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Dont Change;theres better ways to say I Love You

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Dont change the two simplest words the guy that ive had a crushon for a few years put into my year book i have 1 moreyear to impress but will his world tear us apart?

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"dont change"
those were the words i read on my year book
the over used saying awkward friendships ended up screaming
dont change i traced over the deeply imprinted words
i threw the yearbook on my messily made bed and sat cross legged on the floor
sighing i switched positions into laying on my stomach on my carpeted floor
i dug underneath my bed for nothing in particular
i went over the days events in my head actually just what Max had said to me
"Parker can i sign your year book?" his dark charcole eyeliner expertly applied
his eyes studied me curiously as why i was sitting outside the hallway in class
i havent been kicked out of class since Jr.High but my anger had gotten the best of me
i nodded and handed him my year book
i thought of the times we had hung out always in a group of friends he was always another world
friday nights and saturdays
bowling movies park and other places we could wreck havoc considering i hung out with more boys then girls
i relized i wasnt like other girls dont get me wrong i love a good pair of jeans and a nice blouse
i just didnt get along with other girls they thought of me as a freak or some sort
i did do my hair different cut somewhat long with extentions side bangs and hair dye only a person like me could order
i changed when my dad died
but back to the story
he scrawled the words and handed me the year book back his tight jeans twitching on his smaller then size 7 thighs as he walked away not saying a word
i sighed he hardly noticed me.
i started to wonder what he was doing out in the hall
the 5'9 tall lean semi muscular and basically the only other "scene" kid in our school hardly fit in
we both hung out with the only groupthat would accept us and that was the trouble making kids
as the bell rang i was free to go home
i sighed as the days events slowly came to where i was now
i laid back on my floor i could hear my mom talking to a bill collector
i was happy that today was our last day of school
i had the rest of the summer to do things i wanted
getting up i slipped out of my skin tight jeans and into my pajama pants
glancing at the clock it was only 6
"damn it" i mumbled
digging through my closet i looked for some of my old basketball shorts
slipping them on felt weird but the heat was unbearable
I sat down on my ledge of the window cliche but i felt closer to my dad
even though i didnt let anyone know
i missed him alot
even though he was gone constantly but thats how i got everything i wanted
he died a couple years ago when we moved to this shit hole town in somewhat northern califronia
the place that hardly gets warm only humid and not just regular humid sun beating down almost raining
but i got use to it when i moved freshmen year here
it was hard then but i got use to it and toughened up
okay i posted some of this story in a different part of here
but i decided it fit here better
it might not seem like a fantasy but this stories going somewhere please review if you read
even critisim done in a nice manner will be helpful
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