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Personal Space

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HiruMamo lessthan 500 word drabble about Hiruma's issue with invading other people's 'bubble'... especially his manager's.

Category: Eyeshield 21 - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Hiruma,Mamori,Sena - Published: 2007-09-28 - Updated: 2007-09-29 - 433 words - Complete

It is a well known fact that Hiruma Yoichi has problems with personal space. Sena saw it when Mamori had saved him from Hiruma on the day that he found out he had been accepted into Deimon. Sena had also noticed it a few more times as well and had asked Mamori about it once.

"Well, for a normal person there is one main reason for the invasion of another's personal bubble." She emphasized 'normal' in an exasperated tone, she'd just gotten done having another fight with Hiruma over him. "Mostly it's familiarity, but sometimes it's used for intimidation... for the not so normal people." Here she had shot Hiruma a glance where he was 'obliviously' typing on his laptop across the club.

"Like... with Hiruma it's intimidation and with my mom it's familiarity?" Sena had asked. Mamori had nodded with a smile, then changed in a split second to 'Protect Sena Mode,' making him flinch.

"Has he been picking on you aga-" She was cut off when Sena had stood quickly from his place at one of the roulette tables in the club and run out with a short goodbye and an excuse that he had to buy some things on the way home...

He had found out as soon as he got home that he had left his school bag at the club. Along with his five-page essay on how Plate Tectonics effect the ecosystems, two pages were unfinished and it was due tomorrow. Sena raced back to the club and was about to open the door when he heard a sound from inside. Leaning closer, he peered through a crack in the door. What he saw was an invasion of personal space. Hiruma was kissing Mamori.

"So, I have a problem with personal space?" Hiruma asked Mamori, breaking it and leaning his arm against the wall that she was backed up to. She flushed and nodded, her hand straying to her lips. "Intimidating enough?"

"... n-not really." Her face was turning an interesting shade of red. Sena watched in horror as Hiruma leaned in again and stopped just shy of her lips.

"That's a shame." He muttered and straightened, walking to the change counter and tucking his laptop under his arm. He paused when he got the roulette table that Sena and Mamori had been sitting at earlier and bent down to pick up a school bag, Sena's school bag. "Che, you might want to finish that essay, fucking shrimp." Hiruma said as he slid the club door completely open and tossed Sena his school bag as he walked out.
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