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Lovesick Melody

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Jazie and Sarah are home. When will they see the boys again?

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sorry if this chapter seems too wordy. I'm trying to make up for lack of updates in details. C: hope i satisfy!

“Sarah, can you go to the back and alphabetize the magazines and put em in a pile? I want to stock them later” Jazie called out from the bathroom, standing in front of the mirror.

“Yes Mr. Manager, sir.” Sarah walked over to the door of the bathroom and stood at attention to saluted Jazie and rounded the corner to the back room.

Jazie chuckled as she returned to her mascara and continue applying it.

“Yaaah yaaah. You know being jealous all the time is no way to live Sarah. It causes stress, which causes wrinkles.” Jazie yelled back at her.

After about 5 minutes of silence, Sarah re-appeared in the door way with a stack of magazines.

“These ones?” She holds them up so Jazie could see in the mirror.

“Yup. Those are they.” Jazie smiles and hums to herself as she puts her make-up in her purse.

“You know, I think its kind of dumb that not only have you been promoted for no reason, but because of said promotion, you get to slack off all day and your getting paid more for it. You’re such a loser Jaze.” Sarah sighs loudly in frustration.

Jazie laughs. “Sarah, I went to work every day, unlike some people. And I was always on time and I’m an amazing sales clerk and I always do extra stuff around here even when I’m not asked to. I think I’ve earned this promotion. So shush you little drama queen.” Jazie adds with a smile.

“You slept with the boss, didn’t you?! That’s why you got the manager position! I knew you were always his favorite, I just didn’t know why. Until now!” Jazie laughs out loud and shoves Sarah to the side as she makes her way over to the back room.

“Sarah, give it up. I’m just a better employee.”

Sarah rolls her eyes “You know, now with our next pay checks combined, we can get that apartment we wanted. You still wanna move out, right?”

“Yah totally. How’s your mom taking the idea?”

“She’s sad, I guess. I mean I’m her little girl. And she doesn’t want you leaving either but we can’t be stuck in that house forever. We need to be independent. We’re adults.”

“Yah. I’ve known that for a while. Your mom is just still wrapped up in raising you. She doesn’t wanna let go. But this place isn’t that far from home and we can go see her any time. Yah know?”

Sarah nods in agreement. “So it’s settled. I’ll call the guy and set up a payment plan. Okay? Starting next month?”

Jazie nods. “Ok. Sounds good.” She smiles.

Sarah fallows close behind Jazie and stops when Jazie enters the back room. She leans against the door frame and watches Jazie packing up her things to leave for home.

“You look extra pretty today. What’s going on? What aren’t you telling me?” Sarah asks suspiciously

Jazie looks up with fake shock. “So I’m not always pretty? Thanks Sarah. Now I know where we stand.”

Sarah rolls her eyes. “You know that’s not what I meant. You just looked a little glammed up tonight. You don’t usually wear that much make up and I swear I can smell hair pray.”

“I’m just going out tonight. No big.” Jazie shrugs, hoping that Sarah will stop the interrogation.

“Wait, with who?” Sarah leans in toward Jazie, as if she’s about to tell her some big secret. Jazie sighs, knowing that Sarah isn’t going to give up. So she just decides to be up front about it.

“Guess who’s in town?” Jazie asks, beaming. Sarah just stares back blankly.

“Patrick and the guys! He just called me last night saying that he was coming in to town to visit me.”

Sarah frowned. “What about Joe...and Andy?”

“You know there are 4 members of the band, right?” Jazie asks smiling.

Sarah nods. “Yah whatever, Pete too. Aren’t they coming to see me too?”

Jazie smiled larger. “I can’t say. Sworn to secrecy. But I will tell you that you shouldn’t go home and get dressed because you’re not going to be leaving around 7 tonight with a cute guitarist. You’re not going to a romantic restaurant. You’re not. Emphasis on the not.” Jazie said as she got up and started walking toward the back door.

“Wait….so Joe’s not coming to see me?” Sarah asked.

Jazie slapped her hand to her face. “Oh my gosh Sarah….never mind.”

