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ch 4- second show

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Ch 4

Sept 2nd

its been a few weeks since I helped the guys out. I’ve been keeping in touch with Frank and Mikey through Myspace. They guys have had shows but tiffa and I have been traveling the country following our all time favorite band for the past 3 weekends. Frank mention in one of his many messages that all the guys want me back to help out more often for as many shows as I can. He also wants me to travel with them if I want to. Tiffa and I came straight from and out of state show to the venue the boys were playing at. We got there way earlier than we needed to. Once the guys got there and got loaded in we decided to attempt to find food. It was Sunday and everything had closed early for the firework show that was going on. We ended up walking to the firework show first. As we were walking tiffa started a conversation about butt sex for some reason. That got the guys singing “what what in the butt” ( from a youtube video) anytime someone would say “what what” everyone else would scream either “ in the butt” or “buttsex”

“ im gonna say what what on stage tonight” Ray said
“ yeah and I want you girls to make us hear you from the booth” frank said
“we will” I said
after the fireworks we attempted to find food. Frank lead us to this little bar that had food. We got our food to go since the show was about to start. As promised ray yelled “what what” on stage and tiffa and I yelled back. The guys all laughed
“ we heard ya” frank said. Mikey just shook his head at us. After they performed we all stood around joking. Mikey kept making faces at me. Then he attempted to do a backbend that me and tiffa were doing. He ended up falling flat on his ass. At one point he was attempting to ope the stickers that we set on the table. He sat there for 15 minutes trying to get one open. I tried my hardest not to laugh at him. He couldn’t get them open at all. It was a funny sight. We broke the booth down and headed out. I got hugs from all the guys before we left.
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