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Hand of God (World Cup 1986)

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there's a light on somewhere out there. and it has Emi's name on it.

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Author's Note: w00t! As of yesterday I'm 17 years of age, meaning that I am able to watch R-rated movies without sneaking in and I can also consent to sex. Fun stuff, eh? In honor of the momentous occassion, here's the chapter 32.

As usual, it's dedicated to the loyal reviewers:


Chapter Thirty Two: Hand Of God (World Cup 1986)

This hotel room feels more like a tomb.
-Fall Out Boy

Emi's POV

Tyson or Pete.
Pete or Tyson.
Ritter or Wentz.
Wentz or Ritter.

Any way that I put it, someone was going to get hurt.

After a few days of staying at the hotel, I still hadn't figured anything out. I had only managed to spend 200-something dollars on the room I was staying in.

Flying back to California had crossed my mind, but I wasn't quite ready to return to the monotony of my job. Shannon would be covering my shifts for another week, so why go back early?

Staring at the off-white walls, I had no idea what the fuck I was going to do.

Then it hit me. Chicago.

Picking up my phone, I dialed my mom's number.

"Hey, mom."
"Emi! It's great to hear from you. How's California?"
"I'm actually in Indianapolis right now."
"Touring with the boys?"
"No...Well, I was, but things happened and now I'm not..."
"I see..."
"I know it's really short notice, but do you think I could come home for a few days?"
"Of course! Ben, Pharrell and I are always happy to see you."
"Thank you so much. You have no idea what it means to me."
"No problem honey. See you soon."
"Love you, mom."
"Love you, too. Bye."

After calling up Liv and Jasper, I headed to the hotel's Business Room and logged onto a computer. Within minutes I found myself on the greyhound website, buying a ticket for the earliest train to Chicago.

The next afternoon, I found myself staring out of a train window. As Emerson slept in my lap, I snapped pictures of the passing scenery. My iPod kept me somewhat occupied, but for the most part, my mind drifted to a certain pair of bassists.

Upon reaching Chicago, I had to shake my legs from sleep. After jumping around like a maniac and receiving concerned stares from people around me, I hailed myself a cab home.

Memories flooded my brain as I passed familiar streets-- Pharrell and I skateboarding in the 7Eleven parking lot, setting off fireworks in the baseball field, stealing garden gnomes from Mr. Hinkle, belly flopping into Liv's pool, driving past my teacher's houses at 1AM and blasting heavy metal.

"Damn, I've missed Chicago..."

At about midnight, the cab driver pulled up in front of my house and shifted into park.

"Here's your stop."

I paid him my fare and grabbed my bags from the trunk. As I hobbled along the sidewalk with my belongings, Emerson excitedly ran to my porch and started pawing at the door.

Approaching the familiar brick façade, I could already hear Pharrell barking. I pressed the doorbell and within seconds my brother swung the door open.

"EMIIII!" Ben yelled as he jumped into my arms.
"Hey!" I scooped him up and spun him around. "How've you been?"
"Pretty good."
"Just 'pretty good'?" I asked.
"Well it'll be better since you're around," he smiled. I set him down and ruffled his hair, then wrapped my mom in a hug.

"Emi, you need to stop by Chicago more often," she chuckled.
"I know, I know."

Emerson scampered into the house and followed Pharrell into the kitchen while I made my way up the stairs.

My old room.

It was empty except for the bed and a bookshelf in the corner, but I was home and that's all that mattered.

"Emi, wanna play DDR?" Ben asked as I collapsed onto the bed.
"Maybe tomorrow... I'm kind of tired right now."

I yawned and spread myself out over the bed.

"Emi's been on the road all day. Let her get some rest," my mom said, standing in the doorway.
"Oh, okay. G'night Emi"
"Good night."

Sunlight leaked in through the window while the smell of waffles tickled my nose.

"It's good to be home," I said, pulling myself out of bed.

As I headed toward the kitchen, I saw that Emerson had fallen asleep on Pharrell's back. It was simply adorable. Tiptoeing past the two, I continued towards the kitchen.

"Good morning!"

Pulling up a seat at the breakfast table, I noticed an envelope in front of my plate.

"It seems that you have fan mail," my mom said, placing a plate of scrambled eggs in the center of the table.

"Where's Ben?" I asked.
"Still asleep."
"Yep," she said, setting waffles onto my plate. "He stayed up pretty late so that he could see you once you got in." I smiled. My little brother was still one of the sweetest people I knew.

After finishing up my breakfast, I took the "fan mail" up to my room. Upon closer inspection, the letter was from Christina.


Since you're not answering your phone or reading your e-mail, I have resorted to using the US Postal Service in order to get to you.

If you're wondering how I knew where to send this, you can thank Shannon. I called the apartment and when she said you weren't back. Using my awesome deductive skills, I figured that you'd be in Chicago...That and your friend, Jasper, called to ask when you'd be getting home.

Now that I've explained myself, I'll cut to the chase. Enclosed is a ticket and backstage pass to the last show of the tour, coincidentally taking place in Chicago. Hope to see you there.

Hugs and cupcakes,

I slipped the ticket out of the envelope and held it between my fingers.

SAT JUL 17 6:00PM

Then the mental debate began.

Should I go?
Yes, you should.
Because you owe it to the boys.
But I don't think I could deal with confrontation.
Stop being such a pussy.
I'm not being a pussy.
Yeah, you are.
No, I'm not.
Then prove it.
I don't have to prove anything.
Like shit you don't.
Shut up, Pete lover.
Why don't you shut up, Tyson lover?
Make me...

You know what? Fuck it, I'm going to the show.


What's been going down on tour since Emi left?

What'll happen when the love triangle is brought together in the same building?

As stated before, REVIEWS = ANSWERS.
(and they also count as belated birthday presents.)
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