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Stow away on the Revenge

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Pirate and a woman meet... he takes his fun in exchange for the journey.

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Paige looked around the dockyard nervously and looked back over her shoulders. She was a beggar in the city of Malizand as far as the officials were concerned. She sighed. This was not going well. Paige had landed herself in the gods-forsaken cities of the evil Elves and was not enjoying herself at all. The whole city was one begotten evil deed after another. She was desperate to escape and get back to a human civilisation.

The ship on the side was being loaded with various barrels, silks and spices. It sat in the water and was clearly amongst the best on the dockside. The ship was called The Revenge and she seemed to have been stained black and red over the years. The sails were black too but had been patched in places and showed many signs of surviving sea battles.

Paige hated the place she was in. There were huge towering buildings were festering undead creatures worked. She had learnt a few rules of a barman in a tavern called The World’s Edge, it sat on the dockside and was the only place in the city she had not seen one of the elves.

It also seemed to rain a lot, she noted as she wrapped up in her cloak, the Elves, or Velde as the other races called them seemed to be unfettered by this. The Velde were Elves with sharp features, pointed ears and white skin with long black hair. They were all spiteful and anything that was not Velde was made a slave or killed quickly. Their rules were harsh and their punishment more so.

She had heard that any creature that broke the law would be sent to death, if their sentence was imprisonment and they died before their sentence was served then they were brought back by a house of Necromancers and put to work. Some were servants in large foreboding mansions; others magically twisted to be made in to slaves or house guardians of other sorts.

Paige brushed her blond hair from her face and sighed. She was not cut out to stay here and she aimed to be out as soon as possible. She crawled in amongst the large barrels ready to be hauled up on the ship. The younger Velde there were so busy comparing their latest sexual conquests they hadn’t even noticed her.

The ship was loaded and she found the cargo bay to be warm and stocked with dried meat and wine. Things were looking up. She only had to last long enough to get to a port and her chances of getting to a human city would increase.

The warm hold soon sent her to sleep and she wasn’t even aware of how long it had been. What she did wake up to was a violent grabbing of her arm and coming face to face with a pirate!

“What’s this then cap’n?” The grim faced Velde looked at her wide panicked eyes.

“I’d say a stowaway.” Came a voice behind her.

“Want me to run it through and give it to the lads for dinner?” The pirate smiled. Paige found nothing comforting in the smile. “Might make a decent meal for the slaves in the lower holds.”

“I think what I would suggest is putting her in the brig.” The voice said. Paige found the voice strangely soft and musical, which she had never expected before. “I’ll decide what to do with her then. Back to work you idle bastards before I flog your hides and send you to Davy!” He shouted at a gathering group. “I trip over one rope and one of you scurvy scum is being strung from the yard arm!”

Paige whimpered. Whatever he was threatening sounded horrid. She had no idea what the guy planned but the Velde in front of her smiled. He clapped irons on her wrists before pushing her out of the door. She shuddered when she felt him move up behind her. He had an erection and he wasn’t hiding it.


They made slow progress through the ships hold and towards another deck. Up the wooden steps and into a larger area; down through a small corridor and then… she was in a cell of some kind. The Brig, it was a cell within the ships deck and it was filthy. She looked at the corner were someone had been left to die. The lifeless eyes stared accusingly at her and she wondered if she dared to speak up. No better she not complain. The look on the dark elf’s face spoke volumes.

“What’s yer name girly…” The pirate smiled at her again.

“Paige…” She whispered looking around. The elf nodded and headed on his way again. Touching something the captain had ordered as his own was not going to keep him alive all that long.

“Nice young lass.” Said someone in the other cell. “You’re gonna get a running around ‘ere.” The pirate in the brig was another Velde. He had long black hair, green sparkling eyes and looked younger. His face had been cut at some point, a dagger or something ran through his cheek. She gasped as she spoke; the wound had healed leaving a hole that stretched on the side.

“Please I just want to get to the next port. I don’t want to get killed I need to get to land.” She cried at him. “Why are you in here?”

“Me?” The pirate slid forward in the brig, resting his hands over the cage bars and smirking. “Last port we were in I got me a right nice lass.” He looked her up and down. “And took a few liberties.”

“Liberties.” She understood what that meant. He’d raped some poor woman and he’d been caught in the act. “Hang on… why are you locked up though? You’re crew then?”

“The Cap’n don’t agree with us takin’ liberties nor breaking the rules of his ship.” He said. “The Cap’n says that breaking the law is not acceptable when we set foot on land. We’re privateers love and he wants open trade it seems.”

“So he… he won’t just…” She looked confused.

”Nah you’ll be executed maybe but he’s not as bad as the rumours.” He said and leant back again. “Paige huh? It ain’t a name from around here.”

“No I’m from the main Empire.” She said gently and settled away from the corpse in her cell. “What’s your name?”

