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Erik and Cecile talk, and Kris goes into town to figure out who this girl is.

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Erik came back with a few things for me to try on. "There is a room down that other hallway to your right that is currently vacant, those are all the dresses i have that aren't hoop skirts" I thanked him and walked down that hall. It felt weird undressing anywhere else other than my own bedroom, so i made sure that the door was locked three times before i did so. i picked up the first one on top and put it on. it was similar to the one i just had on, it just had a higher neckline and it was a deep shade of purple. it seemed to fit comfortably and i had finally stopped shivering, so i hung your dress on the lone chair in the room and walked back out. i saw Erik at a desk writing something, and he turned around when i came out into the clearing.
"Excellent, i bet that is better. Now that Kris has left i think it's time that you know some things i think your mother has left out" he offered a chair next to him. i slowly walked over and took it. i looked up at him, seeing his clever eyes finishing a bar on a music sheet, then finally looking up at me. "Now, i'm sure you're aware of my mother's illness?"
"Yes, she tells me daily she will get better, but she seems to be getting worse" Erik sighed.
"I hate to be the one to tell you this, seeing we just met barely fifteen minutes ago, but i figured you would eventually find out, and better me than most people" He sighed. Pain showed in his eyes, and i wasn't sure what that was to mean. "Your mother isn't going to get better" Your heart sank with those words, almost not believing them. "She sent you with the letter because she knows how much you love music, and how much your father hates it. She wants me to look after you, and keep you away from your father to keep you happy" he kept emotion from his face, but in his eyes he was weaping silently as i felt a tear slowly slide down my face. This wasn't real, this wasn't happening, my mother wasn't dying. "Now relax a moment, your mother may also decide to come down here to finish her final days. She is just as miserable there as you are, and that man-" he coughed. "Sorry, your father, is keeping you two from happiness. For your own safety i suggest you stay here, by now your father may have started a search for you, considering you've been gone this long." "My father won't care until he needs me to go to a party of his" I mumbled under my breath. He smirked with me. "He always seemed that type of person" we both laughed for a second, then we both came back into the reality of the situation. My mother was dying, and if i wanted to be happy i couldn't even say goodbye.


When i made it to the markets i casually asked around about this new girl, pretending i saw her yesturday somewhere and i was merely curious about her. Not a soul even recognized her name. I figured that her family must be either rich, or they live farther away then i had thought. Then i saw a poster against a street lamp that caught my eye, it was a drawing of her. "Missing yesturday. If found please contact at this address" and the place was not far. Why would her mom send her, but then put up a missing flyer. the signature at the bottom was a man's, and i assumed it was the father. The father must not know what's going on. I walked back home with the supplies to find Erik at his desk.
"Cecile is in the spare room at the moment, she's a little upset, so don't disturb her for a while"
"What's wrong with her?" i asked, trying not to sound as concerned as i was.
"I told her her mother was dying, and her father was threatening to take her to Germany once she dies" I finally understood the missing poster. I told Erik about them. "I'm not surprised, that poor girl..." He trailed off, and he continued to scribble things down. I handed him the new parchment that i had just gotten, and i stored the food in a nearby cabinet. I then sat down at a nearby table and sighed. When Erik was writing he didn't like to be disturbed, so at this point i was bored.
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