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Chapter Eighteen.

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More chaos maybe?

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Hiya! Sorry for the LOOONG wait. I hope that you guys like this next chapter. :] Oh and if any of you have any ideas on something to happen, I'm open for suggestions. :]
Well onto the chapter so that you don't have to listen to me ramble!
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Later that day...

Gerard's POV.

I had a nice walk and was going back home. It was already night out when I was walking up the sidewalk. I noticed that the house was really dark. That wasn't normal. At all. I walked inside and looked around. Candles were everywhere and like this creepy funeral organ music was playing. I literally got chills, the house was that cold. I wasn't even gone that long!! I was only gone for about thirty minutes!! I heard my brother's voice somewhere, only it wasn't his. It was...darker.

Mikey's POV.

I couldn't control what I was doing. One minute I was standing there and then the next thing I know the house is full of candles and shit! I didn't know what was going on! I was so confused. When I talked, it wasn't me. I swear! It wasn't me!

Gerard's POV.

I looked around, stupid as it seems, yes I looked around. I know I know, I should've just hightailed it out of there, but I guess I had to be all cliche. I found Mikey, he was standing in the middle of a huge circle in the kitchen. It wasn't just a circle though, it looked like a ritual. Oh my god, was that painted in blood?! "M-mikey?" I hoped to dear god that wasn't him.

Mikey's POV.

I was smirking, staring at him. There was some book in my hands, I couldn't read it though. "Yes brother?" No! I'm not talking! It's not me! Run Gerard run!!

Gerard's POV.

I had to be strong, I'm not shaking what are you talking about? You're imagining things. "What are you doing?!" My voice wasn't normally that high pitched. I'm not scared! I saw his lips move, but it wasn't my brother!
"Oh nothing."
I looked at him skeptically, "Nothing? Then what's all this?" I made a funny motion with my hands towards all the stuff in the room.
"It's nothing." Mikey smirked.
Since when does he smirk? I mean really, he's never like...he looked crazy! Why'd I burn down the mental institution again? "Is that blood?" His smirk got bigger, was that even possible?
"Yes?! What do you mean yes!? Where the hell did it come from?!" Blood! Are you kidding me! What are you?! Some crazy vampire?! I saw him point to the small cupboard under the stairs. I swallowed, not really wanting to know what, or who, was in there. I backed out of the kitchen slowly and went over to the small room. It suddenly became a little harder to breathe, my heart started pounding. My hand rested on the small doorknob, I put my ear to the door. I heard something breathing on the other side. I looked down, seeing bloody footprints and spots. That sure as hell wasn’t a good sign. I turned the doorknob and opened the door, staring in shock.

The blood was coming from Frank.

Ahhh, I'm mean. Who saw that coming?? Cause if you did, that means one of two things; it's cliche or you're a really good guesser. :P

Sorry if it's a bit cliche, or if you hate cliffhangers. Well, hope you liked it, and if you didn't then that means I need to appeal to your better side. Want a virtual treat? -holds out basket-

lol, bye!! :D
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