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The Sleepover

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Poor Ha'ri is stuck with Shigure and Aya when a blizzard hits. Antics ensue.

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor - Characters: Ayame,Hatori,Shigure - Published: 2007-10-01 - Updated: 2007-10-01 - 510 words - Complete

Disclaimer: I don’t own it.

Hatori sat at his desk, completely consumed in his work. He was so engulfed that he barely heard the knock at his door.

“Haaaaa’riiiiiiiiiiiii!” sang a familiar voice.

“Tori it’s cold out here, can we come in?” said another voice he didn’t want to hear.

Hatori sighed, and opened the door. There stood the last two people he wanted to see at the moment.

“What do you want?” Hatori demanded as the snow flooded into his house. “I’m very busy.”

“Awww, can’t we see our best friend” Shigure asked with puppy dog eyes.

“No. Busy. Go Away.” Hatori said

“Just a little visit?”

Hatori sighed, he gave up. “Fine, but only for a little while.”

The Dog and the Snake hugged Hatori (who is now freezing).

‘What have I gotten myself into?’ Hatori desperately thought.

A little while turned into two hours, and Hatori decided that it was time for them to go. But as he opened the door, snow came pouring in (you know like the cartoon snow that completely buries the person). Shigure and Ayame stared at each other. At first it was shock, then pure excitement that only they could show.

“SLEEPOVER!!!!!!!!!” they shouted in unison.

Hatori finally got out of the snow and stared in disbelief. No, no…this couldn’t be happening. Why in Akito’s name did this have to happen. He rolled into a fetal position in the corner of the room.

“Happy place, Happy place, Happy place, Happy place, Happy place, Happy place, Happy place, Happy place…” he kept muttering under his breath.

The other two ignored him.

“But Aya, we don’t have any PJ’s or anything like that.”

“Oh yes we do.”

Out of nowhere he pulled out a bag.

“Remember Gure, I’m always prepared.” He said with a wink.

“YAY!!!!!!!” they screamed as they went to change.

Hatori fell asleep in his corner with his hands covering his head and in the fetal position. He woke up with a sudden jolt. He looked around and saw it was 3:00 a.m. And they were still awake. But to his horror, they were both covered with make-up.

“Oh Hatori! Good, it’s your turn.”

Hatori in a sudden panic attack ran into the closet and locked the door. He fell asleep to the sounds of them telling him to come out.

The next time he woke, it was morning. Thank Akito! Half the snow was melted, too, also good. He came out and looked around. He found a note saying: Thank you Ha’ri, we’ll be back at around noon. He put the note in the trash and packed his bag. It was time for him to take a vacation.

Took me forever to write this. At first it was going to about Hatori getting a new car and giving the old one to Shigure and the clan. But I got writer’s block and this one came up in my mind. I hope you liked it.
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