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Chapter 1

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Imagine if one day, you were forced to move. To a new suburb, school, everything. For some people it would suck, for others it couldn't be better. Follow 8 people through sudden deaths, deep depres...

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Standing together Courtney, Erin and Cassie looked over their new school with pure hate. Everything was so annoyingly… perfect. The grass was immaculately cut, and there was no trash floating around the brand new buildings, which themselves were an eye-sore.

Their parents where all friends and together, and without the girls knowledge, had decided they wanted to take their girls out of their separate schools and move to a new suburb, where the new high school Pencey Prep had just opened.

"How could our parents do this to us?" Cassie said to Erin and Courtney as she looked over at the jocks talking up a bunch of prissy preps. Yuck.
"Argh. I know" Erin said as she spotted to a Jock making out with a girl in

"Kill me now" Courtney replied, pretending to be sick at the sight of all the preps.
The girls all had fantastic circles of friends back at their old schools and they had never really had to deal with prissy looking preps and boasting jocks there.

Going to this school to them felt like stepping in to hell.

For Gerard and Mikey it was a different story.
'This is great, isn't it Mikey?" Gerard said to his brother his eyes gleaming with excitement.
"Yeah, it is great to be able to start again at a new school without the "loser" label" said Mikey making an L with is finger and thumb and putting to his forehead, then proceeding to straighten up his freshly straightened fringe and push his glasses back up.

"Who knows, we might actually make friends this time?" Gerard said optimistically.

Across from Mikey and Gerard, Ray leant against the fence talking on his
cell phone.
"Ah, I know, its great man" Ray said running his fingers through his frizzy
"I hope I don't get bashed too much with you staring again at your new school, you lucky bitch" said Ray's old friend on the other side of the line.
"Don't worry, Jeff, you still have Quinn and Bert" Ray reminded him, "Bert's a crazy Mo-Fo he will protect you" Ray laughed as he remembered old times with his with his old mate.

On the other side of the school yard, Bob had decided it was time to forget old times and had decided he was going to go talk to the jocks, as much as he was terrified to do so, because of what happened in the past.

When Bob heard he was going to be relocated to this school, he made a promise to himself that he would try and make friends with people who wouldn't have at his old school. This meant the jocks, who at his old school made his life misery because he wasn't friends with them.
"Okayyy, just be cool" he said to himself as he approached the large group of jocks, who seemed to be talking about basketball teams.
"Hey how's it going?" Bob asked casually, trying to hide how scared he was.
The jocks just stared at him in surprise. Their dumb looks multiplied by a hundred.

"Who are you?" the nearest one spat

"Bob" he replied, and looked down at his no-regulation Converse, his confidence failing.

The jocks laughed. "So, Bob. What do you play?" a solid jock with short blonde hair asked.
"Um...I play drums. Do any of you play guitar?" Bob asked trying to be bold.

"Get lost fag" said a stocky one with a mop of brown curls and he gave Bob a hard shove.

The jocks all laughed harder.
"Jerks" Bob said as he walked off.

Frank sat down against a tree and flipped through the songs on his iPod stopping on 'Tears Don't Fall' by Bullets For My Valentine before pulling a bag of skittles out of his black messenger bag, opening it, and stuffing a large handful in his mouth. The he started looking around the school yard. So far he only had seen jocks and preps. Perhaps this could be as bad as his last school. His eyes fell on a
group of three girls that looked different than all the other kids here. They had ditched the uniform black trousers and polished shoes, instead wearing black skinny jeans and Converse. He could tell they were more like him than any of the other kids here. One of them looked his way and smiled. He smiled back, and they all started walking towards him.
"Ahh, Hi!!!" Frank said taking the ear-phones out of his ears as they all sat down on the grass beside him.
"Ooh! Can I have some skittles?" Cassie asked pointing to the bag. "I didn't have time to get any on my way to this hole"
"Sure", Frank smiled handing them over. I would give them to her anytime he thought.
"When I get some, I promise I will share" said Cassie pouring skittles into her hand.
"I'm Erin and this is Courtney" the one of the girls said to Frank, and then indicated to the other girl sitting next to her. "and that skittle freak is Cassie"
"I'm Frank" he replied laughing.

"Gee, I'm bored" Mikey whined, "Let's go talk to someone!"
"um...okay. If you insist." Gerard scanned the school yard until his eyes fell upon Frank,
Cassie, Courtney and Erin sitting on the ground talking excitedly.

"Lucky bitch" Gerard thought "he's got three hot chicks talking to him"

And he meant hot, unlike the rest of the girls hear they weren't wearing pink frilly mini-skirts and tight tops. The girl on the right had dark brown hair, and was looking for something in a Green Day messenger bag. The girl in the middle also had dark brown hair, but hers had honey and red streaks. She pulled a phone from the pocket of the skinny jeans she was wearing, like the other two girls and the guy, and showed something on it to the group. The guy was short, looked about Mikey's age, and had platinum blonde hair with a long black fringe. He was eating skittles along with the other girl who had blonde hair with red streaks.

"Let's go over there, they look like our type."
Mikey looked over to see who Gerard was talking about.
"Okay" he said as he followed Gerard over to where the group was sitting.

Gerard introduced himself and Mikey to Courtney, Erin, Cassie and Frank.
The six of them started talking, and got along pretty well.
"So what grade you in?" Mikey asked Frank pushing his glasses up his nose with his hand.
"Well I'm in year 10" Frank replied
"Me too", said Mikey happily "What about you girls?"
"We're all in year 9", replied Cassie as Courtney and Erin nodded.
"Oh my god, you guys are making me look like a pedophile!" Gerard whined "I'm two years above you girls and one year above you dudes!"
"Get over it Gerard, or under it... whichever you prefer" Mikey poked his tongue out then turned to frank "did you live here before this school opened?" he asked.
"Yeah, I used to go to a catholic school, so therefore I know how to tie a tie" Frank replied smugly, "so be afraid be very afraid of my tie tying hand." Frank wiggled his finger in Cassie's face and she squealed and fell back laughing.
"What about you girls?" Gerard asked Erin, Courtney and Cassie as they explained the whole story about their parents being friends and having to move.