They lock the place up and drive home to get ready for their visitors. After about an hour of primping and dressing and re-dressing, they both confirmed that they were ready for a night out.

Jazie and Sarah were sitting in the kitchen of Sarah’s house when a sudden sound startled Jazie enough to knock her off of her stool. Ignoring Sarah’s cackles in the background, Jaze regained her composure and opened her phone after realizing where the sound came from.

“Hello?” She says sweetly.

Her smile widens and she continues to nod and mm-hmm every few seconds. After about a minute of this, she blushes enormously and giggles like a little girl before hanging up the phone and putting it back in her pocket.

Sarah looks Jazie up and down slowly, tisking with disapproval.

“What has that man done to you?”

Jazie shakes her head. “Oh please. Like you don’t act like a bumbling idiot around Joe Fro.”

Sarah smirks and nods. “Yah, I have caught myself drooling before. I made a quick recovery though. I don’t think he ever saw…” Jazie giggles.

“Ok, so Patrick said he was gonna be here in a few minutes. Now, he’s bringing Joe and you aren’t supposed to know he’s coming. So try to look a little less beatified and be surprised when he comes to the door, ok?” Jazie says while looking in her small mirror. She shoves it back in her purse and swivels the stool around to face Sarah for confirmation of the plan.

“Sure thing.” Sarah smiles giddily. All of a sudden she squeals loudly and Jazie widens her eyes.

“Wow. Ok. Um….please don’t do that when the guys get here.” Sarah blushes.

“Sorry, I just haven’t seen Joe in so long. I miss him a lot,” She pauses. “What if he doesn’t feel the same about me anymore? I mean its one thing to talk on the phone and internet. But we haven’t seen each other the entire time they’ve been on tour.” Jazie shakes her head.

“No, that guy likes you a lot. I’m not gonna throw the L word out there until he’s confirmed it, but I’m pretty sure that’s what point you guys are at now.” Sarah smiles again.

“Really, you think so?” Jazie nods. “If I’m lyin I’m dyin.”

Jazie continues. “But what about you and Andy? Are you guys gonna be all awkward now? I mean I know you guys had a real connection during Spring Break.”

Sarah stares solemnly at the floor for a moment but than looks back up at Jazie with more of a contemplative look.

“He kind of sacrificed his feelings toward me for Joe’s. I think he knew that I liked him, but I really liked Joe. Yah know? He’s a sweetheart for sure. I really wish I could like him back as much as he likes me. But I don’t, and he understood that. So we’re just going to be close friends.” Jazie nods.

“That makes sense.” Just as Jazie finishes that last sentence, the front door bell rings. Both girls look up startled but smile when they remember the guests they were expecting.

“I’ll go upstairs and pretend I’m busy or something.” Sarah says happily. She frolics up the stairs and closes the door to her and Jazie’s room.

Jazie nods and walks nervously over toward the door. She opens it and squeals when Patrick reaches for her and brings her into a big hug, lifting her up off the ground.

“I’ve missed you sooooo much baby.” He mumbles into her neck.

“I’ve missed you too! You have no idea Patrick.” She smiles and he releases her back onto the ground.

“I think I have a bit of an idea.” He smirks. She leans in and kisses him quickly and smiles, remembering the feel of his lips against hers.

“I almost forgot what your lips tasted like.” Patrick whispers, inching closer to her body with every passing second. He caresses Jazie’s forearms and she walks backwards into the house with Patrick following.

Jazie pulls him into another tight embrace and after a few seconds Patrick pulls away and re-adjusts his hat.

“ know, I really did mi,” Patrick gets interrupted by Jazie pulling him into another, more passionate kiss. They slowly back up until Jazie’s back meets a wall. She runs her hands up and down his back and Patrick kisses all along her neck. Jazie giggles when Patrick blows air on a sensitive part of her neck behind her ear. They’re interrupted when a noise comes from the staircase.

“Eheeeem.” Sarah clears her throat. “Sorry to interrupt Jaze, but Mom just called and said she was working the night shift. She said we can do whatever as long as we let her know where we’re going and what time we’re coming back.” Sarah says as she eye balls Patrick for just fondling her friend.

