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Would you be my girlfriend?

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It all started with Kaoru asking Kenshin out.

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Would you be my girlfriend?

“What?” A red head with the butt of his pencil in his mouth stared at the raven-haired girl who had the most gorgeous, blue eyes ever.

She coughed and pushed her curly hair behind her ears. Her mouth curled into a smile. She was a senior at Seneca high and took a double period AP physics. It was an afternoon class. It was hard. She was shy at first at approaching the smartest boy in school to ask for help. Not only was he smart but he was also very popular around the school. Many girls threw themselves at him. Kenshin Himura made all men think twice of competing with him over a girl. She licked her lower lip hoping that she wasn’t blushing. His violet eyes watched her. One thing, when he gave you his attention it was as if he cared about you. “I don’t get number two…”

He dropped his gaze to the open book. Kaoru was the most beautiful girl ever but he had never tried any move on her. She was a chocolate candy. Chocolate candies were sweet and soft. He didn’t mess around with chocolate candy. The kinds of girls that he went out with were hard candy, sweet and hard to chew. When he said hard to chew, he meant bitchy. Bad girls attracted him more than good-tissues like Kaoru. “Number two?” he repeated and flipped the page of the textbook to the right page. “A net external non-conservative force does positive work on a particle, and both kinetic and potential energies change. What, if anything, can you conclude about (a) the change in the particle’s total energy and (b) the individual changes in the kinetic and potential energies? Justify your answer.”

“Kenshin, what did you get on number eight?” a student interrupted talking from the back of the classroom.

Kenshin ignored the person. “Do you remember the roller coaster lab we did?”

She nodded her head standing in front of his desk.

“Remember the total energy was the same through out the ride because of the increasing kinetic energy and the decreasing potential energy. But, at each post the roller coaster ride went to, potential energy added with the kinetic energy equaled the same total energy. Part b is just plainly that as the potential energy decreases, the kinetic energy increases… mainly that as an object goes down its height decreases. You do remember that potential energy depends on height.”

“Kenshin, what’s up?” another student said.

Kaoru bowed, Japanese tradition, thanking him silently and walked away. She blushed. The answer had been so obvious. Wow, now he might be thinking that I’m stupid. She went to her seat and sat down. It was located by the window in the last row in front of the teacher’s desk. She remembered about the homecoming dance that was next week and her face reddened more. She wanted to go and she wanted only one person to take her. Kenshin Himura. This was her last year in high school and she wanted it to memorable. She looked behind her to see him chatting with the other six students. It was only eight students in this class. She saw Kenshin laugh and lift his legs on top of his desk moving his textbook and notebook to his lap. He was facing forward while he talked to his friends that sat in the back of the room.

Kenshin’s laugh died down. He could feel eyes on him and those eyes were coming from in front of him. His eyes looked up. It wasn’t the teacher because the man was busy on his computer posting their grades up. He had told them to start on their homework that was due tomorrow while he posted their grades on edline. That only left Kaoru. She was the only one that sat in the front seats. He caught her eyes and smirked when she quickly looked away blushing. Kenshin man, leave her alone. She isn’t your type.

She stood up finding her courage. It was now or never.

He saw her come to his desk again.

She rested her palm on his desk. You can do this Kaoru. “Kenshin, um, are you going to um homecoming dance?”

He shrugged his shoulders. Actually, many girls had asked him already but he had turned their offers down. For crying out loud, most already had boyfriends and besides, he didn’t want to go this year. “I want to but I don’t have a date yet,” he told Kaoru. W-what? Why the hell did he just say that? He didn’t want to go to the homecoming dance there!

“Okay,” she crossed her arms over her chest. “I want you to take me…” She dropped her gaze looking at the textile of his desk. Say yes, please say yes, please.


Kenshin shot rocks into a river clad in blue jeans and a white shirt that hugged his upper body. His cell phone rang causing him to look down at where his pockets were. His hand lowered into his jeans’ pocket and pulled out his phone.

