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Cross Stitches

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High Schooler, Livia Monroe, meets popular boy, Jeremy Whitmore, and tries to get romantically involved with him without him knowing her secret... New Boy William James joins the crowd and become...

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Cross Stitches


He started directly at me and once again I was speechless. William walked over to us and I changed the subject immediately. His thunderous blue-eyes tortured my living soul as he pressed his warm lips against mine. I cold sense the rage of conflict commence. Jeremy grabbed Williams Shoulder and smashed his fist against his cheek. I immediately jumped on Jeremy’s back trying to stop him but his courageous strength prevented that.

I tried yelling out their names to stop but it was no use.

“Livia, you’ll do just fine with me.” William teased. Jeremy growled at him.

“We’ll see about that, William.” Jeremy focused his eyes on mine. I couldn’t tell if he was mad at me from his expression or if he was mad at William. I took a deep breathe.

“This isn’t necessary, guys.” I attempted to say as tears flooded my eyes. “This is jut too chaotic! Please just listen to me!” But they just ignored me once more. My anger started to rise and tears slipped down my cheeks

Jeremy whispered into my ear, “Livia, I love you.” William squinted his eyes.

“You are just pathetic. I can’t believe you think you have a chance!” He laughed evilly with a grin.

I glared at him. “William just don’t say anything at all!” I said in my most irritated voice.

“Well if you’re not convinced, Livia, I’ll have to remind you.” He started. “Don’t you remember the ceremony of the underworld?” He grinned.

“Yes I do, William.”

“And do you remember you vows?” His grin widened.


“Then what is the problem, my love?”

I decided not to answer him. Jeremy gave me a questioning look.

“I’ll explain it all later, Jeremy.”

“You’re not going to be explaining anything to him, Livia.” He looked at Jeremy with Vicious eyes.

“Yes I am, damn it!” Irritation grew greater. “I’m sick and tired of this!” I threw my fists down.

“Calm down, Livia. Everything is going to be all right.” Jeremy whispered into my ear. But everything was not all right. Everything was wrong.
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