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Life off the tour bus

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Thats right people, the official sequal to life on a tour bus!! Whats happened to Ray - I wonder I wonder...

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A/N: This is it people! The sequal to life on a tour bus!! Sorry it took so long to actually put on here, but I was going to finish my other stories first but then after I got people reviewing and asking me to do a sequel...I felt bad for making you wait! Especially cos' I left you on a cliff hanger which I suppose was mean... So...just because I'm such a nice person cough I decided I'd stick this on here. I will be updating to my other stories aswell so this might not be updated ever day. Anywaaay, this is for everyone who reviewed - love ya all! xxx

I tried ringing Ray again that next morning...he still didnt answer. Thats when I started to get scared. I instantly dialled Gerards number, he picked up on the first ring. "Bob? Have you got hold of Ray yet? I just tried ringing him and he hasnt answered!" He cried down the phone.
"Thats why I'm ringing you, I was gonna ask if you'd got hold of him" I replied.
"Oh shit...where is he? Do you think he's okay? Maybe we should go to his house and see if he's there." Said Gerard, worry evident in his voice. I looked over at Joyce who was sat watching some boring sitcom. "Yeah. Lets go over there." I said, Gerard agreed and I hung up.
"Where you going?" Asked Joyce, looking over at me as I pulled on my converse.
"Just over to Rays. See if he's there." I answered.
"Couldnt you get hold of him this morning?" Asked Joyce. I shook my head.
"He just isnt answering the phone. Me and Gee are just gonna go to his place, make sure he's alright." I answered. Just started to get up.
"Do you want me to come with you?" She asked. I shook my head and finished tieing my laces.
"No. Its fine. I'll call you if anythings wrong okay?" I said. She nodded and sat back down. "I wont be too long." I promised, lightly kissing her lips. She smiled at me and watched me leave the room, as soon as I was out of the house I dashed to my car and drove over to Gees house.

I hooted the horn after pulling into his driveway and almost instantly Frank and Gerard came out the house, closely followed by Mikey. They all smiled when they saw me and got into the car. "I didnt realise Mikey was here." I said.
"Yeah, I rang him and told him we were going to Rays and he said he wanted to come." Said Gerard. Mikey nodded, he sat next to me in the front, Frank and Gerard cuddled up in the back. "I want to make sure he's okay" Said Mikey. I nodded and started the engine. Mikey took out his cell phone. "Should I ring him? Just incase he picks up?" He asked. "It cant do any harm." I replied. Mikey nodded and dialled Rays number. He sat with the phone against his ear for a few minutes before hanging up.
"No answer, it cut into answermachine." He said. I sighed and glanced back at Frank and Gerard, who were looking worried.
10 minutes later I pulled into Rays driveway. His car was there, and the curtains were open. "Looks like he's in" Said Gerard, but uncertainty was clear in his voice. We got out of the car and walked over to the door. I rapped it three times with my knuckles and stood back. None of us said anything as we waited for an answer. None came. I knocked again. And again. After five minutes of knocking and waiting I turned to face the others. "I guess he's not in."
"Maybe we should try round back." Said Mikey, walking over to the wooden fence door leading to the back garden. Mikey put his hands on the top of the door, he jumped up and slammed his feet onto the door, he scrambled up and over the top, dissapearing over the other side. "Come on guys!" He called. I looked at Frank and Gerard who were looking unsure. "I guess I'll go next." Said Frank, approaching the door. He was shorter than Mikey and was struggling to get over the top. Me and Gerard were trying not to laugh. "Here Frank, let me help" Said Gerard. He walked over to Frank and kneeled on the floor. Frank thanked him and stood on his shoulders, before putting his hands on the top of the door like Mikey had and scarmbling over to the other side. Gerard went next and then finally, I did.
I landed heavily on my feet on the hard concrete on the other side. I walked down the side of the house until I reached the back garden, the others were laughing at the sight of our old tree house we had made one month before our first tour. It was still in good shape, I walked over to the tree and looked up at it. "I remember when we made this." I smiled. "Me too...anyway, come on." Mikey walked over to the french doors leading into Rays living room. We all peered through the glass, the living room was extremely tidy and looked like it hadnt been lived in for months...I guess it hasnt if Ray didnt get home yesterday. "Do you think he's actually been home?" I asked. Gerard shrugged. "It doesnt look like it" He said.
"Well...if Ray did come home then his bed wont be made, cos' Ray never makes his bed" Said Frank, this was true. Frank looked up at the window above us. Ryas bedroom window. "How do we get up there?" Asked Mikey, guessing Frank thoughts.
"Go up the stairs of course." Said Frank. I raised an eyebrow.
"And how do we get to the stairs?" I asked. Frank smiled.
"Come on you guys...have you forgotten? Rays bathroom windows dodgy remember? All we have to do is push it hard enough and it'll open." He said. Understanding dawned on me and looked at Gerard and Mikey. "He's right" I said. Gerard and Miket looked at eachother. "Come on you guys. If Ray hasnt been home then something must have happened to him. Franks right, Ray never makes his bed, so if his bed is made we know somethings wrong." I said, Gerard sighed.
"Fine. We'll go through the window. But if a neighbour sees and thinks we're robbing the place you and Frank get the blame." He said, grabbing a plastic garden chair and walking to the side of the house. We all followed and looked up at the bathroom window, the bit that opened was a strip across the actual window and was quite small. "Who's gonna go through?" Asked Frank, gazing up at the window as we all looked at him. He realised he was being looked at and glanced at us all. "Me!? Why do I have to do it?" He cried.
"Because you the only one small enough" Said Gerard picking Frank up and standing him on the chair.
"Ah man" Moaned Frank as he stood on the back of the chair to get high enough, he shoved the window a few times and it finally opened.
"As soon as your in go round and open the back door." Said Gerard.
"Yeah yeah" Said Frank as he dissapeared slowly through the window. There was a loud thud and an angry 'OW FUCK!' and we knew Frank had landed. We ran back round the back and stood by the french doors. Soon Frank came walking through the living room, scowling and rubbing his hip. He had the key to the doors in his hands, he unlocked them and we walked into the house. "You guys better be grateful. I hurt myself doing that" Complained Frank.
"It wass your idea." Said Mikey as we all walked past Frank who rolled his eyes moodily and followed us. The house smelt of dust, and looked exactly as Ray had left it the day before we went on tour. We ran up the stairs and into Rays room. It was insanely tidy. The bed, perfectly made. "His case isnt here. And the beds made. He hasnt been back" Said Gerard quietly, gazing round the room.
"Whats happened to him?" I asked. Everyone lookes afraid and unsure. "Do you think hes okay?" I asked, looking round at everyone. It was clear what we all thought. We were all certain something bad had happened to him.
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