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St. Paul's St. Valentine's Day

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Today is St. Valentine's Day and Paul has a few things planned that Joel wants to remember.

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Joel smiled softly as he sat down at the desk he had in his Writing Room; which was dubbed as such since it was where he sat when he wrote lyrics, poems, letters, or wrote in his journal. Tonight was one of the nights he would write in his journal, needing to write down the events of the day so he could keep them forever. Today was one of the most memorable days of his life and he wanted to save it, even if only on paper. This way, when he was old, dying, and had more gray than a stormy sky, even if he wasn't with his lover anymore at that point in time, he wanted to remember the joy of today. He wished that he could etch the day into stone, or, go back in time and video tape it, anything to keep it.

He grabbed a pen from his pen holder and took out his journal from its spot, hidden under the false bottom of a locked drawer. He opened the leather book, turning to the first clean page he could find, and put the pen to the paper, trying to decide where, in the great day he had with his lover, to start.

Today is February the fourteenth, also known as St. Valentine's Day, and the year is two-thousand and seven. I wouldn't normally go this far in to detail about what day or year it is, just a quick scribble, but what I'm about to write, is very dear to me, very important for me to remember for the rest of my life.

For the past four months I have been happily taken by my best friend, and my band mate, of years. These past four months have been amazing in every way possible, and it really is the best relationship I have had for a while, which makes me hope it will last for years to come...

Joel paused in his writing to take a sip of the coffee he had brought in with him, enjoying the warm feeling it left as it went down to his stomach, warming him from the inside in the slightly cold house. He smiled at the feeling of Paul's lips on his own, even though the younger male was fast asleep on Joel's bed. He looked at his words on the paper and smiled as more as he put the pen to the paper to continue writing his newest, and what would end up being his most cherished entry.

/I haven't really had a good Valentine's Day before, and I want to always remember this one. Paul didn't have to try hard to make it a good day, because everything just flowed, as if it was meant to happen the way it did./

As he continued to write in his entry, everything went through his head with the words, playing the day over in his head.

- - - - -

Paul smiled as he looked at the sleeping figure of his boyfriend of four months, so far, and chuckled at the messy appearance of the tangled sheets and ruffled hair that stuck up in odd angles. He put his hand on his shoulder, gently shaking the older male. "Joel babe, wake up," he whispered. "Come on."

Joel groaned as he shrugged Paul's hand off and turned onto his other side, curling into a fetal position with his crack showing slightly above his boxers. He mumbled something incoherent, which made Paul chuckle softly.

"Joel, I need you to get up a grab a shower for me, okay babe?" Paul said softly by Joel's ear and kissed his boyfriend's cheek. "And no, not five more minutes... I have a shower running to warm up for you already."

Joel turned his head slowly and, with an eye that was partially open, looked at Paul after looking out the window in his room. "Why, the Hell, are you waking me up when it isn't even day light out?" He asked with his scratchy morning voice.

Paul smiled as Joel slowly turned over and sat up, giving his groin a small scratch. "Because we have to go meet up with Benji real quick babe," he said softly as Joel rose to his feet and pulled up his boxers. "So go take your shower and I'll get you some warm clothes ready. I wouldn't have woken you, but he said it was important."

Joel sighed and walked slowly to the bathroom, where the shower Paul said would be waiting for him, was indeed running with a slight bit of steam; just the way he liked it. He removed his boxers and stepped under the heated spray of water, groaning softly as his body began to get woken up by the water. "I'm going to kill Benji," he muttered as he started washing his hair, enjoying the small massage he was giving himself as he got the shampoo to suds up. "Why couldn't he wait until the afternoon to call me and Paul?"

When he was done with his shower, he turned off the water and stepped onto the rug that he kept outside of his shower. Grabbing the closest towel, he dried off and wrapped it around his waist before he walked out into the bedroom to see a set of clothes laid out with a note on top of them. He picked up the piece of paper and blinked a few times before he looked at Paul's chicken scratch called hand-writing.

Joel, I left so you could get dressed in privacy, I'm down in the car warming it up and possibly scraping ice off the window. No going back to bed. I hope I picked out a good outfit for you, and if not, then grab whatever. :) - Paul

Joel smiled slightly as he looked at the Dickies, the Social Distortion T-Shirt, and the thick jacket that was off to the side, and then gave his nod of approval and began to get dressed in the outfit Paul laid out. He yawned so wide that he was sure his face was going to split in half, and left the room, grumbling under his breath about the cold.

As soon as he walked outside his home, he was hit by a blast of cold wind that made him think about high-tailing it back inside, but when he saw Paul sitting in the car, not shivering, he put two and two together. Cold, plus Paul in car not shivering, equals... WARMTH! He locked the door and bolted to the car, almost slipping a few times, and slammed the door shut. He moaned as he melted against the heated car seat and enjoyed the heat that was blowing on him from the vents.

