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Chapter Thirty-Two

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It's not like it hurts that much, anyway...he thinks.

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The dramatic irony in this is tense. Thanks for all of your precious reviews, I have the ending to this all written out, and it came out amazing. Just a few more chapter to fill in all the blanks before the big CA-BOOM! It’ll all come together, so just be patient. I’m not going to give anything else away, although I’ve been hinting and hinting throughout this whole story, on what the ending will be like. They’re little hints, though. Anyway, several chapters left, so enjoy em’.

William’s POV-

“William, wake up.” I heard. I groaned, as soon as the pain of my head set in. It was pounding.
“William…” I heard again, this time, getting shaken. I just laid there, and tried to think, due to the pain of my forehead.

“William, wake up god dammit!” was screamed, and I finally just shot up, startled, and saw that I was on the bed in the back of Gabe’s bus. I looked over to my left, running my fingers through my hair, and saw a shirtless Gabe.

“Huh?” I asked, confused. I’m sure I remembered falling asleep in the hotel…
Wait…why can’t I remember falling asleep at all?
I can’t even remember past me and Gabe at the bar.

Oh god…

“William…something bad happened last night.” Gabe said, throwing a shirt on.

I looked at him, confused.

“What?” I asked.

“You don’t remember?” Gabe asked, sitting back down on the bed, next to me.

I shook my head.

“All I remember is drinking at the bar…but I can presume, and probably won’t be surprised, that something bad happened, I mean…we were shitfaced. Plus, how bad could have been, if I don’t remember?” I asked.

“I fucked you.” Gabe said, bluntly.

I immediately started to choke on nothing but the air around me.

“WHAT?!?!” I screamed, not at all recalling this.

Gabe did nothing but shake his head.

“Yep, I happen to remember. I don’t know why I did this…” He said, the last part kind of as a mumble.

I held my forehead. How could I have done such a thing? I’m so stupid…what about Pete?

“I’m sorry William, it was unlike both of us…I don’t like you like that…I’m not gay. Would you be offended if I asked you never to speak of this again?” He asked.

I nodded.

“I totally understand, Gabe. This is so unlike me. I don’t like you, either. Even if I am into guys. Ha, don’t get me wrong, you are sexy; your just my best friend, and I could never see you like that. I’d absolutely love if we could just pretend this never ever happened.” I said.

Gabe chuckled.

“Thanks man, seriously. I don’t know what came over me…sexual tension…maybe it’s because you look like a girl…” Gabe joked.

I laughed.

“Thanks, stupid bitch.” I said, with a smile.

Gabe cracked a big smile.

“Come on, lets go into the hotel, and make up an excuse on why we were out all night.” Gabe said.

I nodded.

“Okay, lets go.”
Pete’s POV-

I woke up, rubbing my eyes, and looked around. Patrick, Joe, and Mike were sleeping on the opposite bed, The Butcher and Ryland were snoring next to me, Sisky and Ellie were asleep on the couch, and the rest of the guys, and Vicky-T were in the other room.

No Gabe. No William.

I sat up, and ran my hand through my hair, and suddenly, the door opened.

William and Gabe slowly shut the door behind them, and looked around, then William caught my gaze, and I just kind of stared, and blinked once. William raised a hand, and waved. I waved back.

Gabe looked to where William was waving, and waved at me, too. I waved back.
I shrugged my shoulders, and mouthed ‘where were you?’ to William. William looked at all of the sleeping people, and motioned for me to come out to the hallway. I got up, and walked out to the door. William closed the door, and looked at Gabe, then at me.

“Hey, where were you?” I asked him.
“Sorry, me and Gabe got hammered and met a few cute groupies…one night stands.” He said.

“Oh. D’you have fun?” I asked.

“Yes.” said Gabe.

William nodded.

I nodded.

“Cool…” I said, sensing the awkward tension.

“So…yeah.” Gabe said, twiddling his fingers, and rocking on his feet.

“What are we doing today?” William asked, breaking the silence.

I shrugged.

“I don’t know. I’m starving. You guys wanna go down stairs and get some breakfast?” I asked.

“Yeah, that sounds cool.” Gabe said, turning to William.

“Yeah, I could go for some food.” he said.

I nodded. Something was a little fishy…

Maybe it’s just me, I thought, as we walked to the restaurant place.

Maybe it’s just the nerves I get when I hear about someone else getting William, and not me. Maybe I just wish something big could happen so that I could get mad at William so that he would feel bad for me.

It’s nothing. I sleep with groupies all the time. It’s the same…kinda.

William doesn’t do it for coping, he does it for pleasure. And that’s what hurts…

On second thought…I shouldn’t be hurt by this. I have Ashlee….I love her. I know I do, I mean, she tells me she loves me, and I tell her that I love her…

I love her.

I think.

In fact, maybe I’ll ask her to marry me. Then we can live together, and have kids, and I’ll never have to think about William Beckett again.

Maybe that’s what I’ll do.


It’s not like it hurts that much any way. I think.

Sorry it takes me years to update this. I’m a busy fool.
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