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Kyoya doesn't worry that Haruhi might be competition...

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Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Title: Mommy
Pairing: Light Tamaki/Kyoya
Rating: PG (one swear word)
Word Count: 334 Disclaimer: I do not own Host Club. Or anything else really…
Summery: Kyoya doesn't worry that Haruhi might be competition...
When Kyoya watches Tamaki fuss over Haruhi and call her his daughter even as he fantasizes about marrying her (Freud would have loved Tamaki) he thinks maybe he should be jealous. She’s pretty and smart and sometimes Kyoya thinks she may be taking his place as Tamaki’s inner voice of sense. Haruhi likes him too, though it’s more in a ‘because he’s so retarded you can’t not love him’ kind of way, rather then a romantic one. When its daylight and they’re all at the club or in class or just hanging out Kyoya rationalizes his lack of jealously reasonably enough. Tamaki isn’t the only one who adores Haruhi. Kyoya is pretty sure both twins love her and he’s heard their plans to seduce her more then once. He might be more worried about these plans if he didn’t know that Mori and Honey were always keeping an eye on her, ready to come to her defense should she ever need it. He’s actually pretty fond of her himself, in a platonic fashion. In spite of her own obliviousness when it comes to personal relationships involving herself she’s remarkable perceptive when it comes to others. She sees things in him only Tamaki ever saw before. So maybe he doesn’t feel jealous over Tamaki’s feelings because everyone else shares them. When the sun shines, this is answer enough.

But when he looks at the clock on his laptop and finds that half the night has passed that answer falls flat. There’s more to it then that, isn’t there? The small voice is smug. That’s when Kyoya will open his email and see the ritualistic ‘Goodnight Mommy’ message from Tamaki. Mommy. That is why Kyoya never bothers being jealous of Haruhi. Tamaki grew up in a world where Mommy was his everything: his parents, his teachers, his best friend. She was his world. The only person he loved; Tamaki had moved to a foreign country for her.

Now Kyoya is Mommy. Pretty damn gratifying really.
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