Paul chuckled softly and backed the car out of the driveway, driving in the direction of Benji's home. "Is it warm enough or do you need me to turn up the heat a little more?" He asked, looking at Joel, who had his head lying on the window.

"A little more for a few minutes," he mumbled softly before he dozed off for the ride.

- - - - -

Joel set his pen down and yawned as he leaned back in his chair, stretching his arms out behind him. He looked at the clock, which read twelve-thirty-seven, and yawned again before he sat up straight and took a long, slow sip of his coffee. He yawned again as he shook his hand to ease some of the writer's cramp, and went back to work.

- - - - -

When Paul arrived at their destination, he smiled when he heard the soft snoring of Joel, who had stayed asleep this whole time. He lightly nudged Joel. "Babe, wake up, we're here," he whispered, brushing some rogue hairs from Joel's forehead.

Joel yawned before he opened his eyes and looked at Paul, and then looked out the window. "Paul, why are we at Denny's?" He asked as they got out of the car together.

"Benji said to meet him here," he answered with a sly smile as they walked to the doors together and then walked in, brushing some snow flurries from their hair.

Joel looked around the empty restaurant, noting that Benji wasn't anywhere in sight. He looked over at Paul, who smiled and waved over one of the personnel. "Paul?" He said.

Paul smiled at Joel before turning to the location's manager. "Thank you for doing this for me, I really appreciate it," he said to the male standing before him.

"It's no problem Mr. Thomas," he said. "I'll be sending a waitress over to you as soon as you and your partner pick a spot where you would like to sit."

Joel watched as the manager walked away and Paul led him towards a booth that had a nice view of the sky that was starting to get lighter, but only by very little. He sat down across from Paul who smiled at him. "Paul, babe, what's going on?" Joel asked, completely confused by the early morning wake up to meet up with a brother who was nowhere in sight. "And where is Benji?"

"Well, Joel," Paul said, smiling at his boyfriend. "Benji isn't really coming, but I knew there was no way of getting your butt out of that bed. I wanted to start off your Valentine's Day with a sunrise and breakfast."

Joel looked at Paul as a small smile turned into a big smile. "Paul, you're crafty, but I like it," he chuckled as the waitress came over and asked what they wanted to drink. "Coffee, no cream," he answered after Paul gave his drink order. "So, you're actually waking me up with Valentine's Day breakfast, kind of?"

Paul nodded as the waitress left. "Yes Joel," he smiled. "I can't cook so I figured you could enjoy food that won't give you some type of disease," he chuckled. It was no secret he couldn't cook worth crap, so cracks were often made on his cooking skills.

"Wow Paul," Joel said as the waitress brought them their coffee. "That's really, really sweet of you," he smiled. He took the menu the waitress gave to him and started looking through it as Paul looked through his own. "Was there anything planned for after the breakfast?"

Paul chuckled. "Yes, there is," he answered. "But you'll find out as the day goes on," he said with a smile as he decided on what he was going to get.

Once their orders were placed, Joel noticed something was out of place, but he couldn't quite figure it out so every now and then he would glance around, causing Paul to chuckle. He looked at Paul. "What's so funny?"

Paul chuckled again. "Joel babe, what are you looking for?" He asked, reaching across the table to take Joel's hand within his own, only to have Joel slide his hand away, his eyes darting around.

"Paul, are you insane? People," Joel whispered, looking at him as if he were insane.

Paul smiled as he looked around with a shrug. "Joel, what people?" He asked as he looked back at Joel who took a look around himself, realizing that it was the people that were missing. "Babe, no one's coming in here."

"Did you arrange for this?" Joel asked, looking at Paul, who nodded and took a sip of his coffee.

Paul said as he reached across the table and took Joel's hand within his own, which gave his own a gentle squeeze as Joel smiled at him. "And there are only three people here, and they won't cause any trouble."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive babe," Paul answered as he ran his thumb over Joel's knuckles. "I wanted you to have a worry-free morning."

"You didn't go through too much trouble did you?" Joel asked, feeling slightly bad already incase he had gone through trouble.

Paul shook his head. "No Joel, I didn't, so don't worry babe, trouble-free, okay?" He smiled at Joel as their food came. Before Joel started eating, Paul nudged his foot with his own and nodded out the window where the sun was starting to rise. "I did this so you and I could have a good breakfast, with a sunrise."