“Tonio.” He smiled. “They all call me Toni and I’m the slave master. Well I am when I am not in here waiting fer lashes.” He laughed. “Can’t wait. The Purser here I reckon he gets all excited by it, likes treating us rough you know? Twenty lashes and I’ll bet the scurvy riddled bastards about ready to shoot his load.”

Paige had never heard such language. She looked down realising her face was flushing bright red. She wondered how long these sailors spent on their ships. She curled up in the corner and kept to herself. She couldn’t sleep and every time the ship rolled she felt sick.

She was there very late at night; Tonio had passed out and was sprawled on the floor sleeping away like a baby. She couldn’t see in the dark but she could just about make out the shadow of his body. The corpse was starting to smell and she had evacuated her stomach across the floor. There wasn’t a lot in it anyway. She heard footsteps and tried to make herself smaller against the wall.

“Girl?” The voice was harsher than the Captain’s but not as wholly uncouth as the pirate opposite her. Paige looked up and this guy was fairly well built for the standards of the Velde race and he leant to the door of her brig. “Girl I can see in the dark so just move forward to the door.” He said gently.

“Who are you?” She asked nervously shifting across the wooden planks.

“My name is Malius Gravebane, I am the purser of the ship.” She shuddered as he said it, Tonio had made him sound the worst of them all. “The cap’n has asked me to get you some food and water. Do’ya want it?”

“I would but… there’s a corpse in here.” She whispered. “Can I leave this horrid thing? Can’t I see the captain?”

“No yet poppet.” He said looked over to the corpse. “I’ll move that for you.” He pulled some thing from his pocket, a strange little leather thong with an eyeball on the end. “Stand back okay?” He asked her and she moved aside from the door. “Corpus Invigorum.” He said and a white glow came from the eyeball. The corpse moved, shunted upwards and began to walk.

“Oh gods.” She looked at it in fear. She had never seen the undead rise that way. The newly created zombie shuffled towards the door where the purser grabbed it and opening the door he guided it out. It stood blankly staring at the walls. “Oh please don’t turn me to that, anything but that.” She shivered.

“Get the food and drink down you girl.” He said and tucked the strange amulet away. “I have better plans for you.” He smiled and then walked back down the corridor. Paige watched as the corpse shuffled along behind him. Paige reluctantly picked up her food and ate.


She couldn’t say how long she had been asleep, at some point she had managed to get in to a position to rest. It wasn’t a comfortable thing but she woke up to water underneath her. She sat up, a young human, the first one she had seen on the ship, was washing the brig down with a bucket and mop.

“Morning.” He said cheerily as he swabbed and looked to the other open brig. Tonio’s penance must have been paid up… “You ready to head up to the deck? I have to shackle you but all those on board have to watch the lashes and punishment. It’s supposed to remind us to behave.” He said and swung the door closed and opened hers.

She nodded and he put the irons around her wrist. He led her up the stairs and in to the bright sun which made her feel dizzy. She was so used to the dark confines of the ship that she stumbled. Suddenly a handsome dark elf with long black hair and tattoos along his arms in intricate designs caught her. He had piercing blue eyes, pale almost milky coloured skin, he was well toned too and had a small scar on one cheek.

“Are you okay there lass?” He asked her and she nodded. “Good now sit on the capstan and remain quiet.” He told her lifting her up and setting her down. “Lads no one touches her unless she tries to escape.” He said softly. She recognised his voice. It was the captain! Paige looked at him in the light, why did he have to be the leader of the most ruthless of men around?

The Purser, Malius, stood in the centre of a large audience and Tonio was strapped on to a large wooden rack with his back exposed, legs spread and arms spread to keep him in place.

“For the crime of abandoning your station in pursuit of your own gratification with a woman against her will, ten lashes.” Malius stating. “For failure to report to an officer before watch change that night, due to said same woman, ten lashes. Any last words sailor?”

“Yeah,” He smirked, “she ended up being a he.” And the crew laughed. Paige found despite the circumstances that she too smiled a little.

Malius pulled out the cat-o-nine and ran his hand down Tonio’s back with a smile before pulling his arm back and bringing the whip down on to his back as hard as he could. Tonio grunted as the whip came down. The first effort did not break his skin but red welts appeared immediately. The purser knew what he was doing and that much was clear.

When Tonio shouted out after several more lashes Paige felt a strange sensation that it was half pleasure and half pain… The Captain was watching intently and she could see even through the sashes around his waist that there was an erection growing. She looked away blushing but a part of her was mesmerised by the site of the grown men under someone elses control. She imagined if she was there for a moment and if she was being whipped. Would the Captain come to her, run his hands along her and soothe her sobbing with that soft gentle voice? Would he press that erection against her? Would he take her there, helpless?

She shifted on the top of the capstan, a large metal bolt pressed against her mound, she felt ashamed. The cold touch even through her pants made an electrifying arousal run through her. She wasn’t watching punishment now, she was staring at the Captain and wondering if Malius felt the same way. Tonio seemed to be struggling now, the lashes had broken his skin. She saw blood, licked her lips and watched. The crew turned away as it ended.

