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From a warrior to another

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I wondered if Bevelle actually occupied Gagazet, but I wasn't sure, so I assumed that Bevelle didn't bother since they couldn't be beaten by anyone on Spira at the time. The Praetor of Bevelle is f...

Category: Final Fantasy X-2 - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama - Characters:  Lenne, Shuyin - Warnings: [!!!] [X] - Published: 2005-05-09 - Updated: 2005-05-10 - 1720 words

When he woke up, Shuyin wanted to just go back to sleep. Everything was peaceful then, no nightmares, no worries, and most of all, no prospect of anyone, especially Lenne, dying in the war. He bolted up as soon as he thought of Lenne in the front lines. Taking a deep breath, he stapled his hand to his forehead, berating himself for preferring sleep over saving what mattered most to him. As soon as he got dressed, he grabbed his things, ate a small breakfast, and headed out to the lobby. No one noticed him, and he didn't notice anything except for the atmosphere, which reeked of despair. He didn't blame anyone for feeling that way, but Shuyin had to get out of there, and fast.

Once outside, he leaned against the passenger's side door of his car, looking intently at Mt. Gagazet. It was the highest mountain on all of Spira, and considered by many the most difficult to traverse with its many steep paths and blazing white slopes. People still managed to get through the harsh wind and the freezing sleet, but sometimes, people died anyway, some alone. The thought of that made Shuyin hesitate, not so much out of uncertainty, but out of the 'what if'? What if he were one of the few that would die on that mountain? He'd be buried by the Ronso with nothing but a simple mark, and he would have accomplished nothing. He grit his teeth. Why the fuck was he worrying now? What difference would it make if he were alone of with Lenne? Lenne...even thinking of her name gave him resolve again.

Shuyin twirled the car keys in his gloved hands, wishing that he could just drive through there. If he could do that, he'd get to Bevelle in a matter of hours rather than a full day. Then, he thought of the Calm Lands, especially since once there, he could just rent a car and peel rubber all over Bevelle. He grinned at that thought, and looked back up at the foreboding mountain above.

"If I die, I die..." Shuyin whispered, as he put the keys in his pocket, not wanting to chance someone taking his car, no matter what might happen. He did not look back as he began the long trek up the slopes towards the harsh mountain ahead. Shuyin got through the cave that led to Gagazet with much more ease than he thought. He never even had to draw either of his weapons, as the fiends were nowhere to be found, not within his sight at least. Shuyin figured that fierce battles raging between the two cities must have scared them off. That idea amused him as he walked through the paths of the mountain, jumping when need be, and climbing when he could. When the snow set in, he drew his cloak closer around him.

The sudden warmth comforted him, but it made him think of Lenne and how she used to hold him when he felt cold. He remembered her black hair over his face, and her slender body next to his well muscled one. It hurt like hell when he dwelled on this memory, but it gave him a reason to go on, and go on he did, right in front of a red fiend wolf. Shuyin didn't even blink as he quickly drew his sword and jumped to the side, away from its attack. It turned around, growling at Shuyin, but that was all it could do because Shuyin held his sword up over his head and called for "Force Rain", killing it right when it leapt to attack. Shuyin looked downward, sighing in relief as the bright blue pyreflies reflected in his dark brown eyes. He scanned the area for more fiends, but all he found was a silver item glistening on the snow where the wolf had been. Shuyin got down on one knee and almost reached for the stars when he saw what the item was. A charm bracelet! Yes! Such an item repelled the vast majority of fiends.

"I should be so lucky," Shuyin beamed as he put it on his wrist and walked on, not even tired or hungry.

He didn't stop until the sun was nothing more than a simple crescent on the horizon. Shuyin managed to find one of Gagazet's many caves and camped there for the night. Not having to worry about any fiends, he built a fire large enough to guarantee warmth. He looked out of the cave and a Purple Bomb fiend glaring him at. Shuyin waved to it.

"Hi! Fuck you! You can't come near me!" Shuyin cackled. "Tough!" When the fiend finally left, he sat back against the wall, glad that he could still laugh. He hoped that Lenne was okay, so that once he finally went back to her, they would go back to his or apartment and laugh as though they didn't have a care in the world. They hadn't laughed together since she told him that she was going to the front lines. There were tons of things that they haven't done together in a long time, and he hoped that his dire predictions back in his apartment would be dead fucking wrong.

