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Keisha and Gerard

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Keisha and Gerard's story and a little bit of love

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All Megan’s childhood she was deeply in love with Pete Wentz, the bass guitarist of Fall Out Boy, her favourite band, apart from Mikey’s. This of course made Mikey really jealous; because there was no way he could compete with a famous musician even though they played the same instrument, that’s why he was hoping that MCR would work out because that would mean he would be in the same league as Pete, then Megan would respect him more, little did he know Megan already did. She loved the music he mad more then anyone, way more than Pete’s.

When they get to Brisbane, they’re going to meet up with Keisha and Mikey’s older Brother, Gerard, who had been together since Mikey brought Gerard up with him when he was visiting Megan, they were going with Megan and Mikey for the rest of the way of the road trip. As soon as they saw each other there was this sense around them, both Megan and Mikey could feel it and thought it was hilarious. It was so funny; they acted like children the whole time. Even though everybody could tell they liked each other straight away, it took them ages to get together, they both denied they like each other as well as believed that the other didn’t like them. The thing was, they would talk to each other and joke about what everyone was saying about them, finally Megan and Mikey couldn’t take it anymore, so they sent a txt off both Keisha’s and Gerard’s phone saying how much they liked each other and so the love story began.

Megan and Mikey finally got to Brissy at 8 a.m. in the morning, Megan had been driving all night and felt like a train had hit her repeatedly, she looked at Mikey, and when she was sure he was fast asleep, she pulled a little bag full of Valium tablets, she took 2 to wake her up, then called Keisha, as the phone rang, she could feel it working, and instantly felt awake again.
“Hello?” croaked Keisha half asleep
“Hey you EMO slut! Hows the cutting treating you? Hahaha” Megan Said with an evil laugh
“No Megan, didn’t you hear, the new thing is to hang yourself. The only problem is the terrible rope burn you get! Hehehe.” Keisha reminded her even more evilly
“Oh My bad sorry freak, how sexy Gerard? You been keeping him warm for me, I cant wait to fuck him again. Hahaha?”
“On what?”
“Whether you’ve come to your senses and made Passionate, kinky sex with that weirdo, Mikey!”
“Keishy don’t start that again! You know I promised I wouldn’t go there again, unless we both were comfortable!”
“Which you are Megan Don’t deny it! You’re just scared he will hurt you again!”
“Wouldn’t you?”
“Not with Mikey or Gerard! NO!”
“Why are they so different?”
“Because it takes just once for them to learn what’s right and wrong! Like when Gerard and I moved in together, he left the toilet seat up, and when I asked him not to he said he wouldn’t, he hasn’t done it since! Mikey really likes you, he wouldn’t hurt you again, you should have heard him on the phone to Gerard when you first saw him, and again when you went into hospital, he was suicidal, seriously!”
“Really why?”
“Cause he didn’t want to live with himself after he hurt the one person he truly loved, and probably loves still, then Gerard made him promise not to, and instead spend anytime he had to make it up to you.”
“Oh My God! I never knew.”
“Yeah well now you do.”
“Keisha what am I supposed to do? I’m so confused.”
“Aren’t we all?”
“No! You aren’t! You and Gerard are perfect together! You guys are pretty much the same person just different sex, which makes it better cause you can fuck like there’s no tomorrow!”
“Hey hoe, how do you know how we fuck?”
“Term 2, grade 12! We were in the same room; you snuck Gerard in the boarding house for the night and you kept me up with all your moaning and deep breathing!”
“Oh yeah, that had to be the best night at Fairholme I can think of!”
“For you maybe! Hahaha!”
“You remember when Mrs Deans came in the next morning! About 3 seconds after Gerard snuck out the window, and she was like “Gosh girls it smells sweaty in here! Open some windows, have you been exercising or something?”, then we burst out laughing and then she put us on detention for being rude to her! That was classic!”
“Yeah, good times good times.”
“Anyway, you’re goings to be here soon aren’t you?”
“Yeah, about 5 minutes, so I’ll go now, wake Mikey up and see you soon.”
“Alright slut, see you then, try not to run over anyone! Hahaha.”
“I’ll try not to, oops, to late. See you soon.”
“You fuck head, get going!” Keisha said handing up the phone

Ever since Keisha got kicked out of her home at the end of grade 11, her and Gerard have lived in a suburb just out side of Brisbane called ‘The Valley’, which meant that Megan had a weekend place to stay, Partying and sleeping around! Mikey doesn’t know about that, he also doesn’t know how many pregnancy scares she had, and he probably never will. As soon as Keisha turns 18 her and Gerard plan to get married, Megan has always wanted a relationship just like Gerard and Keisha, they were perfect, passionate and loving still after 2 years. Gerard was like a big brother to Megan and was there for her through everything, they were really close, and one night after Megan found Mikey cheating and before he met Keisha, Gerard found her walking around the streets of Narrabri half stoned and very intoxicated, when he pulled over and called out to her, she freaked out and started running, thinking he was a perv. He got out and ran after he and grabbed her on the arm, and she turned around punched him one in the right eye.
“Fuck! Megan It’s me! Gerard.” He shouted
“Oh fuck sorry Gerard! I thought you were a peeping tong!” she said rubbing his eye. “Are you ok?”
“Yeah I’m fine, what about you?” grabbing her hand
She looked into his eyes and saw the disappointment and sadness for her. As soon as he looked away she burst into tears and hugged him tight, resting her face in his neck. She had never noticed before and maybe it was the ounce pot and bottle of vodka telling her, but he smelled really good, so she stayed there for about five minutes, then finally she pulled away from him and planted a really passionate kiss on his lips. At first Gerard didn’t know what to do, so he pulled away, but she wouldn’t let him. She put her hand on the back of his head and pulled him closer, then he put his arms around her waist and lifted her up and pushed her up against the nearest wall, and moved his lips down her neck and back up to her lips, he pulled away from her and looked her in the eyes, and watched them well up. He gently placed his hands on either side of her face and correst her lips with his thumbs.
It didn’t take them long to go back to his house, but when she worked the next day, she couldn’t remember where she was, and when she rolled over she could comprehend what she was seeing, there was Gerard naked, fast asleep.
“Oh no, please NO!” she said in disbelief
“What?” Gerard answered waking up.
“What have we done?”
“Do you really want me to explain? Hahaha.”
“No Gerard, I mean why did we do it?”
“Because, you wanted to!”
“But I can’t even remember what I took last night or when we met up! Gerard, your brother has already killed me inside, do you think this was a good idea, was it your plan to kill everything I have left? Did Mikey put you up to this? To see whether I’m desperate?”
“Megan I haven’t talked to Mikey since I found out he was cheating on you with that slut! I told him as long as his with her and not you and until he made it up to you, his not my brother!”
“Really? Well if he finds out about this, its makes me no different than him!”
“Ok, we’ll both agree not keep this between us!”
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