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Chapter One

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This is story, about some of things I love; conspiracy, ghosts, demons, werewolves, vampires and secret societies.... Anti-Nostalgic... I think it fits. A.N is short for Anti-nostalgic. Main char...

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Chapter one.

Am not sure how I got into this mess. One day I was an ordinary fourteen year old, going to an ordinary high school. So I though at first, that is until I saw something I wasn't suppose to. I was at the right place at the wrong time. I thought nothing bad can happen in Fumofu land, but I was wrong how wrong I was on everything I ever learned.

“Are you ready?” Asked Morgan who was blowing into his hands hyped up.
“Like I have a choice?” I asked through my teeth. Morgan laughed, that what kinda person Morgan was. He's the guy who will laugh at anything and theres nothing that could bring him down. He stared out in front of him. His eyes no longer brown but a violet. I stared at where he had his gaze. Although it probably wasn't what he was staring at.

Ever since Morgan has been at AN he's developed superhuman abilities, and as far as I knew he only has at least three unique powers of his own and two that everyone has. Which of now will also including me. I don't know what my unique powers are. All I know is that Morgan, me and everyone at A.N special forces have; Super strength and super eye sight. I don't know why they call it super. Theres nothing super about it.

“All right Andrea it's time.” said Morgan He said starting to pick up the pace. Trying to keep up with him I saw what we came here for. She was every beautiful. As far as I could tell she was in her early twenties. Brown hair brown eyes at a point you would think she was an angel. She had that glow to about her. I had to feel bad. She had died so young.

Thats right she's dead, hence the glow. She was a ghost.. She Despite her angelic looks we knew better. Throwing things, blowing up cans of pop and random people. At first that might not seem much, more like a prank from a teenager. But that was just a start. Soon she started terrorizing people; Old, young, rich, poor, everyone. She did more then throwing things at people, no She went all the way. She had successfully killed eight people. Three were all ruled as suicides, two as a murders and the other three still remain a mystery.

Brenda, Brenda Collins was this little terror's name.

She looked around once more then spotted and elderly women pass by her. She grinned and followed her. Morgan nodded, and we ran after her. As we did so, Morgan dug into his coat pocket and pulled out some scrap paper and started writing on them. He said some words on them, I didn't pick up what they were, because some guy was shouting at us. Morgan paid no mind to the guy and then flung the paper at Brenda. Brenda screamed in agony once the paper touched her. Morgan said some words and then everyone seems to have disappeared around us. This must have shocked Brenda cause she looked dumbfounded as I was.

“Alright miss Collins Time to go.” Said Morgan.

“And why would I want to go with you?” Spat Brenda now collecting herself from her brief shock. “To ghosty prison love.” Said Morgan. Nice one, I thought that would convince her I said to my self sarcastically.
“I don't think so, G-Gnosis!” she shouted sending a power surge at us. We fell hard on pavement,
“ow... G-Gnosis?” I asked Morgan, trying to get up.

Morgan who was already up and shrugged at me. “I dun know.” he said. I rolled my eyes and got up. This was my second mission at AN and I don't want to mess it up like last time. So I got my self ready for the next attack. She was In Morgans world and there was only one way to get out. Make Morgan unconscious. And He's no push over. Almost like reading my mind he nodded and I pulled out my A.N Spirit Gun. Not as effective as any A.N Special force High class weaponry but it can get the job done, as I learned from my first mission. I was able to get the ghost along with half state office.

“Here we go!” The shot must been a surprise as mush as anything. She screamed in pain, and just like any manga/anime you've ever watched the ghost held it's head and then it split and vanished.
“Good work Andrea.” said Morgan walking over to where the ghost of Brenda stood he picked something up that looked shiny. “We've secured the ghost and now for the second part of the mission.” He said,
“no one ever told me about a two part mission.” I whined, Morgan laughed.

“Lets go, we got to go.”

“But-” Before I could say anything Morgan took away his spirit barrier and everything was back to normal. I looked around as I was getting bumped into. “hey Wait!” I shouted at him.

“I'll see you bright and early. And don't forget you have that paper due tomorrow.” He said waving at me as he left. I groaned, then cursed at myself. It's all his fault. I said to myself, then I started to walk home. “I wish it was Friday” I shouted.
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