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A little Frerad oneshot. Fluff. Please read and review! Disclaimer: I don’t own any of them and I made this up.

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His eyes –they always suck me in. Soft hazel most of the time, sometimes seeming black, sometimes green. I swear I’ve even sewn them flash red once. Gentle and intriguing, but only ever giving his secrets away to those who have studied him closely. Soft and deep, all he has to do is look at me and I’ll forget about everything else.
It’s not just his eyes; it’s everything about him. He’s naturally handsome and attractive, whatever state he’s in. Blond or naturally black, wasted or sober, onstage of relaxing on the coach, he’s beautiful as a tiger and graceful as a swan. His lips are the colour of a pale rose and his face is strong but softened by his delicate features.
I find myself thinking like this every night, obsessing over the enigma this is our frontman. Because he’s a mystery, even to us -his four best friends. No one really knows what goes on inside his head, although Mikey can usually make a pretty accurate guess. Until a month ago, Ray, Bob and I left him to it. But one night when we were playing I looked into his eyes and it was like I was seeing him for the first time. Ever since then he’s captivated me.
He doesn’t feel the same. He smiles at me like a brother, laughs with me, pets me, calls me ‘cute’, ‘sweet’, and ‘his little ball of energy’, but he doesn’t know how much I am his. Because I belong to him, I really do. I would do anything he told me to without a second thought. But he hardly ever asks me to do anything, that’s just the wonderful person he is.
I want to be with him. I want to kiss him, hold him, show him how amazing I think he is. I want to fall asleep each night to the sound of him breathing. And I suppose it shows. Mikey asked me if I was alright the other day, he was worried that I was ill. He said I had been so quiet and distracted. I told him I was fine, because what else could I do?

How can I say what I spend my time dreaming of?

How can I tell him who makes my heart beat faster?

How can I explain that I’m completely devoted to Gerard Way?


Frerard fluff has been floating around in my head and distracting me for ages, so I thought I’d write a mini ficlet oneshot thing so I can get back to The Seven Days Of Christmas. Hope you enjoy it!
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