- - - - -

/I was so surprised to see what all he had done for me for breakfast. It was the sweetest thing anyone had ever thought of, and out of everyone I had ever been with, he has been proving himself to be the best guy for me. After the meal, during which we shared small smiles and small moments that burn sweetly in my memory, we got back in the car and went to my home, where he sat me on the couch and told me to wait downstairs for him./

Joel yawned as he ruffled his hair and drank the last of his coffee, groaning as he stretched again. He got up and left the room to go to the kitchen with his coffee cup, refilling it with the coffee that was still in the pot that he made before he had headed up to his Writing Room. He took a long sip, refilled what he had taken, and went back up to the Writing Room.

I don't care how tired I get, he thought as he sat down and picked up his pen. I have to finish this entry before I forget anything... He yawned and took a sip of his coffee with his free hand before he looked at his entry to remember where he was, realizing that he had written one and a half front to back pages already. Once he knew where he was, he set to work.

- - - - -

Joel felt like a stranger in his own home as he waited for Paul to come back downstairs, or to call him upstairs, where he had run to. His leg was bouncing uncontrollably, which was slightly annoying him, but he waited until Paul finally came downstairs and motioned for him to follow suit. He got up and followed Paul upstairs to his bedroom, then into the bathroom adjacent to his room. The room was dark except for the warm glow of candles throughout, and a bubble bath filled the tub that was big enough for three people. "Paul?" He looked at his boyfriend, who only smiled at him. "What's this for?"

"Well, I know you're cold still," he said as he moved closer and kissed Joel softly as his hands slid under the hem of Joel's shirt, "so I got a nice, hot, bubble bath ready for you to relax in while I treat you to a small massage." He slowly lifted up on the shirt and Joel's arms lifted, allowing him to slide it off of him. "And the massage will last as long as you want it to and I'll rub anything you want me to; even your feet," He joked with a chuckle, knowing Joel didn't like his own feet or anyone else's. He even slept in socks, which Paul found to be so damn adorable that he wanted to squish him every time he saw it.

Joel wrinkled his nose slightly at Paul as he undressed, having no problem with Paul seeing him naked due to many years on multiple tours. None of the band knew of one area that someone had not seen at one point or another. Once they were both undressed, Joel eased into the warm water first, groaning softly at the warmth that engulfed his body, and then Paul followed. Joel smiled back at Paul before scooting back against him, resting his back against his lover's chest.

"Where do you want me to start?" Paul asked as he placed a kiss on Joel's shoulder.

"Right where you just kissed would be nice," Joel said as he smiled at Paul over his shoulder. He moaned softly and leaned his head down when Paul's callused hands began to work on his tensed, but quickly relaxing, shoulders. The bass player's hands expertly kneaded and massaged away the stress Joel had been having lately.

"You like that Joel?" Paul whispered, kissing the base of Joel's neck, along his hair line.

"Where did you learn that?" Joel asked, letting out another soft moan.

Paul chuckled and kept doing his work, enjoying the little sounds Joel was making every now and then to show his pleasure. "A friend of mine from back in the day taught me a few tricks recently so I figured I'd use them on you," he answered as he added a little more pressure, which dragged an appreciative moan from Joel's lips.

- - - - -

/I don't know how long we stayed in the tub together; all I know is that when we got out of the tub I was so weak in the knees relaxed that I had to lean on him as he helped me dry off. He had to help me to the bed too./ Joel mused as he wrote in the journal, which was quickly filling with his words, giggling as he wrote in the last part.

Normally, I have trouble falling asleep during the day time, when we're not touring, but when he held me on my bed I fell fast asleep to his arm around me and one hand playing lazily with my damp hair. When I woke up, he was still holding me, but when I woke up he was fast asleep, snoring so soft it was hard to tell. I managed to slip out of his grasp, even though I did so grudgingly, and went downstairs. I made lunch to make up for him doing everything for me so far, and thankfully he had planned to make it instead of taking me somewhere else.

Turns out he hadn't planned to fall asleep. His plan was to lay there holding me until I had gotten a decent amount of extra sleep in, and then sneak downstairs and make me lunch. He told me when we were eating that he was so comfortable holding me that he had ended up drifting off. He apologized of course, but I told him not to worry about it and we enjoyed our lunch, which was really almost dinner, together. I guess you could actually call it dinner since it was around four when we ate.

After dinner, he sent me to the living room so he could do the dishes, which led to him making me sit down on the couch. He wasn't rough about it; I was just stubborn about him doing the dishes when I made him Valentine's Day lunch. Butthead. :)

Once he was done with the dishes, he told me he had another surprise for me, which ended up being that when I was sleeping, before he woke me up for breakfast, he had set up one of my guest bedrooms for a movie night, grabbing a couple of my favorites.

In the middle of the second movie we started to ignore the movie for each other, but not in the way I was used to, but just in this way that's kind of hard to explain. He was being sweet and keeping everything we did sweet, but it wasn't annoying sweetness, or so sweet I could have gone into a diabetic shock...

