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Psychology And Nymphos

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It was five hours of a blistering headache and continuous rememberance of the dream with every glance towards Frank and his lip ring. I watched, the clock hadn't even considered hitting 10 when I figured, or at least hoped, Jess would be at work. Anxiously, I hopped in the car and speeded down to the middle of town, fixing my hair and makeup as I went.

Luckily enough for me, a parking spot opened up right in front of the doors so I settled the beast down. From the car to the entrance was less than five steps but I put on a pair of sunglasses nonetheless because I, Gerard Way, was on a mission. A mission that could only be delayed slightly by slutty fangirls. In my mind I sorta hoped some girls would recognize me but I looked around to see nothing but children of the '60s.

Leaning deliberately against my in-need-of-a-wash Mazda, I put a flame to the cigarette in my mouth and inhaled deeply. Even after several minutes, I realized no one was going to walk by and recognize me. After that, I realized why I was there in the first place.

All the eyes in the room turned and stared at me as I threw open the glass door, and by 'all', I mean one pair of good-looking blues. My attention was intentionally distracted from her as the sunglasses found their way to my tight pocket. The receptionist watched my every move with arched eyebrows and reflective lips.

Eventually, I approached her and placed my elbows on the desk. My tongue slid over my lips prior to speaking, "Hi, I'm crazy."

Her waxed eyebrow twitched, "nice to meet you. I'm Mandy," I gracefully shook her small hand, "how may I help you?"

"I need to see Jess."

"Last name, please?"

"Way. Oh, hers. Uh...O'Malley."

"Do you have an appointment, Mr. Way?"

"No, but..."

"I'm sorry, but I can't let you go up unless I have an appointment listed for you."

"Oh, please, Mandy. I'm begging you. She's-she's helping me." I leaned closer to her, "I have an addiction to sex and if I don't see her right now to get my medication, I'll have to screw the first person I see. Hey, is that your boyfriend in that photo. Good-looking man you got there."

She looked from the photo, and then to me, all while biting her lower lip, "go on up, Mr. Way."

A smile ruled over my face as the sunglasses came out once again.

I rapped my knuckles against Jess's 'soothingly colored' door.

"Come in," her voice sounded tired.

My intentions were not to strut in as if I'd just killed a lion with my bare hands, but I couldn't help it. She stared at me skeptically with her hands behind her head, "yes?"

I sat cavalierly upon the chair, "hi."

"Can you, Gerard?"

"I hope so...Jess."

"One question: how did you get up here?"

"Mandy said it was alright."

"Did you bribe her?"


"With sex?"

"Maybe, " the smile returned.

"Damn it, Gerard. Leave the poor, hot, self-concious receptionist out of it."

"Yeah, she is hot."

"What do you want?"

"Why so grumpy, doc?"

"Some nutjob called me at 5 in the morning."

"For your information, I'd had another dream, but anyway. You're coming?"

She'd stood up and was organizing papers, "eh? Coming where?"

I leaned back and stared at her, "on tour. You're coming on the tour with me, right?"

Jess removed her thin glasses and sighed, "Gerard, I have a job."

"So do I!"

"I know you do. But I have a job where I just can't get up and go touring with a hard rock band."

"Take some days off."

"I...can't. People depend on me."

"Me, too. People depend on me, too."

"Yeah, but, you can entertain them without me."

"But I don't want to."

She waited a bit before responding, "you don't think it's a little weird to bring your therapist for a national tour with you?"

"I didn't mean 'I don't want to', I meant that I think I'm mentally unfit to be without you."



"I suppose I could study you guys..."

"There you go."

"And I do have a lot of paid vacation saved up."


"I could write a book about the reasearch!"


"This could be great."

"So you can go?"

"I'll make it happen."
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