Patrick backs away from Jazie but just enough to give her a little room. He blushes and looks at the floor. “Hey Sarah.” He gives a little wave.

“Hey Patty.” He looks up and smirks. “Hey Sarah, you got any plans tonight?” He inquires.

Jazie looks at Sarah and gives a quick wink and Sarah smiles. “No, none that I can think of. Why?” She asks sweetly.

“Oh I don’t know. I just thought Jazie and I could use a little company at dinner tonight. And plus you wont be stuck here all alone.”

Sarah smiles again. “Sure, I guess. As long as I’m not intruding. I don’t want to ruin your guys’ plans or anything.”

Patrick shakes his head. “Nah. Your totally welcome. Promise.”

She nods. “Alright. I’ll go then.”

So Jazie and Sarah grab their purses and they all walk out to Patrick’s car.

To make conversation on the way to the restaurant Sarah makes an effort to figure out Patrick’s plans without giving herself away. “So Patty Cakes…where is the rest of the gang?”

Patrick looks over at Jazie quickly, and she shrugs in response.

“Um…Pete brought Joe back to his place in Cali to design a new guitar or something, and Andy is chillin at his house in Milwaukee right now.”

Sarah nods slowly. “Ahh. I see….Why would Joe be designing a guitar with Pete? And in California?”

Patrick smiles. “Pete has designed a bass already. He thought he could give some insight I guess. And plus Joe hasn’t been to Pete’s new house yet.”

Sarah smirks and gives an approving nod. “Oh…I guess that makes sense.”

As they pulled in front of a nice looking restaurant, Patrick turns for a moment and smiles at Jazie. She doesn’t have to turn to sense that his smile is directed at her. She takes his hand and entwines their fingers. Sarah watches this from the back seat and smiles.

The valet takes Patrick’s keys and they walk into the restaurant. Sarah is expecting to see Joe inside waiting, so she scans the tables an booths for his familiar face. An older looking woman takes them to their table and hands them the menus. She lists off the specials and leaves them to decide what they want to eat.

Patrick and Jazie talk amongst themselves as Sarah looks around anxiously. Jazie senses this and smiles nervously.

“Hey babe, I have to go to the bathroom real quick. Sarah, will you come with me?” Jazie asks as she gets up from the table. Sarah nods and stands up. As she does this, so does Patrick. She looks at him weirdly. “What are you doing?” Patrick looks back just as weirdly. “Standing up.”

“Why?” Sarah continues. Jazie sighs.

“Because he’s being respectful Sarah. I know your not used to that, but I reeeally have to pee, so just get over it.” She grabs her by the wrist and pulls her along with her towards the bathrooms.

Patrick laughs and sits back down as the girls walk away. His phone goes off and he flips it open quickly because his ring tone is very loud and the chorus to “Beat It” probably isn’t considered a real classy tune in a place like this.

“Hello?” He says quietly.

“No…this is really a bad time…..don’t call me. I’ll call you, ok?” He pauses. “No. I’m not kidding this time. You can’t be calling me like this. I’m at dinner right now…with who? Its none of your business.” Another pause. “I’m with Jazie….Yes my girlfriend! Did you think I was lying? You really need to stop calling me….no I’m serious. Don’t make me shout, I’m in a really nice place right now. I’m hanging up….” After a few seconds he sighs in frustration. He slaps his phone shut and shoves it angrily back into his pocket.

In the bathroom Jazie and Sarah giggle quietly in front of the mirror as they re-apply their powder and mascara.

“You said that Joe was going to be here. I got my hopes up Jaze...”

“No he’s going to see you tonight, I promise. Just don’t say anything. Surprise, remember?”

Sarah nods sadly. “Yah. I get it. But I’m getting the vibe that he’s not coming.”

“Oh shush. Everything will be fine” Jazie smiles brightly and starts heading out the bathroom door Sarah had no other option but to follow her.

Patrick smiles happily as soon as he sees Jazie and Sarah walking toward the table.