“Hello,” he said after he placed it on his ear.

“Honey, it’s me…” It was Tomoe. They used to go out in his junior year but he dumped her for obvious reasons. She constantly cheated on him.

“What do you want?” he asked her. They were still friends unfortunately. She was the one that thought that they were still friends. He just played along.

“Do you have any questions that you would want me to answer?” She was beating around the bush. And he had a feeling that it had something to do with the homecoming dance.

“Why, should I?” He wasn’t going to make this easy for her. If she wanted to ask him to take her out to the homecoming dance, she might as well do and then he would turn her down of course. He had a date already for that dance.

“Because honey homecoming is next week and I don’t have a date,” she explained.

He rolled his eyes. “So?”

She growled on the other side of the phone.

Kenshin saw ducks floating on the river. His hand wandered to the back pocket of his jeans.

“Kenshin, don’t act stupid with me. You are going to take me to homecoming dance because you are the hottest man in school and because I want to be the queen in this homecoming dance also.” She sighed at the end of her sentences.

He rolled his eyes once again. “I have a date for the dance Tomoe.”

“Ex-excuse me, wait Kenny I think the fan that is on is making me hear things.” She hummed.

He looked at the sky, the sun glared back at him making him direct his gaze away from the sky.

“So Kenny what did you say because I heard like you said that you have a date for homecoming already?” He heard her tapping her fingernails on the desk. She was nervous when she did that action.

“Yes I did.”


“Tomoe calm down-”

“How can I calm down? You have to be kidding. Kenny, stop playing with me.”

“I’m taking her Tomoe.”

“Who is she?”

“Her name is Kaoru Kamiya.”

“UGH! In all people, her! She is Mary Sue. What would you want to do with a girl like that?”

“I don’t care. I’m still taking her.”

“I know you are kidding. I will call you later when you have come to your senses.” She hung up.

He chuckled and sucked his saliva from his teeth.


“Kenshin thank you for taking me out.” She turned to face him once they had reached her doorsteps. She couldn’t wait until she got into her house and cried until her eyes bled. “I had a wonderful time.”

He nodded his head shoving his hands into his pockets. “I uh, I’m sorry about Tomoe. She could be a bitch sometimes.”

“That’s okay…” she avoided his eyes. They looked at the ground that she couldn’t make out quite very well. “I’m used to people talking down to me. I will live.” She chuckled harshly. “I really have to go inside.”

“Okay… You know if you ever want to go out again?” Kenshin started and stopped when she gave him her back. He had never felt bad in his life as he felt right now. She hadn’t deserved the treatment Tomoe had given her. Tomoe had just been jealous because he had turned her down for Kaoru.

“Kenshin I don’t need your pity, okay? I’m just going to go inside and do my homework NOW! I will see you tomorrow in class.” She started walking taking her time. He heard her sniffle twice and then he knew that she was crying.


“I’m fine.” She reached the door and fumbled in her purse for her key.

“Are you sure that you are going to be okay?” he asked her. His feet couldn’t move from the parking lot. He couldn’t leave her in such distress. If this had been any other girl, he would be in his car right now. This was Kaoru and for some reason, he felt that he was the one supposed to protect her. Ugh, he couldn’t explain it very well.

“I’m if ONLY I COULD FIND MY KEY. Ugh!” She stamped her foot on her veranda while fumbling through her purse.

He lightly jogged up her steps to where she was. “Let me help you find it for you.”

“No, I got this.” Tears were dripping from her chin. He followed the trail of one that fell on her pale wrist.

She wiped her face with her hands before she went back to searching for her key.

“Look, I didn’t give you the best homecoming ever, I’m sorry for disappointing you. Listen to this though. I had the best time ever. No girl-” Her dry laughter stopped him from continuing with a frown.

