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friends with benifits!

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sorry it took me so long to update. and im sorry its so short. i am only posting this cos of clutsy_93, cos she is the only one reviewing. if you like this story anf want more. YOU HAVE TO REVI...

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“sorry.” I mumbled. “nah its cool. I think your pretty fine yourself. Although I think mr. Gerard over there has caught my eye.” Awe! She said im pretty fine.. PRETTY FINE!!!! Wait a sec… she has her eye on Gerard? I saw him slowly look up and smirk a bit. Stupid fucker. This one is mine… he stole my last love. And look what happened to her. “oh, he isn’t as good in bed as me, trust me.” she cocked and eyebrow and Gerard shot me a glare. He looked at me as if to say. ‘don’t you dare bring that shit up’ oh, I dare. “what do you mean? ‘he’s better than you in bed’? how do you know?” I giggled as Gerard glared at me, he thought he was being tough, but we all knew no matter what I did we would make up tonight. It our little ritual. “oh, Gerard and I used to date.” he groaned and I grinned. “oh, really?” I giggled again. “yep, we decided to break it and just be best friends. It wasn’t really working, so now, we’re pretty much just best friends with benefits.” I nudged Gerard and he couldn’t help but smile. “you see, he is acting like he hates me right now, but he knows I’ll make it up to him…” I continued. I hope im not weirding her out. “that’s so cool. At least you guys are up front about it.” Wow. This girl has to have lasted the longest in running from me to Gerard. Awesome!! I must be doing something right. Right?


Oh em gee. I cant fucking believe this. Franklin Anthony Thomas iero and Gerard Arthur way are talking to me, about their sex lives. “so, you guys do this like all the time?” I don’t know if I should be asking these questions, but I will anyways. “well not all the time. But sometimes. We are always here for each other, and it never gets weird.” WOW. Jealous much?! “oh yeah, and why wasn’t I invited?” damn. Wouldn’t I love to be there tonight. “you can come if you want.” Oh my god. Gerard just invited me to their makeup sesh. “are you sure? I mean. You guys will be doing some pretty private stuff… wont you?” frank giggled. “there’s always room for the new bestie.” He looked at Gerard and they seemed to be talking to each other, but without words. These boys are amazing. “of course.” Gerard agreed. “ok. Well there’s something I gotta tell you guys. but I think we should wait until we are some where private.” They both nodded. Wow. This is going to be fun!
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