gesture to move along the group before a crowd of fans formed. This wasn’t the place to make a fuss over a new girl. After all apparently she would be around for a long time to come.

“Well, welcome to the family.” Jon grinned, stepping forward to hug her, “Hope you’re up to babysitting these guys twenty-four/seven. I’ll tell you, after years of having to do it, it’s a chore.”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine. Besides,” Melinda smiled up into Spencer’s eyes, “I’ve got him on my side.”

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