“I found my key,” she said and pushed it into the keyhole opening her door. She reached her hand inside and flipped on the lights. “I will see you tomorrow Kenshin.”

Kenshin felt so frustrated. She thought that he was lying to her. Why did that anger him, he didn’t know her for crying out loud? And she didn’t know him well enough to judge him. “Goodnight,” he mumbled to her looking at the moon in the sky.

“Yeah,” she said back and went in shutting the door behind her.


Kaoru walked down the hallway of the school still with her dignity. She didn’t bow her head hiding her face from anyone. NO, she was Kaoru and no one stole Kaoru’s dignity. Tomoe had yesterday yelled at her and accused her for spreading rumors about her in front of almost the whole school. Kaoru had had no idea what the girl was talking about. She had never even said a word about Tomoe to anyone. Kenshin had stepped in and told Tomoe to shut up, which she did of course and walked off huffing as a little child refused from eating candy.

It was lunchtime. Students stood in the corners of the school chatting so loudly. A few gave her their attention.

“Hey Kaoru, don’t worry about Tomoe. She is a bitch.”

Kaoru craned her neck to see Sano with his arm around Megumi’s shoulders. She smiled at him. “Yeah?” She was never really close to the two but she did hang out with them on her first day in high school. Rest of the years here she had just been busy shooting for straight A’s leaving herself no time for making friends.

Megumi laughed. “Kenshin was so mad. He shouted at her that she cried a bucket of tears. He rarely yelled at anyone unless if it concerned someone that he really cared about.”

Sano winked at her before the two walked away mumbling to each other.

Kenshin cared about her. Kaoru doubted that. He probably pitied her that she had a huge crush on him that he didn’t return. She shrugged her shoulders and decided to go to her class.

“Hey Kaoru,” a unison of her peers said to her smiling.

She waved at them having no idea who they were. What was going on? Seneca high was never this friendly. She had to have a word with Kenshin. This had gone a little too far! She liked fighting her own battles. Well, she would go and tell him where to shove his pity!

She knew where he hung out mostly. At lunchtime, he hung out at the roof with his friends goofing off. Kaoru first saw Kenshin in this school in her junior year. It always made her wonder how a new student managed to become popular just in a day. Then again, Kenshin was easygoing and very friendly. He made friends with just snapping his fingers. His looks too might have helped him to his status.

She reached the roof to find the boys throwing a football to each other while insulting each other.

They stopped at seeing her and whistled checking her out.

Kenshin slapped his friends’ heads and ran to her.

She held her breath at seeing how intense his eyes were.

He decreased his speed once he was near her. “Hey,” he greeted her panting silently. He jogged around her and went in her vision of his friends.

She opened her mouth lowering her eyes to his chest. It was shining with sweat. Don’t go lower. Her eyes traveled down anyway to his stomach. A blush colored her face. She could imagine herself running her hands over his six abs that his shirt outlined very well. The sweat had made his clothes wet. She looked up into his eyes to catch his smirk.

“Like what you see?” he asked her.

She blushed even more. Why was she here again? Her anger came back remembering why. “Kenshin, I don’t need pity from anyone. I won’t take it. If you pity me, I advice you to shove it in your ass. I don’t need it and please stop smiling because I’m serious.”

He smiled even more making himself look even more irresistible.

“Okay, I’m done now. I will see you in class.” She started to turn around until his hand rested on her shoulder. Her eyes widened. Her heart started pumping blood faster than it usually did.

“Kaoru I’m sorry but I wasn’t offering pity to you. I just did what I did because I care for you. I don’t know yet why but when I find out I will tell you. But to do that I have to know you first and to do that…” he trailed off.

This was… this was unbelievable.

“Would you be my girlfriend?”

She didn’t even reply but turned around squealing and hugged him.

“I guess that’s a yes,” he mumbled to himself wrapping his arms around her.

“Kenshin come here and introduce your girlfriend to us!”

“Yeah man!”

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