When he finally fell asleep, he dreamt of her. Her on top of him, her running her hands over his chest, her black hair falling over her shoulders as she quivered. She looked down at him intently, and he could see himself in her black eyes as her pupils dilated each time he thrust inside of her. She felt slick, yet strong as she opened and closed around him, moving herself accordingly, so he could hit the right spot in the right way. His hands carefully cupped around her breasts, his fingers helplessly closing over her nipples. Soon, he grabbed her shoulders and shut his eyes as he spilled himself inside of her. He continued to move inside of her until she threw her head back, quietly cried out, and lied on top of him, as spent as he was.

Shuyin opened his eyes, his arms wrapped around himself, swearing that he could feel Lenne's body close to his, but knowing that it was only him. He shook his head, sighing deeply. /She's not here...she's not here.../. But, it sure felt like she was. Slowly, he got up, feeling a little groggy. He couldn't go back to sleep, especially since he knew that the longer he took, the more likely Lenne would end up dead. He stood up, got his things together and walked to the entrance of the cave. He couldn't see the sun, but he could see the sky and it's bluish tinge as the stars slowly faded away. Shuyin decided that it was light enough as there was no way he was going to sit in a cave and wait for complete daylight.

By the time he reached the front of the Gagazet slopes, it was close to night, and he was close to exhaustion. He thought he could still reach the Calm Lands, but the Ronso thought otherwise. He couldn't even argue. He actually didn't want to as Shuyin was many things, but he was far from stupid. He stayed in a visitor's camp that night and it was close to empty. He thought of the large, cat-like Ronso people and felt for them. The noble race didn't want to choose sides, but when Bevelle pushed, the Ronso went one direction--to Zanarkand. Shuyin couldn't bear to look at the Ronso warrior woman who walked towards him, but he was forced to look when she stood over him.

"You are one of the few who come here," She stated. "Bevelle is rejoicing." She didn't have to ask where he was going.

"I bet they are," Shuyin replied in a low voice. "You'd be too if you are winning a war."

"They want complete victory."

"Complete victory?" Shuyin snorted. "It's not enough for them to just win, is it?" When the warrior woman shook her head, Shuyin chuckled with derision. "I'm sorry."


"Because your people chose the wrong side." It had to have been awful to find yourself and your people fighting for a side that was sure to lose.

"We chose the side that we thought was best. Ronso no like to be told who their allies should be. Nor do we like to be told to choose sides." The Ronso woman answered. "When our Elder chose Zanarkand, we rejoiced. You should have seen look young Praetor's face."

"Heh. I bet it was priceless." Shuyin would have paid to have seen that because while he watched the news, he couldn't even remember the Praetor's name, much less what he looked like. Shuyin had a lot on his mind, so he assumed that it was easy for forget who is who on the enemy side.

"Loralai's face like still lake," The Ronso maiden said, causing Shuyin to jerk up.

Loralai! That was his name! "Loralai..."

"Yes. He showed no emotion. Ronso admire that. He just turn and wal away like someonegoing for walk. But, Ronso knew what he was feeling on inside." The Ronso shook her head, "The war shows extent of his fury." She curled her fist. "But, Laka have no doubt that even in his victory, he will pay dearly for what he has caused."

"Oh yea," Shuyin nodded in agreement.

"From a warrior to another, I know that you no intend to run from your country."

"I'm not a refugee, so no," Shuyin said simply, knowing that he had nothing to lose by telling the Ronso warrior maid of his intentions, but he opted not to tell her everything. "I'm going to Bevelle."

The Ronso looked genuinely shocked, but regained her composure quickly. "There have been people sent to spy on Bevelle, but when they return, there is nothing that they have that could be of help."

"Figures," Shuyin nodded. One thing he knew for certain was that Bevelle was always good at having deep secrets. "I'll do better." The Ronso chuckled.

"Perhaps. Good luck and good night."

Shuyin smiled, "Thanks." When she walked away, he stood up, yawned and went immedietly to bed. This time, He dreamt only of the Calm Lands.
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