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Ghosts and Secrets

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A short (very short) story. Just something I sort of wanted to right down. 9th Doctor.

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Disclaimer: The Doctor, TARDIS and Rose Tyler, etc. etc. do not belong to me. They belong to the BBC. I make no claim to own them.

There was a rare quiet moment on the TARDIS. Rose was resting, exhausted from her latest adventure with the Doctor. The Doctor took this time to do some check ups, to make sure the TARDIS was working properly, that there were no loose wires, and all such things. That's when he heard it, a faint humming sound, but not the normal electrical hum that often emmited from the TARDIS.

"Rose?" The Doctor calls out, peering around for Rose, but what he found instead was... how to describe it? He himself couldn't think of words for it. Amazing, beautiful, mesmerizing. It was a shape, like a woman but made seemingly of light, electricity, essences. And She was humming. A name spilled from the Doctor's mouth, a name he had not said in a very long time. He recognized those features, as if he had seen them in flesh just moments before. A long, oval face, olive shaped eyes that stood above an angular, but not protruding nose that led to soft, silken lips. Though these were hard to discern in her face. What was she doing here? How could she even be here? And then she laughed. He just continued to stare at her, as she glided over to him, becoming more solid as she stood in front of him. Now she was not just light and electricity, but a glowing mass of unformed flesh that was there and yet not there. Her name slipped out in a raspy mess of a sound. She reaches out to him, and his hand met hers.

It was cold. He frowned, furrowing his brow as he asked himself the inevitable question- Why? She was humming again, and as The Doctor listened he realized he'd heard this song before. Many times, but he'd never paid any attention to it... And now this was probably the last time he'd ever hear it. Her voice echoed unnaturally as she hummed the tune, getting softer and softer as she faded away. He tried to hold on to her, tried to keep here there. He had so many questions. Where had she come from? Why was she here? Why now, why after all this time?! Suddenly he was angry, but he still couldn't keep her there.

"Doctor?" It was Rose, of course. He blinked at her, then responded.

"Where to next?" And that was it, life moved on.
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