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Chapter One

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High school with a twist. She's English in an American school.

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Stop. Rewind. Replay.

Chapter One

“I’m so freaking bored.”

Story of my life, that is. Well, my story so far. It’s quite a short story, being only sixteen years long and most of that time was taken up in England. But this is my story anyway. Yeah, I’m telling you my story. What?! I said I was bored.

So from the age of zero till I was fourteen I live in the U.K. It was cool. Bit of a scummy area but hey, nothing’s perfect. I had friends. Actually I had lots of friends, because I belonged to lots of clubs. I went swimming, I did gymnastics, I did various dance. Oh and school. But the year I was due to start my G.C.S.Es, my parents decided to move to America. Don’t know why, but they did. So. I ended up living Belleville, New Jersey, the U.S.A. No friends, no school and no idea that suddenly my life was going to be very different. Obviously I knew that it was going to be slightly different, but I never realised how much.

“Mom, I’m not five and I don’t know anyone. So please tell how exactly I’m gonna ‘play outside’!” The girl looked at her mom, as her mother tried to unpack one of many cardboard boxes.
“Well, go meet people,” was the exasperated reply. She looked up with tired eyes. “Look honey, we’re living here now. You’ve got to get to know people.”
The girl sighed. “Fine. But Mom? Just remember, it wasn’t my idea to move here.”

That was the day that I met Emily. Emily with the perfect life, the perfect hair, the perfect clothes. Oh and don’t forget the perfect reputation. I guess I was in awe of her, because she seemed so together. But then again, any person who hadn’t just moved across continents would have seemed together to me.

The girl had just left the house when another girl came out from the house that was next door. She was beautiful, with high cheekbones and a cherub mouth. She had wide brown eyes and flaming red hair.
“Hi!” She called. “I’m Emily. You just moved in next door?”
The other girl nodded, her mouth slowly moving into something that resembled a smile. “I’m Joanna.”
“Cool name,” was the beautiful girl’s reply. “Can I call you Jo? Good.” She finished without even waiting for a response. “So how old are you?”
“Uh, fourteen. You?” Joanna asked, so glad to be talking to someone that she didn’t point out that she hated to be called Jo. She preferred Anna.
Emily beamed. “Me too. So,” she began as she walked so she was standing opposite Joanna, separated only by the wooden fence that showed the boundary of their two houses. “What school are you going to be going to?”
“Bellville High. Not sure where it is. I know it’s here somewhere though.” She laughed nervously.
“Oh that’s awesome. We go there,” Emily replied.”
“We?” Joanna asked nervously.
“Me and my friends. You’ve got to meet them. Oh, wait, we’re going to the mall, like, now, so you could come if you want.”
Joanna looked down at herself. She was wearing some of her old clothes because her others were still in a cardboard box somewhere. Old clothes involved denim dungarees, a neon pink T-shirt and trainers that were so battered they were more hole than trainer. “Uh…I guess.”
“Great. You’ll love them. Do you wanna grab anything before we go?”
“Yeah. Just one sec.” Joanna turned back to the house, going to ask her mom for money. She figured she could guilt trip her mom.
“Oh Jo! I meant to say. Cute accent.” Joanna turned to see Emily’s innocent grin.

So that was how I met Mia, Trina, Sally, Kelly, Eva, Margaret, Matt, David, Ryan, Joe, Graham, Forrest and Bobby. The boys were the current boyfriends of the girls. Emily and I met the other girls outside the place that they called a mall and I called a shopping centre. The boys we bumped into inside. Not all at once but by 4 o clock there were fifteen of us.
Mia was a sweet brunette from an Asian family; Trina was impossibly pretty with large blue eyes; Sally was a typical English rose even if she was American; Kelly was a bubbly blonde; Eva had jet black hair, brown eyes and a welcoming personality and Margaret had honey coloured locks and teeth so white they were dazzling. They, including Emily, were all about 5’ 7” and seemed elegantly thin.

“Oh my god! This top would be so perfect on you Jo!” Kelly squealed excitedly, holding up a deep red dress-top. Joanna smiled. The group of girls had been really friendly and were showing her around their second home: the mall. “What size are you?”
“Um, fourteen,” Joanna replied as she walked over to where Kelly stood.
“You can’t be. There’s no way you’re a fourteen.”
“She’s English,” Emily called over helpfully from the accessories. Joanna just stared at Emily.
“You say it like it’s a bad thing!” she retorted.
“Our dress sizes are different!” Emily frowned.
Joanna bit her lip. “Sorry,” she said quietly.
“Right, so,” Kelly interrupted, obviously changing the subject. “I’d say you were a ten twelve.”
Joanna smiled hesitantly. “Ten twelve it is then.”


It was a relief making friends with those girls. They seemed nice enough, and I’d been dreading starting school with no friends. That would have been horrendous. Seriously.
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