“Hey hun. Your food got here.” He motions toward their plates. The girls sit down and smile at their beautiful meals. They continue to talk and eat until their plates are empty and their stomachs are full. Sarah was disappointed because Joe never showed up but she still puts on a smile and thanks Patrick for the amazing dinner. Patrick drives the girls home and when he walks the girls up to the door Sarah steps in, still upset about not seeing Joe but too tired and full to bitch about it. Back outside Jazie and Patrick hug each other closely, ringing in each others scents. “Patrick why wasn’t Joe at dinner?” Patrick smiles and looks down at his phone.

“Who said he was going to be at dinner?” Jazie gives hi a curious smile and just then they were interrupted by the sound of Sarah screaming upstairs. Jazie ran up the stairs and into Sarah’s and her room. She cracks up when she gets a good look at what caused Sarah to scream.

Sarah is backed up against her dresser with a hand over her heart while Joe is rubbing his head on the floor.

“Damn girl, you can hit hard.”

She tries to hide a smile. “I’m soo sorry Joe! I just saw some strange man in the shadows. What was I supposed to do?”

Joe smirks. “It’s ok baby. I understand…come over here and make me better.” He pouts with big cute puppy dog eyes that Sarah is famous for never being able to resist.

She giggles and runs over to Joe, sitting behind him and comforting him with kisses all across his forehead. He grabs Sarah’s wrist and wraps it slowly around his chest. She smiles down on him and turns her head a bit to kiss his left cheek. Joe turns around so they’re sitting across from each other on the floor. Joe leans in and gives Sarah a long sensual kiss. It reminded Sarah that this man does like her as much as she thought he did. He wraps a hand around the back of her neck and pulls her body closer and Sarah giggles into the kiss, just happy to see her man again.

Jazie watches this in the doorway and smiles uncontrollably.

I’m glad that Sarah is finally settling down. She can never stay with a guy for more than a few weeks before tossing him away. If any other guy said they had to be gone for 3 months, she would have ended it right then and there. She’s in this for the long hall, I can tell.

Jazie shuts the door to their room and walks back downstairs. As she rounds the corner toward the door, she smirks at seeing Patrick leaning against the door frame, rubbing his hand on his collar like a pimp.

“Show off.” Jazie huffs. Patrick smirks and walks closer to her.

“I told you I would handle it.” She nods. “And handle it you did. I doubt that girl will hold out for 15 more minutes. They’re really getting hot and heavy up there.” She points her thumb backwards toward the stairs.

Patrick nods knowingly. “Ahh. I see. Well, what are your plans for tonight?” She smiles sweetly as he pulls her in for another kiss. She pulls away slowly, letting their lips linger for a second before pulling them apart. She can feel a tingling sensation all over her face from the sheer touch of Patrick’s mouth against hers.

She blushes lightly, embarrassed that his touch can have such an effect on her.

“Do you want to go back to my apartment tonight? We can hang out, you know. Watch some old movies and eat popcorn or something.” He keeps his gaze on the floor, terrified of rejection.

“I don’t think you’ve even seen my place and I’d really like it if you did. It isn’t that far from here. Its about 10 minutes deeper into town. But if you don’t think your ready or something…that’s cool too.”

Jazie watches his facial expressions closely, trying to see what he’s thinking right now but gives up because he hides his emotions too well.

She’ll figure him out eventually.

She turns back towards the stairs.

Should I? What’s going to happen once we get to his house? We’ll be alone..dark apartnent...his power box will probably be out or something with my luck. Of course there is going to be easy access to a friends to help get me out of a sticky situation. What if he’s been 'with' Anna there? I don’t want to think of him and Anna hooking up when I’m there. I want only good, clean(ish) memories of his house...wait, what am I saying? I’m completely doubting him! He’s my boyfriend. He’s faithful. He’s not going to force me to do anything I don’t want to. Its not like he’s smashed. What the hell… I should just go for it. I really like him and it would be good to take the next step, which I hope is just seeing his house. I don’t think I’m ready for anything else.

She turns back and smiles at him. “Definitely.”
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