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Vox in Vires

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Hate, Love, Joy, Sadness, Pain, Pleasure, Pride, Honor, Freedom, Imprisonment. How can you choose your fate when it has been laid out before you? What do you do, when to defeat that which you hate,...

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Vox in Vires
Power in Strength

The cool air swept across his face as he took in his surroundings. He shivered in delight as the view of the carnage swept over him. It had begun today; his time would soon be at hand. The carrions had already begun to consume by the time he left, and by the time word reached officials, not a trace remained.

He wandered the town, the smells of the night assaulting his nose as he considered his next move. He had a destination in mind, but to get there he was more than willing to walk. Sure, magic would have gotten him there sooner, but he was patient and could wait ‘til the right time to strike.

He noted what he saw in his mind, the good things, the bad things... he marked it all, taking in every last detail. He hated it all.

In time, he would deal with these incompetent fools; their corruption and stupidity would be their downfall, and he would be the cause. After all, in the race for the finish line, he was always one step ahead.

He caught sight of them following him as he made his way around the next bend, and his pace quickened. His appearance would be the entire message they would need; it would spark a flame, a flame he was all too willing to put out.

He stepped into the alley and his eyes flashed as they surrounded him, the moonlight reflecting off their hooded figures, drawing dark shadows to the alley. Six in total he counted as they reached for their wands.

“You’re not welcome here Potter, leave now or we will be forced to take action!”

The voice was gruff, echoing off the brick walls, shattering the silence of the night air.

“Surely you are not serious; I’ve only just arrived and have yet to even speak with my friends.” His voice was ice, lacking any sort of emotion, bringing with it the chill of the North, striking fear into their hearts; and then he struck.

He smirked as he watched the hooded figures hit the ground, their mouths crying out in protest as their knees collided with the concrete; the force of his telepathy being too much for these weak minded fools to handle.

The brief flash of light alerted him to the danger, and in a dark swirl of colors he vanished, only to re-appear a few steps to the left. The beam illuminated the darkened area as it flew to his right, leaving a red hue hanging about them. Clearly he had underestimated them.

A brief ‘pop’ alerted him to the assailants’ presence behind him, and with a sharp flick of his wrist he was able to send the incoming jinx back their way. He would not be taken by surprise again.

The assailant leapt to the left, narrowly avoiding the ricocheted spell and quickly recovered with a dissolving curse. The figures shield illuminating just in time to prevent the spells he himself had sent the figures way.

His wand tip glowed brighter and brighter as he slowly advanced, his waves of magic slowly pushing the figure further and further into the alley. The agility of his opponent surpassed even him, but when backed into a corner, it would count for nothing.

His eyes flashed as his bone-breaker smashed through his opponents shield and hit the mark, the figures right thigh. The high pitched scream giving away the figures gender, and with a banisher he sent her flying into the wall, her head making a sickening crash as it connected into the brick wall.

‘It begins’ was the only thought that came to mind, and with a quick slash of his wand and a flash of green light, it was over.

At the sound of footsteps he turned, the others had recovered from his mental attack, and from the looks of it were in a fury of being dispatched so easily.

He laughed as he sent the corpse of the woman flying back towards them, her body the perfect shield against the curses they sent his way. With a swirl of his dark cloak he was gone, his message being born on swift wings to the Ministry and to his true targets.

Nymphadora Tonks was dead, but more importantly, Harry Potter was back!
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