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Motel Mix-up

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they check into motel

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After Megan said that, there was this awkward silence, no one knew what to say. It remained like that for the next 2 hours until Mikey broke it with some music, My Chemical Romance, the band that Mikey was apart of which had just got their first record deal that’s why they were doing this road trip, but still no one dared speak. Another hour passed until they finally got to their first stop, Sydney. They pulled into the motel they were staying at and went to sign in. as they reached the door the both reached out for the door handle and grabbed hands, all they could do was look at each other. This time it was different, usually the laugh at that point but they desperately wanted to say some to each other but couldn’t find the words, so Megan pulled away.
When they got into the motel room, Megan realised that there was only a double bed, not two singles.
“What the fuck Mikey?”
“Why is there only one bed?”
“Cause this is all they had.”
“Sure, Sure. Hahaha. I’ve seen this happen in the movies.”
“Oh so now your joking about it, but when I was joking, the world practically ended.”
“Shut up, biatch. Hahaha”
“Now now, no need to get nasty, I cant help it that we’ll have to share a bed tonight, and it will be very hard for you not to grab a feel of my penis.”
“As will you with my boobs!”
“How true you are, speaking of which can I grab a feel now!”
“Oh you perve! Look but don’t ever touch, unless of course I say you can.”
“Well can I?”
“Um… No!”
“Oh you’re no Fun are you.”
“Yeah I am.”
“Yeah you are but not when I need you to be a girl.”
That night after Megan and Mikey got settled in, they decided to go out and have fun at one of the local nightclubs. As soon as they got there, they both ordered a double shoot of sambuca, and another shoot of vodka, although he would never admit it Megan could drink him under the table hands down, she was exactly what he want in a girl friend but he would never admit that either not after what happened last time.
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