Courtney looked up, and got distracted by a guy with an awesome fro who was leaning against the fence
behind them. Courtney walked over to him and introduced herself.
"I'm Ray" he said noticing Courtney staring at his hair he added, "and the fro doesn't have a name and no, it is not alive"
Just then the bell rang for school to start.
"I guess I'll see you around" he said, leaving Courtney standing there in awe of the fro.

"Come on Courtney, we gotta go!!" Cassie grasped Courtney's arm and pulled her
after Frank, Erin, Mikey and Gerard as they tried to find their way to assembly where they would find out about the classes they were in and about the school.


Mikey looked over the papers he had been given. First lesson English. Mikey turned down the corridor, wishing he hadn't lost Frank in the crowd seeing as now he was totally lost.

"Oh wait there's where I'm supposed to be" he thought as he opened the door. Mikey stepped in side. Everyone was talking, but he couldn't understand a word of it. Mikey shook his head and his glasses slipped down his nose.

"I'm going crazy, I'm going crazy, I'm going crazy!" he thought to himself.
"Is this English year 10?" Mikey stuttered when the teacher came over to him.
"No, this is advanced Japanese"
"Did you say Japanese?" Mikey asked, as something clicked in his head.
"Yes. I believe that is what I said" the teacher replied with an annoyed tone in his voice.
"Is there sushi in here?" Mikey asked peeking around the teacher to look around the class.
"No!" snapped the teacher.
"But this is a Japanese class and sushi IS Japanese!" Mikey pointed out.
"Stop the funny business and get out! You're lucky everyone is new, or else I'd be the last person you have to worry about!!!" the teacher said slamming the door shut in Mikey's face. Mikey just shrugged and walked off to where his English class really was.

At lunch time Courtney, Cassie and Erin sat on some benches in the
"Hey guys! What's up?" asked Mikey in a cheery voice as he and Gerard sat down with them. Another boy with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes was also with them.
"This is Bob" Gerard said introducing him, and pointed out the other as he
said their names. "Bob is awesome at the drums, aren't you Bob?"
"I can play, I wouldn't say I'm great", Bob replied blushing.
"Hey, where's Frank?" Cassie asked suddenly looking around.
"I don't know" said Mikey "He wasn't in class…"

As if Frank sensed his name was being mentioned, he walked over to them.
"Just got out of the principles' office" Frank grumbled, "apparently my hair is 'inappropriate' for school" Frank pointed to his hair.
"Hope they don't catch us, Cassie" Erin said, referring to the red streaks in their hair.
"Me too", Cassie replied, while Courtney was happy because she had hers taken out.

As Cassie looked around at everyone sitting with her she was surprised by how they had become fast friends. Even with Bob who she had only just met. Courtney and Erin, she couldn't believe it, it was almost
like she had known them forever. The boys as well, she knew they would all be best friends. Everyone else in the group thought the same thing; Pencey Prep was shaping up to being a great school.

"OMG!!!! THERE'S SOMETHING ON YOUR HEAD!" a shrieking voice split through the
air. They all turned around to see a scrawny red headed boy with freckles pointing at Ray's hair. They all laughed.
"No dude," said Ray shaking his head, "that just my hair."
"IT'S GOING TO EAT ME!" the red head boy screamed and ran away.
They all looked at each other and collapsed into ripples of laughter.
"What's so funny, losers?" a mean voice cut through the laughter.
"Oh great, preps" Erin thought as she looked up to see three girls staring down at them evilly.
"Gross!!! You like got blood like in your like hair!" said the one with brown hair as she pointed to Erin and Cassie's red streaks.
"They are called streaks, you dumb-ass," Courtney sniggered. "Who do you think you are?"
"I'm Tegan" said the one that seemed to be the leader as she flicked her platinum blonde hair. "And that's Sarah". She pointed to the girl with Curly red hair and deep green eyes.
"And I'm Amanda" Said the auburn haired girl. She stepped forward her brown eyes scanning the people in front of her. Her eyes locked on Bob, and thinking he was hot, she smiled sweetly. Bob looked away a disgusted look on his face.
"How dare she?" he thought. He hated people who could act so two faced.
Unfortunately one of the jocks, Dale, saw this, because he liked Amanda, he didn't want her smiling at any other boys, especially losers like Bob. Dale rounded up a group of friends and started towards them.

"And no, we don't want to know who you are!" Tegan said smugly as Frank opened his mouth to tell them to fuck off.
"Are these losers disturbing you?" Dale asked the three mean girls, as he glared at Frank, Mikey, Cassie, Courtney, Ray, Erin and Bob one at a time.
"Yes." Sarah said pointing to Mikey "that nerd with the glasses was staring at our boobs!"
"Was he now?" said Dales friend Kevin, who was rather fat.
"That's a lie!" Mikey squeaked, standing up.
"Shut up, pervert!" said Dales other friend Jason, who hair a mob of brown curly hair. He ripped Mikey's glasses of his face and shoved him over.
Tegan, Amanda and Sarah all laughed meanly, as though it was the most amusing thing they had ever seen.
Then without warning Gerard punched Jason in the face, and blood spilled out of his nose seconds later.
"Run!!!" yelled Gerard as Mikey picked up his glasses and they all ran towards the other side of the school yard. The jocks and the three mean girls called threats after them, but where soon drowned out by the sound of the bell.
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