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Making History Known

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Rating may change. No one knew Ryan was dating her, not even his band mates. But when Emmi comes back into his life after six long weeks, the truth comes spilling out, which may make his girl, and ...

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"Oh my god, they're here!" Rachael screamed as she ran out of the drama rooms, to the far door that suddenly swung open. I followed her, almost as excited as she was, considering I'm Panic! At the Disco's biggest fan and she just hopes she can be recognized by Spencer, who she has a crush on. But I wasn't as excited as her, because I'd already met the boys once before, in a concert back when I lived in England. I made sure my short black hair was behaving properly before stepping into the light of the doorway, looking for some familiar faces. A few other girls had come with us; P!ATD were doing a special show at our school for my form only, which was around 20 girls - I straight away that knew Brendon, Jon, Ryan and Spencer would be right at home!

Anyway, I set my sights upon Jon, and took in his new haircut and beard, and grinned. I walked up to him, and he gathered me in a hug, glad to see me again. Next was Spencer, I hugged him briefly, but I don't think he registered that it was me. Next was Brendon, who had the most girls surrounding him, and I pulled him away, gave him a big bear hug and kissed him on the cheek. Finally it was Ryan, whom I was having trouble finding. I eventually spotted him, hiding in a darkened corner, setting up his guitar and amp. I sauntered over to him slowly, and threw my arms around his neck. His arms instantly went round my waist, and he pulled me into him. It may have only been six weeks since I was in England at the Reading/Leeds show, but they were the longest six weeks of my life. I could feel how much he had missed me pushing against my hip, and I wondered if this was how he always felt when he greeted a fan for the second or third time. I rested my head against his chest, until he murmured out in a husky voice, "God I've missed this," right before he lowered his mouth onto mine, capturing me in a passionate kiss, his tongue parting my glossed lips.
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