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7 Years Later

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This is personal story I wrote for Language Arts. Again has nothing to deal with Fall Out Boy but still.

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7 Years Later

It has been about 7 years since my Grandmother, I call her

Granny, passed away on April 28, 2001. I remember that day so well

that it has not slipped out from my memories. It was a Saturday afternoon in

Madison, Mississippi. I was in the second grade, and that day I was

getting ready to go to my First Communion at St. Francis of Assisi

Catholic Church. My mom had mentioned to me how lovely I looked in my little

white communion dress that my Granny had made for me. On my little round

face sat my first pair of glasses, with a white silky ribbon clinging on to my

ponytail of brown hair, and all was left was the trace of warm sunlight

glittering off the whiteness of my dress. The service went real well and

then it proceeded with a reception in one of the classrooms at the church.

My family filled with excitement piled into the red Ford Taurus, and to celebrate

we decided to go out to dinner.

The excitement in the car soon died down once my mom’s cell phone

rang. My mom answered my Aunt Patti was on the phone. From the look on

my mother’s face it had to be bad news. After hanging up I really wanted to ask

her “what happened mom, what’s wrong” oh how I wish that upset look on

her face would go away. She finally opened her mouth to speak “I have some

horrible news to tell you,” “Granny has just passed away.” All the sudden as if

happiness was sucked out of my family from millions of invisible leeches my

older brother burst in to tears, and a blank expression covered my face. I wasn’t

crying like my brother I ironically already knew she was going to leave me one

day because I dreamt about it. I even remember lying awake on my little bed in

my granny’s room just sitting counting the down the years she had left in my

life, which usually left me in a silent cry in my sleep.

It’s now 7 years later I’m a fourteen year old teenage girl outside in the

backyard of our second home aka: my Granny’s house, in my so called lovely

gray work clothes, mowing the grass on another hot summer day in Norfolk,

Virginia. I turned up the volume some more on my I Pod to block out the

roaring sound of the lawn mower, and refocused on the uncut patches of grass

still waiting to be even with the rest of the patches of grass. I began to

daydream a bit while still paying attention to the lawn mower. I started to think

about the dream I had about Pete Wentz and how I was his girlfriend and he

was talking to me in his adorable Chicago accent with a really hot smile playing

across his lips. “Maria focus now” I told myself “I really need mow this grass

before I pass out from the heat.”

I finally was able to finish my job mowing the grass in the front and

the back. Soon I could shower away my sweat and have my growling stomach

awarded with the food it has been waiting for. While eating my food off the plate

sitting on my T.V tray my mom started telling me about how the door in the

garage had been coming unlocked from the inside in morning, even after she

locked every lock on the door the night before. This had happened for least two
days until my mom finally realized there was a presence in the house, but she

had no clue who it was so when she walked into the garage one night she told

who ever it was to go to God.

That may have sound a little weird, but the night she said that I had the

weirdest dream. I was at my Granny’s house and I was walking through the

dining room my mom was bent over looking through a drawer, and standing

next to her was my Grandfather who I prefer to call Papa who had passed away

long before my Granny did. No one in the house saw him in my dream, but me.

Then all of sudden as if a rope was wrapped around my waist I was pulled into

the kitchen. Standing in the corner in the kitchen near the microwave was my

Granny she looked exactly how I remembered before she passed away. She

than began to speak to me “Papa is unlocking the door” “he’s been joking

around.” I don’t know why, but I responded to her asking “Granny what’s

heaven like.” She didn’t respond that’s when I woke up.

After thinking about that dream for awhile I remembered reading in a

book on dreams. It said when you dream about loved ones who have deceased

that sometimes it means they came to visit you or they may have to tell you

something. I still wonder why I never received an answer to the question that I

asked her in the dream. But I do have a feeling I will know the answer to the

question when it’s my time to leave the earth. I still miss her a great deal, and I

sometimes wish she never died, but sometimes it can be so hard to let go of

somebody you love even if they will always remain in your heart.
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