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An Echo From the Chorus

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Eggman, pre-SA2, gets a sudden burst of insight on his grandfather's predicament. Inspired by "Call the Ships to Port" by Covenant. Rated for a swear, and thematic darkness. SEVERE SA2 and Shadow s...

Category: Sonic the Hedgehog - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Fantasy, Horror - Characters: Dr. Robotnik - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2006-01-02 - Updated: 2006-01-03 - 608 words

He typed furiously, trying to get it all down before it left him. It was not often that he had these flashes of inspiration... It had been what, a few years now? Not since the death egg had it all come together so clearly, so cleanly, what had to be done. But that had been nothing to this. Eggman suddenly found himself drowning in a world of understanding that he had never dreamed could exist, all at the words of an old techno song that had been in his grandparents' collection.

He typed away, trying to put together all the pieces that came to him. The word's in grandfather's diary about the ultimate life form and the cannon... his grandmother's warnings about the comet... those strange ruins near the floating island's likely point of origin, dated to be 2000 years old... Chaos and Tikal...

Obviously the cannon could destroy an object that size, but what if it were turned on the earth? It would cause untold destruction.. and what of this ultimate lifeform. GUN's reports indicated that it wasn't entirely terrestrial...

He didn't understand what it all meant... he couldn't hope to. These flashes came and went without his understanding or consent. But he had to write down what little he could... He had to preserve it, so he could use it to finally get that hedgehog...

But this was far beyond that hedgehog.

As the words raced over the screen, and the song played in the background, he closed his eyes, trying to see the secrets written in the chords... Echoes of the past whispered under the bass, through his mind, snippets of conversations overheard in his miserable childhood. It all came together. None of these events were unrelated, none were unconnected, but all were sacred.

Sacred. The chaos emeralds were sacred.

So was he. The hedgehog. That's why he could use them.

But this creature that Gerald created... would it be sacred too?

He took a quick drink of water with one hand as his other spasmed over the board, putting down words at a rate that alarmed the pawn behind him. He had to hang onto the revelation, the understanding, until he could get it all down. Until he had everything he needed. So he could act, do. Robotniks were doers, they do not sit idly by and watch the world...

Watch the world what?

He restarted the song, closing his eyes, feeling for the truths in the rhythm. The creatures were going to invade when they came near enough... but why? What could Earth have that they would want? Did it matter? What mattered was stopping them, protecting the earth. Someone wants that... someone wanted that... a chance... for them to be happy.

He wanted that. She...

The answer was in him. The Hedgehog. Something in him had the power... not directly, no, not directly, the aliens would be prepared for that. But something else. Perhaps the effect he had on others, that way he had of turning them into heroes without even meaning to. Would he do that to the one?

The one? What the hell is this, he thought, the Matrix?

Controlling humans... manipulating them... Only those freed from the system...

Of course! That was the answer... Those free from the grid. Those outside of the system, not a part of society... A scientist and a hedgehog... and a dying little girl. In them lay the secrets of the universe...


And as quickly as it came the flash was gone, and all the doctor had was a page of rambling.

"My grandfather's creation... of course. Now which base is it housed in?"
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