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20 -- The End--

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this is the end, my friends

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Brittney's P.O.V

I sat there for a while, comfortable and warm and safe, wrapped in Will's arms. I placed a small kiss on his lips and he smiled.

"I'm a phone! And I'm rinnnnngggggggiiiinnnnngggggg!!!!" My voice sang from Will's cell phone and we giggled.

"Hello?" he answered and then got a strange look on his face. He handed me the phone.

"It's for you."

I stared at the phone for a minute before taking it from his hand. I took a deep breathe and answered.


"Brittney...." A voice cried "It's Libby."

End of Recap

Brittneys P.O.V

"I'm so sorry," Libby cried on the phone "I saw Will's number on the phone and I thought he'd want to talk to Pete so I didn't answer. Then when you both came to the door I just-" She started crying again. "I'd figured you came for Andy not me. Who would want to see me."

"Libby? What happened?"

"It's a long story."

"I have all the time in the world."

"Alright, will you meet me at my house?"

"Sure thing." I smiled and hung up. Will gave me a look. "Come on" I said taking his hand. "We are going to go visit Libby."

/Libby's P.O.V/

Brittney and Will arrived at my door full of smiles. Brittney looked as gorgeous as ever, her hair had grown and was now almost to her waist. She was taller now too, almost my height. Her brown eyes seemed to sparkle in the sunlight, and beside her William Beckett. As adorable as the last time I had seen him, on tour with the boys. Brittney ran over to me and hugged me.

"I missed you so much" She cried. Even crying she looked stunning.

Me I was a wreck. My black hair hung at my shoulders stringy and knotty. My eyes now colourless were surrounded by the dark bags of many sleepless nights and were red and puffy from crying.

"I missed you too." I sobbed.

"Where is everyone else?" she asked excitedly "The message Machine said Lexie and Joe were engaged! How exciting! When's the wedding? And how's Andy's new girlfriend? Heather was her name? How's Petey boy, hasn't raped you yet has he?" She winked

I burst out into tears and she ran over and hugged me.

"Oh my god what did I say? Have you guys actually... Oh touchy subject sorry" she laughed.

"Hey what's this?" Will asked and we turned to face him. He held my notebook in his hand. It was open to the most recent song.

"It says Pete overtop of it" He started to read it aloud.

Gotta change that answering machine, now that I'm alone because right now it says that we can't come to the phone and I know it makes no sense 'cause you walked out the door, but it's the only way I get to hear your voice anymore. It's ridiculous it's been months and for some reason I just can't get over us and I'm stronger then this. Ain't no faith in love always walking around with my head down. I'm so over being blue and crying over you. And I'm so sick of love songs so tired of tears, so done with wishing that you were still here and I'm so sick of love songs so sad and slow so why can't I turn off the radio? Gotta fix that calendar I had, its marked July 15th. Because since there's no more you, there's no more anniversary Fill it with my thoughts of you and your memory and how every song reminds me of what used to be. That's the reason I'm so sick of love songs, so tired of tears. So done with wishing that you were still here, and I'm so sick of love songs so sad and slow, so why can't I turn off the radio?
Leave me alone, stupid love song.

I snatched the book out of his hands. Brittney spun me around and hugged me.

"Libbs, what happened?" She asked me.

I took a deep breath. "It's kind of a long story."

"We have time." Will nodded.

"Okay, well lets see where to begin."

"When was this message recorded?" Brittney asked me referring to the phone.

"Uh about two years ago." I blushed.

"I see."

I sighed "To answer your questions from before. Lexie and Joe got married about 4 months ago, I'm not real sure, I wasn't invited to the wedding, neither was Pete. Joe is very mad at both of us. Heather is Pete's sister and is dating Andy. What he sees in the blonde tramp I'll never know. She is like a female Pete its hell. Patrick and Reagan got engaged the last time I heard from them. And Pete ..." My eyes drifted to the door to Mike's Pete's old room. "Pete left me." I chocked out.

"What!!!" Brittney screamed! "Why would he do such a thing!"

"He's dating Ashlee Simpson now." I laughed "I never saw that one coming."

"I can't believe this!" Brittney screamed "Your brother didn't invite you to his own wedding, your boyfriend of 7 years dumps you for some blonde skank and our best friends all through high school don't even contact you anymore! What did you do kill someone! Jezze."

"Calm down Brittney" Will said putting a hand on her shoulder.

She sighed "I'm sorry Libby. But I mean grade 9 seemed like yesterday when everything was simpler. Me, you, Reagan, Lexie, Joe, Pete, Patrick and Andy" She sighed again "No offence Will, I love you" She laughed kissing him.

A tear rolled down my cheek as I remember that night. Pete and I were drunk and things went a little too far. I hid out for a couple months, but Joe found out and got mad. Pete thought I cheated and left me.

"Only 5 years." I said finally


"Pete and I only dated for 5 years."

"WHAT he broke up with you over two years ago!"

"Right after we recorded that message machine. That was the last happy day together" I sobbed

"Why? What happened?" Will asked concerned.

"Mommy, who's here?" Mike said rubbing his eyes and walking into the hallway. I pulled him up onto my lap and kissed the top of his head. He looked so much like his father it kills me. Will and Brittney stared at me with wide eyes.

"Brittney, Will, this is my son, Mike."

"Hewwo" Mike said sleepily.

"He's Pete's son."

"Does Pete know?" Will asked me.

"Yes," I said holding back tears, "But he thinks I cheated. So does Reagan, Patrick and Lexie and Joe. Andy doesn't know at all. Joe hates me know." I cried "He said getting pregnant at 19 was my own fault and he didn't care who the father was. He said I was on my own, he said I was a stupid ... slut." My voice cracked on the last word. Mike was fast asleep in my arms.

"Are the stupid." Brittney spat. "The kid is the spitting image of Pete and he is what two years old?"

I nodded.

"Why do you still live here?" Brittney asked me "It causes you so much pain, I can see it in your eyes."

"I have no place else to go. I'm saving up to get my own place, because when Joe gets back, he's taking the house."

"He's kicking you out?" Will asked shocked.

I nodded again.

"Some brother" he grumbled.

"I don't know what else to do. There aren't many things for an actress to do in Chicago."

"We have a place in New York." Brittney smiled. "Why don't you come live with us?"

"You mean it?" I asked "I don't want to be a burden"

"Nonsense" Will said "I insist. Pack your bags we can leave today."

"Wonderful" I said hugging them both. Brittney held Mike while I gathered all of our things. Will loaded them into his car. I buckled Mike into his car seat and went to get it the car.

"Wait." Brittney said "I think Pete needs a little wake up call." She took a Kodak camera out of her bag.

"Get over here" She laughed. I stood next to Brittney. Will took several pictures of us and we hung them all through out the house. Except one, of me and Mike together. We left it on the table next to the song. We got in the car and drove off.


Patrick, Joe, Pete, Andy, Heather, Lexie, Reagan and Ashlee all arrived at Joe's house. The found several pictures of two girls through out the house. Now normally this would bother a person but the two girls looked strangely familiar to the group. They were two girls they hadn't seen in years and weren't planning to see ever again. Until Pete stumbled upon the kitchen table, a song was scribbled onto a piece of paper and sitting next to it was a picture of a woman holding a baby. Patrick, Joe and Andy walking into the kitchen accompanied by the entourage of girls. They all crowded around the table and read the song with grim looks. Pete fell to the ground in tears, still holding onto the picture. The group stared at their friend until someone caught glimpse of the word etched onto the picture. It read:

/I slept with a member of Fall Out Boy and all I got was this child./
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