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A Ride Home

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Much like the first chapter, this is a shot one-shot of what might've been. This time though, it's concerning Mikey.

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Mikey Way was not the most unusual person at our high school. But he wasn’t your run of the mill guy either. He was just sort of there. He was kind of geeky; kind of…well, dorky. Not someone that you really talk to, mostly because he wasn’t really a chatty one himself.

And then there was me. I wasn’t an IT girl, if that’s what you’re thinking. I wasn’t a cheerleader; I wasn’t a teacher’s pet. But I wasn’t just “there” either. I was…well liked. That’s the word. I wasn’t feared, admired, or a trendsetter. But if I ran for school office, I won. And when a teacher had to pick a student to represent the school in a scholastic match, I usually got that too. I always had something to do on the weekends and when dances came around, I was never worried about finding a date.

I was…well, like I said. Well-liked.

Mikey and I were the same age and we went to the same school. He even sat behind me in U.S. Government. But, for some reason, I never talked to him. Not because I’m a snob or anything, just because, well, what would we have talked about? We were completely different. Completely!

But, for some reason, I always, kind of, sort of, noticed him. Like, you know when you’re walking down a hall at school and every day you pass the same person? You don’t even have to know this person’s name, but if they weren’t there one day, you’d definitely notice. It’s weird, and maybe it’s just me. But everyday, without fail, I saw him. It’s not like I was stalking him. And it’s not that I had a crush or anything on him. But everyday, whenever I saw him, I just kind of thought to myself, ‘Hey, there’s that Mikey kid.”

I don’t know, it’s strange.

Anyways, like I was saying…are you still listening? Oh, ok. I was just kind of wondering. I do that sometimes. My friends say I ramble and they can’t help it when they zone out, and I was just wondering if the same thing had happened to you. But you’re listening. Wow, you must really think this is important. Well, it IS important, but at the time it wasn’t.

Anyways…so Mikey and I didn’t run with the same crowd. But that’s what happens in high school. You’re so busy finding yourself; you forget to look for other people. But like I was saying, Mikey and I lived on the same street. I lived on the corner really, and he lived a few houses down. Not that that’s important, but that’s where he lived. Sometimes, I’d see his brother at night, just walking. He wasn’t doing anything wrong, but he was a strange one alright. Daddy didn’t like him too much, I remember that. But one day my car broke down, this happened Senior year, and since my house wasn’t too far, I just decided to walk. I mean, it was kind of a bitch, it was as warm as it can get in Jersey, which really, is too warm for me. I’m a creature of the winter you could say. But anyways, I was…maybe, two blocks away? No, it was closer to three. And this old, beat up car pulled right along side me.

Now, you gotta remember, this is JERSEY. This is a fucking scary place to live. I don’t know this car, and I’m really starting to rethink my whole idea of just walking home. And then I realize, it’s Mikey Way.

What I think tipped me off, was his glasses. He wore them so strangely. At the tip of his nose, as far down as they could go, he kept on having to push them up so they wouldn’t fall off. I suppose he thought it was cool or whatever.

But anyways, he pulled up and rolled down his window and offered me a ride. Just like that. It surprised me. I don’t think I’d ever actually heard him talk unless a teacher had asked him a question, but here he was, offering a ride.

So I jumped in. And he drove me home. It was a weird car too. He had action figures in it. It was almost cute. I remember that I pointed out my house but he only nodded and said,

“I know where you live.”

So maybe he noticed me everyday too. I don’t know, I never asked. So Mikey Way took me home and after that, we kind of talked. A little. It’s not like we could’ve been BFF or anything.

But he talked to me.

And now he’s famous. Isn’t that cool? A famous bass player drove me home.

Well, I think it’s cool. Is that what you meant by background information? Because, really, that’s the only story I have to tell about any of the guys in My Chemical Romance. Just my little story about Mikey. I heard he’s married now. Isn’t that nice…?

I wish we had been better friends.
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