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In the Ancient Times

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ancient time romance

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My life is full of slavery, all my life I’ve been a slave along with my mother. We were slaves for our masters Oliver and Penelope. I live in 49AD in Pompeii, my name is Julia and I’m 16 summers old. About a year ago, I was ordered to move to Master Oliver’s youngest brother’s place. His name was Gerard and he has become my new master.

He was mean to me and tortured me verbally on my first month I was there, he didn’t like the food that I made for him so Andrea his other slave was in charge of the food and I became in charge of the household along with Christian who was one of the old slaves in the place. I missed my mother but I had to keep on working here to get fed and have new clothes even though Master Gerard treats me badly. That’s what a slave should do; they don’t have a choice until their Master has freed them, which is unlikely in my case.

It’s been 6 months since I’ve become a slave for Master Gerard and he’s become nice to me. He always smiled at me which made my heart warm; I was doing well for him. I’ve made a good relationship with Andrea and Christian whom are very nice people. They talked about all kinds of things which was amazing to me since I have no education.

I remember one night, Master Gerard ordered me to clean the dining table although I did clean it that night he made me do it again. I made sure that all stains were gone even the smallest to make him happy.

“Well done Julia”

I jumped by the sound of his voice. Shouldn’t he be sleeping? I thought to myself. I turned to see Master Gerard standing at the doorway. I nodded.

“Now follow me” he said.

“But Master I haven’t finishing cleaning…” I said but was interrupted by him.

“Now Julia”

I nodded and followed him.

He took me to his bedroom, which I cleaned at dinnertime. I hoped he wasn’t disappointed by my cleaning.

“Sit” he pointed to his bed.

I quickly sat down and looked up at him.

“Now I know you have never done this type of slavery but I will help”

I gasped, “But Master you are not
suppose to help a slave”

He shook his head, “I can. As I was saying I will help you. Now I want you to take off all your clothes”

I gasped again, “Surely Master you don’t mean it”

“Do it”

I quickly stood up and hesitantly took off my clothes. I turned to him with my hands covering my breasts and saw that he was naked too.

“Lie on the bed for me”

I slightly nodded and lay on the bed still covering my private areas. I was scared. I’m only 16 summers old; he cannot do this to me. I won’t be pure no more, but I have to do this to be fed and treated well.

He crawled over me and pulled my arms over my head.

I shivered by his touch.

“Now, all you need to do is to relax and I will do the rest”

I didn’t do anything.

He kissed and sucked down my neck to my breasts and to my womanhood. I tried to put my thighs together but he was too strong. I shivered as he sucked my clit.

Time was nothing now and as if forever has passed he stopped and looked at me.

“Now make sure you don’t scream” he said.

I nodded.

He entered me as I experience the
most painful thing I’ve ever went through.

“Sir, you’re hurting me” I whispered

“Don’t worry Julia; it will be all over soon”

I shut my eyes; hoping everything will end soon.

It didn’t. After that he told me to suck his penis.

I sucked it as white liquid streamed out of it.

“Good girl Julia, that’s the way” he moaned.

It thankfully finished and he sent me to my room and told me not to tell anyone. And I didn’t.

He kept on having sex with me and somehow I started enjoying it and he was happy. I like it when he is happy. It was 5 months since we started having sex and I noticed that I had a lump on my stomach. It seems to all matches up to me. From what my mother have told me, if you vomit in the mornings and if you have a lump is on her stomach then it must be that you are pregnant.
A tear fell out of my eye. I’m pregnant. I am going to have a baby and Master Gerard is the father. What will I ever do? I couldn’t tell Andrea or Christian that I am pregnant because Master Gerard told me to tell and I should keep his word.

A month later, I gave up the courage to tell him. It was dark and Master Gerard was outside staring at the stars.

“Master” I said as I came outside.

“Yea Julia?” he said with his back turned to me.

“I have something to say” my throat was dry.

He was silence.

I took it as he is still listening to me, “I am pregnant”

He turned to me, “And?”

I looked at him with shocked. “I … you are the father”

“And I suppose you are going to raise that child yourself. Don’t tell anyone that the baby is mine. Tell them that you slept with some slave from the street”

“But master!”

“And that shall be it” he said and walked inside.

I silently sobbed. I want my mother so badly. Gerard has gone back to treating me like dirt.

The next morning Master Gerard disappeared and Christian told me that he had something to do. I rubbed my big stomach; I guess I was alone with my baby. Andrea and Christian noticed that I was pregnant that day and I told them what Gerard told me to say. Slaves got to do what the Master tells them to do. They looked at me in disgrace and did not talk to me. They said that it must be the very reason why Master Gerard has disappeared to find me a new Master. I remember I cried a lot that day.

A month more past and doing house work was beginning to be hard for me but Andrea and Christian pushed me to it said that I deserved it. Maybe I did. Master Gerard has not come back yet and I got worried because of this. I remember one day I was cleaning the floor, it was really hard but I had to do it and I saw Master Gerard walk into the room.

“Master, you’re back” I said in shock.

“I am, and I’ve made a decision”

“What is it?”

He walked to me and pulled me up. “I’ve decided that I should be responsible for this baby, our baby” he place his hand on my overlarge stomach.

I stared at him in shock. Is this really happening?

“That’s why I’ve decided that you should become not my slave but my wife”

I gasped, “But Master”

“Shhh” he placed his index finger on my lips, “I am not your Master, I am your husband”

A moment later I slightly nodded.

“Good, let’s tell the slaves the great news” as we were about to walk out of the room a huge earthquake shook the room.

“What is that?” Gerard asked and ran to the window to see a thick black smoke over the mountain. His eyes widened, “What is this?”

I panicked.

“Don’t worry Julia everything will be okay” Gerard faced me and took me to his bedroom.

Shortly after the slaves came to him asking him of what happened and he told them that everything will be fine.

But it wasn’t we heard things hitting the roof and Christian went outside to see and he ran back in with a frightened face. “Stones are falling from the sky. Big stones!” he yelled.

“Stay calm” Gerard said.

I suppose he was the only one calm
because the rest of us were all frightened. Then later we heard a huge crash and Christian went to check it out and came back even more frightened saying that the roof has collapse due to heavy rocked falling from the sky.

Gerard closed the door to his bedroom with Andrea, Christian, Gerard and me inside. We sat and prayed for as many Gods and Goddesses we knew. Andrea lit another candle since it was getting darker due to the smoke and the darkness.

“What are we going to do?” asked Andrea.

Gerard sighed, “I don’t know but I’m freeing both of you”

“But what about Julia?” asked Christian.

Gerard looked at me, “She’s my wife now”

I saw the shock looks on Andrea and Christian’s face.

“Now go” said Gerard to them.

“No we are staying here with you” said Andrea.

Christian agreed.

We sat there in silence praying at the same time. I don’t really remember anything but I remembered that the candles all turned off and then in silence we were frightened and worried of what was going to happening next. Gerard held my hand as he lied next to me and whispering sweet words to me but then we heard a huge noise and white smoke looking thing that just burned and stiffened our bodies in a split of second.

Today people see Andrea and Christian’s body on the ground next to me and Gerard holding each other. We became tourist attractions. We didn’t know that death has come in our way.

Please tell me what you think i was watchign the POmpeii movie at Ancient History and got inspired....
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