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The Road Trip

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At the beginning they were just as they had always been, friends, they always had been and they thought they always would be just friends.

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At the beginning they were just as they had always been, friends, they always had been and they thought they always would be just friends.

As soon as they'd finish school, they were going to go on the maddest road trip ever heard of. Megan had just got her OP results back and was ecstatic; she got the mark she needed to study the course she wanted, drama at the campus she wanted, Toowoomba USQ. She looked at the piece of paper and thought of her late father who had recently died in a freak motorbike accident. But he died doing the one thing he loved and in the day leading up to that day, he laid in the hospital not regretting one thing.
"This was for you daddy!" she whispered in slight tears
When she had finished she didn’t hesitate to call her best friend.
"Hello Mrs. Way, is Mikey there?" she said in her most polite and sucky voice.
"Of course darling, I’ll just put him on." he's mum answered
"What?" Mikey growled on the other side of the phone still half asleep.
"God Mikey, did you only just wake up?"
"Yeah, I went to the maddest party last night and got so smashed! And I woke up in some chick’s bed at 5:30 this morning! I didn’t even bother to see who it was, I just got out of there as fast as I could!"
"Trust you Mikey… Guess What"
"I got my OP results"
"Really, so. How did you go? Did you do it?"
"Fucking oath! I got the 7, I’m so happy!"
"That’s awesome; our plan is all coming together! Now all we have to do is find a house near the Uni!"
"Yeah, I talked to Keisha and Gerard, they have the bond money!"
"Good, I’ll give them a call and give them a really good Internet address, they can have a look around while we drive up there!"
"Yeah, did you get the car serviced?"
"Nah it's booked in for tomorrow."
"So does that mean I’ll have to come and pick you up?"
"Yeah that would be good."
“Now Mikey have you planned out the map yet?”
“Um, can I say yes without you being mad about lying?”
“Then no I haven’t even looked at it!”
“Jesus Mikey! If I left all the organising to you we would be up shit creek without a paddle.”
“Yeah probably, anyway, are you coming to pick me up anytime now?”
“Yeah I’ll get there, give me time!”
“Alright then, I was just askin’! Well I have to get dressed so I’ll see you in about 15 minutes then?”
On the drive out to his house, Megan was thinking about the past year, all the good and shit times that had happened and the fact that Mikey was the only person was always there for her. She couldn’t stop laughing at all the stupid fights that her and him had had, but would never last! It was a love-hate relationship, but only friend love nothing more, Mikey was like her brother! Or was he? Now she was just confused. She’ll ask him how he feels when she sees him.
When he got into her car, she looked at him.
“What?” he said looking at what he was wearing.
“Nothing!” she said looking away. “Nice shirt!” she followed bursting out laughing
“Shut up! It’s all I have! Mum didn’t do the washing!” he whinged
“Yup, and whose fault is that? I feel so sorry for your mum, when I have kids, after they leave school, by all means they can live with me but there is no way I’m doing anything for them! You lazy little shit!”
“Leave me alone, it to early for this!”
“Mikey, its 10 o’clock!”
“I know I wouldn’t have been up for another hour!”
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