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Together Forever

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A mentally ill house wife escapes from the hospital and pays a visit to her unsuspecting husband. ONESHOT

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Author's Note: I just resently discovered the rough draft for this in one of my writing note books. It was originally written to fullfil a challenge made by my creative writing teacher. The challenge was to write a story about an angry ex who takes revenge on their former lover or spouse.
I really like it and I hope you do too.

The setting sun shone through green leaves, making them glow and giving my skin an odd color. Peeking out from my hiding spot under the leaves I stared down the road.

I remember this time of day. Any minute now his car will glide passed and park across the way. He will get out, gently tug wrinkles from his shirt, and select the key to open the front door. When he comes and does this I will watch and wait under my bush. Wait for the right moment to emerge and embrace him like I always used to do when he came home. Like I always used to before the voice came.

I shredded leaves as I waited for him, occasionally conversing with the voice when doubts began to cross my mind. "What if he doesn't want me anymore?"

"He'll want you, he's always wanted you," rasped the voice. "When he gets here you'll be together forever and all will be well."

A light flashed briefly over my bush and I looked up in time to see his car park in the driveway. There he was, just like I had remembered. His keys jingled as he pushed one into the front door, and my heart made a loud thudding noise in my ears.

"This is it." As soon as he was inside I crept out from under my bush, across the street, and over emerald blades of grass. "Tonight you will be together again and he will love you once more." I smiled at the voice in my ears and eased the door open.

There he sat, in his armchair, flipping channels on the tv. "Robert," I whispered. He didn't seem to notice as I came closer. "Robert." This time my voice was louder and stronger and this time Robert heard me. He turned in his chair to look at me, an expression of utter terror forming on his face. I wondered why he was so afraid. He was supposed to get up and embrace me with joy. He was supposed to kiss me and tell me how much he missed me with tears in his eyes. We were supposed to be together forever.

"Elisabeth, what are you doing here? How did you get away from the hospital?" Robert's voice was uneven and shaky and his hand gripped the armrest of his chair tightly.

My chin quivered a bit and tears began to fill my eyes. "You...Aren't you happy to see me? I thought you loved me."

"Elisabeth," he whispered as he rose from the chair and took a few steps closer. "You're sick and need to go back." My sobs quieted a little as his hand touched my shoulder. "Come on, I'll take you back and you can rest."

"No!" I shouted and pulled away from Robert's grip. Stumbling over a wrinkle in the hall rug I ran into the kitchen and quickly found the cutlery drawer. Robert was fast behind me and fruitlessly made an attempt to take the knife that I had removed from the drawer. "I'm not going back to that place."

Robert screamed as the knife sunk deep into his chest and fell to the floor. I straddled his hips and pulled the knife from his wound. Blood stained his shirt crimson as I smiled down at him, watching his mouth open and close, gasping for air. 'Hm...Must have punctured a lung.' Robert twitched and choked a bit as I lowered myself on top of him and rested my head on his bloody chest. I smiled as I pressed the knife onto my left wrist.

"Together forever," the voice rasped



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