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14 glimpses of Team Seven.

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst - Characters: Kakashi,Naruto,Sakura,Sasuke - Published: 2007-10-12 - Updated: 2007-10-12 - 90 words

It's lonely where you are come back down
And I won't tell them your name

He won’t admit it, but sometimes he can hear them in the cold emptiness of his long-dead home.
Sakura says,” Sasuke-kun, you don’t have to go it alone, we’re here for you!” grabbing onto his arm.
“Yeah, Sasuke! We’re a team now! Believe it!” says Naruto, throwing an arm over his shoulders.
And Kakashi, he doesn’t say much in particular, just the odd remark over the top of that book.
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