- - - - -

Joel smiled as he and Paul very lightly and very slowly rubbed the tips of their noses together, staring softly into each other's eyes. It was the most loving stare he had ever shared with any boyfriend, or girlfriend, and it made him want more of this sweet guy.

"Are you having a good day Joel?" Paul whispered.

Joel smiled a little more and nodded. "It's been fantastic Paul," he answered. "I couldn't have ever imagined having such a great Valentine's Day."

"I'm glad I could help you have one," Paul chuckled softly and reached up to brush some stray hairs from Joel's forehead. "I hope I'm not trying too hard..."

"You're not," Joel said with a soft chuckle, "it's been perfect in every way."

"Good," Paul chuckled and closed his eyes, pressing his lip against Joel's in a soft, sweet kiss that dazed Joel even though it wasn't anything spectacular.

Joel closed his eyes and allowed himself to melt into the kiss, shifting to be closer to Paul. He brought his hand up, resting it on the side of Paul's neck as the other deepened the kiss a little bit, eliciting a soft groan from Joel.

Paul broke the kiss and smiled at Joel, who returned the small smile. "Happy Valentine's Day Joel," he whispered.

"Happy St. Valentine's Day, St. Paul," Joel chuckled as Paul chuckled with him. "Sorry, I couldn't resist doing that, I had to..."

"No, you didn't," Paul chuckled and gave Joel's lips a quick peck. "You could have resisted."

"No I couldn't," Joel smiled and ran his fingers through Paul's hair before he kissed him again.

When the broke apart several moments later, both were panting softly and gazing deep into each other's eyes, obviously in need of something more than just kisses and slight pettings. Paul kissed Joel softly. "I don't want today to be about this to us Joel," he whispered and pressed his forehead to Joel's. "Is that okay with you?"

Joel was so surprised by Paul honestly trying to keep it sweet and romantic today that it actually stunned him in a way and it was almost a minute later when Joel finally nodded slightly. "That's fine with me Paul," he said softly, still a little bit stunner. "That's perfectly fine by me," he smiled.

Paul smiled and looked into his lover's eyes. "I say we finish this movie and then I make you a Valentine's Day dinner," he said, kissing Joel's nose. "One of my finest specialties; what do you say?"

"I say, let's get through this movie so you can become Chef Thomas," Joel chuckled as they both curled up together ad turned their heads so they could watch the rest of the movie.

- - - - -

After the movie he did make me a dinner and oh my God it was amazing, it truly was. I knew he could cook, but I never knew he was this good! Just kidding... It was a good dinner, but he bought one of those ready made gourmet meals and heated it so he could act like he cooked :) Once dinner was done and the dishes were cleaned and put away, we went up to my room and we were both supposed to fall asleep, but I stayed there with him until he fell asleep, and I could make sure he was asleep. I came in here, but now that I've told my story about today, I'm going to hide this journal and go back to bed with Paul.

To the end of another day: Joel

Joel smiled as he shut the book and opened the drawer, promptly lifting the false bottom and put the journal back in its resting spot. He lowered the false bottom, shut the drawer and relocked it as he got up and stretched, groaning through a yawn. He smiled sleepily and made his way back to his bedroom, where Paul was laying in the spot he had been before. So cute, he thought as she crawled back into the bed and curled his back against Paul's front, smiling when the familiar arm draped around him and pulled him closer.

"And where were you?" Paul mumbled softly as he nuzzled Joel's shoulder.

"Sorry, I needed to write," Joel whispered and smiled when Paul kissed the shoulder he had nuzzled only a moment before. "I hope you weren't waiting this entire time..."

"Mm-mm, just a few minutes," Paul answered, smiling to himself when Joel yawned and fully relaxed against him, resting his arm against his own. "You in bed for good now?"

"Yeah, sorry about that..."

"It's okay Joelers; you need to write," he said softly, "that's understandable."

"Thank you Paul, for everything today, and for understanding," Joel said as he closed his eyes and yawned again.

Paul held Joel until he was certain his boyfriend was asleep before he closed his eyes and kissed Joel's shoulder again before he relaxed and let the land of sleep claim him once more.

[Author's Note: I wrote this story over the span of two weeks. I took my time on it because it was being written for something in particular, not just, hey I wanna do this idea. GCFF,, was having a VDay contest at the start of this year, 07, and I wanted to enter it, hoping I could win you know? Well, I did ^-^. This story won Best Romance Story. When I was trying to decide what to go for, I went for Best Original Story so I went into their categories, and saw there were NO Paul/Joel stories. So I made one ^^. Hopefully you guys will like this.]
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