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What a mess

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fluffiest thing I've written so far. Frank && Gerard find themselves in an awkward situation.

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What a mess

“Mmmph, Gerard are you sure this is going to work?” moaned Frank.

“Well if you would push a little harder it might go in.” replied Gerard in-between grunts.

“Me, how about you! I’m the one doing all the work!”

“If you were doing all the work then why isn’t it fully in yet.” snapped Gee.

“Did you even consider that maybe the hole isn’t big enough?”

“The hole is perfectly fine! Just keep trying.”

“Ow! That was my finger you know.” whined Frank.

“Next time watch where you put them then.”

Gerard giggled and Frank glared up at the older man through sweaty locks of hair.

“Let’s just get this done okay.” said Frank.

“Alright on the count of three. One, two--”

Another loud moan escaped both the boy’s mouths as their bodies collided in rhythm.

“Great! Its stuck.” yelled Gerard.

“Umm, so now what?”

“What do you mean now what! We have to try and get it out.”

“I can’t exactly move here Gerard!” Frank mumbled as his patience wore off.

“Well do you think you could’ve done any better!”

“Yeah actually, I know I could’ve done better. Not to mention we wouldn’t be in such an uncomfortable position.” Frank stated, causing Gerard to roll his eyes.

“Oh that’s right I forgot you have experience in this category, my bad.” replied Gerard sarcastically.

Frank opened his mouth to speak but quickly shut it when an all too familiar laugh met his ears. The two boys turned around to be faced with an amused looking Mikey. Frank and Gerard were tangled together legs entwined and arms wrapped aimlessly around each other.

“Got yourselves in a sticky situation I see.” Mikey laughed.

“Thanks for pointing out the obvious Dr.Way, care to help?” pleaded Frank.

“Joy, cause three is such a party.” Gerard said moodily.

Mikey chuckled before forcing his way through the “pretzel” and untangling the two. Within seconds, their problem was fixed and Mikey walked off looking smug. Frank and Gerard looked sheepishly at each other as Bob and Ray walked by laughing their heads off.

“Well at least that’s done.” Gerard panted.

Frank smiled and looked over at the umbrella firmly in place. He grabbed the blanket from his bag and laid out the towel on the grass. Gerard followed Frank over to the blanket and wrapped his arms around the smaller man’s waist as the two settled down.

“You know sugar, I will never understand you.” Gerard said calmly.

Frank looked up into Gerard’s eyes with a confused face. He tilted his head slightly hoping for a reasonable answer.

“I mean come on, do you honestly need to set up an umbrella under a fully grown tree?” Gerard asked with a hint of humor.

Frank blushed and his face burst into a heart-melting smile as he nodded his head.

“Let’s just say it’s necessary.” he replied.

Gerard rolled his eyes for the second time that day and placed a gentle kiss on Frank’s lips. Just another day in the park.
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