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.of the earth and the sun.

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Son Goku, born of the earth. Ganjyo Sanzo, like the sun. Yes, yes, been done a thousand times and all that, but please read, it just might suprise you!

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Son Goku, born of the earth.
Genjyo Sanzo, like the sun.

The earth is ever revolving around the sun, the center of its universe, the source of its energy. The gravity of it holds the earth steady, keeping it from careening off into the dark, black, emptiness of space.

The sun pulls the earth to it, a desire under the guise of something called gravity. The sun provides life, purpose, and meaning. The earth in turn supports the sun. Without its planets, a sun is nothing but a mere star.

It is a dance that lasts through lifetimes. Each reaching out to the other. The earth circling, the sun giving life. Each dependant on the other. Through life after life after life, they reach out for one another – but never touch.

Drawing ever closer, in a dance that will takes hundred of thousands of lifetimes to end. Some day they will reach out, and fingertips will brush, or hands will clasp. And it will be the end of existence. The earth swallowed up by the sun.

The end of all things. There will be no more lifetimes to live through. No more lifetimes to spend searching, waiting, wishing, crying out for something that is never quite understood.


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