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It was New Year's Eve, Meg was tired and she rang in the New Year writing SatDai vampire smut. No, there are no redeeming qualities to this fic. Whatsoever.

Category: D.N.Angel - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica - Characters: Daisuke, Satoshi - Warnings: [?] [X] - Published: 2006-01-02 - Updated: 2006-01-02 - 1203 words - Complete

Satoshi discovers Daisuke is a vampire by pure logic and reason and deductive skill, and also because when someone spends that much time staring at your neck you seriously start to worry about it.

Also there's some sort of inherited, stupid ability from his family that makes his spine itch uncomfortably around vampires, a sense that he should be either killing it dead or hunting with it.

With Daisuke one part of his mind wants to kill him very very dead and the other part is thinking about long incisors sinking into his neck with exquisite care, so sharp you could almost not feel the pain as he drank deep. It's actually messing with his sleep schedule because of all the things to wake up in an embarrassing mess over, a classmate drinking your very life's blood is not something Satoshi really wants to think about.

But that's ok because Satoshi would like to think that despite the part of his brain with the persistent, stupid urge to bare his neck to Niwa and say Drink Me, he's smart enough, trained enough, to know that would be a very bad idea. He's a vampire hunter. What he does is take things like Niwa down.

He doesn't want to.

So it's him and Niwa and it's the full moon, and Satoshi can see Niwa's canine teeth, sharp like needles and just barely showing, long enough that Niwa's having a hard time closing his mouth completely and so his lips are slightly parted like he's trying to get someone to kiss him. Niwa hasn't fed for a long time because Niwa's like that, Niwa's stubborn, Niwa doesn't like to hunt and so he uses the stupid blood iron tablets that don't do anything at all but make the hunger dull.

The really dumb thing is that Satoshi isn't scared.

Niwa's staring at his neck, helplessly, and Satoshi feels a shiver start at the back of his spine, two conflicting instincts fighting each other. But mostly he wants this. He's not scared and he knows that Niwa won't hurt him if he can help it; he knows that like he knows he has to breathe.

"You're hungry, aren't you," he says.

"Please let's not talk about it," says Niwa in a thin unhappy voice.

"You could, you know," he says.

"Yes Hiwatari-kun I am perfectly aware I could kill you and I am trying not to so please could we not talk about it any more ok."

"I don't," he says, and stops and tries to think of a way to say this. "I don't want. I don't want you to hurt."

"Eh?" says Niwa, looking confused and lisping because of his teeth and it /really should not be that cute/.

Satoshi tilts his head, baring his neck. "I'm not scared," he says. And it's the truth.

"Are you sure?"

"When a vampire bites a victim," says Satoshi, his voice clinical and very calm, "the fangs release endorphins, causing a sense of wellbeing and calm, sometimes accompanied by sexual arousal. This allows the vampire to drain the victim without fear of causing the victim to struggle or release fear hormones, which have been known to make vampires fall ill."

Niwa waits and maybe he's a little closer now, maybe not, Satoshi can't tell.

"Sometimes," says Satoshi, trying not to watch Niwa flowing closer but knowing he's coming near because of the way his skin is going electric, tingling and aware, "a victim will be unusually sensitive to a vampire's phermonic signature and will experience some of the effects of the vampire's bite, or kiss, without the vampire's actual attack."

"Hiwatari-kun if you are trying to say you are under the influence of my charisma, I am not going to bite you," said Niwa, quite reasonably, even though his voice was growing deeper as he shifted to his vampire form. Only partly, though, thought Satoshi. He was still in control.

"What I am trying to say, Niwa," said Satoshi, very precisely, "is that I want it."

"I really hope you mean that," says Niwa, and for a second or two his voice is back to his usual light tenor and then the next second he's got one hand wrapped lightly, mindfully around one side of Satoshi's neck and his mouth is brushing lightly against the other side and Satoshi knows that it's to prepare the site of the bite but it feels like Niwa's kissing his neck softly and he closes his eyes. And then Niwa's sinking his teeth into Satoshi's neck and Satoshi wonders, vaguely, what that odd sound is before he realizes that he's moaning softly as Niwa's teeth sink in.

Niwa tries to pull away but Satoshi puts his hand awkwardly around Niwa's head. "No," he says, shivering. "Don't stop."

"Never," promises Niwa, and drinks deep, deeper and deeper until shining bits of darkness well up behind Satoshi's eyes, and he is distantly aware of crying out before he falls into the black waiting for him.

He comes to in a second or a million years or so, with Niwa hanging over him looking terrified but much less hungry. "Are you all right?" says Niwa. "I um. Didn't mean."

Satoshi considers his options for a second and then with his specially bred genetically superior reflexes he kicks Niwa's feet from under him and makes Niwa make a very un-vampirish meeping noise and lands on top of Niwa.

"Um," says Niwa carefully.

"That is not a cross in my pocket," says Satoshi.

"So you are happy to see me?" says Niwa, looking as if he smells something bad.

Satoshi smiles slightly and the next instant he's kissing Niwa, tasting his own blood in Niwa's mouth and feeling the sharp points of Niwa's incisors against his tongue. Niwa is still for a surprised second and then kisses him back, almost desperately, before breaking away. "Don't stop," he says. "Stop. Just. I."

"I know," says Satoshi. He does know.

And it's that knowing that makes him take his time, as much as he can, kissing Niwa softly and then not softly, taking off their clothes carefully, allowing Niwa to lick at the bloodstains on his neck until it's clean again and then sink his teeth deep again, slower now, almost gentle, not hunger but something deeper. Coaxes Niwa away with kisses, turns him over so they're lying with Satoshi against Niwa's back. Rocks against him, slow and gentle, hands wrapped around Niwa's cock, stroking him until Niwa began to make delicious whimpering moans.

And then he bends his head and kisses Niwa in the same place where Niwa bit his neck, a sharp biting kiss, not hard enough to break the skin but hard enough that Niwa stiffens and shudders and makes a thin, high wail as he comes in Satoshi's hand and Satoshi shudders, hard, and white lights explode behind his eyes.

When he comes back to himself, Niwa is sitting up again, one hand placed lightly over Satoshi's heart. He has a serious look on his face, as if the sound of Satoshi's heart is the most important thing in the world.

"Hunt me down," he says, looking at Satoshi earnestly.

"I will," Satoshi says.
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