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The Showcase Scene

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Summerlin Has Never Been This Sweeter. THIS IS JUST A TASTER! First real chapter up soon :)

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A.N - This is a taster of my new story.
Please tell me what you think, and then i may carry it on :)

The pretty girl ghosted her slender fingers over the boxes built like a tower, and judged whether any of them would cause her strain or harm. The Vegas sun trickled golden rivers down the brunette hair framing the beautiful face of the girl, and the strobe lights of downtown buzzed slowly to a composed existence as the sky said farewell to the evening. Everything seemed silent, elderly buses had previously strolled across the streets of neat residents an hour ago, and even the talk of the offices or streets were settled to a tidy daze. Five days of emotion had been held, and Saturday dawned after night, beginning a new start for the girl. A fresh story for the town.
Moving had revolved her whole day, the girl’s mother out investigating her job, leaving her able daughter to attend to the unpacking. The girl liked the new house, and the new neighbourhood. Everything was so different from California; even the sun had a tan more pure and realistic than the city of angels, the city of style. The Christmas before, was spent investigating the family’s new support of a school, a respectable building fitted half a mile away from the girl’s new home. The headmistress told of how most of the teenagers of Summerlin attended Desert Steps High School, and that the results were amazing for the girl to adopt. Even the neighbour across her road, a friendly women in her fifties told the girl’s mother that her son attended there, and enjoyed every aspect of the school year.
Yes, life seemed straight forward from there, the girl pondered as she lifted a light box containing paperback novels of romance. Steadying herself against the truck, the girl stood up to her full smooth posture, and strolled through the front door of her new surroundings.
As the girl roamed round her house, investigating the sweet smelling halls and rooms of previous presence, two opaque figures emerged through the blistered air at the end of the street.
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