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Stupid Stuff that happened to me #2

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this is more stupid stuff i have done 4-seabatty06!

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I got on the bus and tripped. over god knows what? i'll never know!
I slam into my seat.
"Your Plume has a home!"
"i found your plume, but i gave it to mr.MD,Said i found it in the road and didn't know whos it was,but that was of course a lie,"
I kicked her"So my plume was never lost?"
I walked down, following my band,and my foot hit a you can guees what happens next?
I toppled to the ground, but was caught by Brian, a boy in the marching band.
I was sitting on the fallen log in the middle of the creek behind my house. my frieand B holored at me.
I then fell off of the log and into the water below.
Mr.M had us do a marching set baut he got mad and had us stop halfway through. istoped just fine,my ankle gave out but i didn't fall.while he is yelling at us however i fell flat on my butt.
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