“Are you all right there little lady?” The Captain asked as the punishment ended. She nodded weakly. “Let’s talk.” He said and set her on her feet. “Follow me.” Paige nodded and walked along, aware of the damp patch in her panties, aware of his body lithely moving in front of her.

They moved through the decks as crew began to set back to work. The Captain’s long black hair moved from side to side as they walked. He was confidant she would follow and follow she did. Paige watched as he opened a large set of wooden doors to an opulently furnished cabin.

“Who are you and what are you doing on my ship?” He asked simply still not turning to meet her. He poured a rum and then turned back to her and waited. Paige tried to find her voice but she was nervous as well. “Are you a mute? Speak girl.”

“My name is Paige, I come from the Empire.” She stammered out in the end. He watched her. “I got attacked on the roadside and my coachman killed. I was taken prisoner but escaped and… and now I am here.” She sighed.

“Well Paige of the Empire who has been caught you are aboard my ship now.” The Captain looked over her. “My name is Captain Trystan Gravebane.”

“Are all the pirates on this ship called Gravebane?” She asked.

“No. Only the highest officers who are also my cousins or relatives. The Gravebane family deal with privateers or necromancy, and by necromancy I mean for the Government. We make the dead the undead for servitude.”

“Gross.” She muttered. “So what are you going to do with me? Kill me?” She asked defeated.

“Is that what you want after going to all this trouble to get free?” He asked cocking his head to one side. “Or would you like to offer me payment for your crossing?”

“Payment?” She looked at him. She didn’t have any money. If she had did he think she’d have taken the risk? “I don’t have any money.”

“I know but you have other… options.” He said his blue eyes sparkling. “Of course we could just throw you overboard?”


His personal slave? To do with as he wished? She looked at him stunned. He wanted her? Her as a slave? Her heart was pounding in her chest. He looked at her hungrily wanting her to say yes. She knew what he meant, it was all going to be for sex and she was scared of just what the dark elves idea of sex was.

“I… I have to get home.” She nodded and looked away. “I just want to get to land.”

“Then we have an accord.” Trystan’s grin widened. “Your first lesson.” He downed the rum he had. “Will be simple.” Trystan slid to the chair at his desk. “Your mouth on my cock, if you do as you are told and suck me gently as I finish my paperwork you can be rewarded with food from the galley.”

Paige nodded as Trystan settled back in the large wooden chair and relaxed with his legs slight open and his quill in hand. He didn’t bother to look at up at her as he grabbed the log and notes from the watch. He planned to transfer the details over as Malius put the crew back to work. Paige nervously looked at him; he was not removing the shackles.

Paige decided that if she had to do this she would at least try and make it worth her while. She got on her knees and slithered under the desk and over to his trousers. Trystan didn’t even look up and she wondered why she was so bothered by it as after all she had nothing else to offer and it wasn’t as though anyone else was involved. He was good looking, he was…


Trystan moved and slid the trousers he was wearing down around his hips. His already excited erection sprang up close to her face. She was surprised by it. He grabbed her hair and pulled her forwards and smiled, not that she could see it. She gasped and he pulled her closer, letting go when she reached the hard muscle. He went back to the logs and she nervously extended her tongue.

After a short while she mustered the courage and slid her mouth around his length and began to suck. He didn’t want her to do anything more than that so when she tried to move a little faster his hand went to her head and stopped her with a yank on her hair. Paige found herself enjoying the gently tugs, the distance he had with his mind on work. She licked up and down, gently kissed or sucked.

Trystan shuffled around a little as he found the aching strain on his muscle difficult to ignore. This was perfect, he mused, and she would be a good thing to have around for the next four weeks at sea. Sat on her hands and knees she closed her eyes, and thought of him naked, wrapping arms around her, lying in a large four poster bed and made her fantasy of him so that she could perform her first duty well enough.

Eventually Trystan moved forwards and pushed her aside as he looked down. She looked up at him slightly worried that she had not done what he wanted. He smiled and looked at her before gently stroking up and down his cock. She watched him, the log finished he wanted nothing more than swift relief from the teasing feel of her hot mouth around him.

Paige watched, as his hand deftly moved up and down. She wanted to be the one to finish the fruits of her labours. Paige shifted forwards and rounded her mouth back over the hard shaft and closed her eyes. Trystan’s hand moved away from his erection and in to her hair. He grabbed a handful and guided her head, pushing up and down, fucking her mouth.

Paige moaned, he filled her mouth and she was a little unused to the idea of sucking and deep-throating a man but she had a desire to see him keep her safe. She needed him to do that. She began to move more urgently around his cock, he let out a deep moan, his hand pulling at her hair. He slammed up with a groan and white sticky fluid soon filled her mouth in spurts. She managed to catch most it without gagging but her mouth felt tired and bruised as he let her hair go and she pulled away.

“Time for breakfast.” He said standing up and correcting his clothes. “Come on.” He said dragging her to her feet. “You’re earned that much at least.”
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